Georgia Anne Rose

Georgia was a normal girl who loves the boys of One Direction.One day she is at a bar when someone taps on her shoulder.She is invited on tour with someone very special but thinks she wont have any problems.Is she right or wrong?Find out in this ride of a story.


11. A Fun Week Without The Boys Pt.1 of 7

It was about 8 and we were eating dinner when my phone went off.I looked at it to see a anonymous number.'Hey want to hang out tomorrow with your big bros Al and A?'It read.I squealed now knowing who it was now.It was Austin and our best friend Alex.They both were like bros to me.

'Yes yes yes!!!!'I replied.

'Meet us at the beach tomorrow and bring some money and a swimsuit.'They answered.After that I stopped texting and told the boys I couldn't hang out with them tomorrow because I was going to the beach with Austin.Niall told me to take his wallet so if I needed money I would have it.I nodded before putting my now empty plate in the sink and running up to our bedroom to pick out my outfit and get ready for bed.I picked out some green skinnies and a green 'Summer Love' top with my green vans.It was going to be a green day!For bed I put on some fluffy rainbow shorts and a matching rainbow minion tank top on.I curled up and waited for Niall to come up but he never did.I waited for two hours and finally gave up and went to sleep.

                                                                   ~Niall's POV

I wanted to go cuddle with her but I also was mad at her.I had a feeling that she was cheating on me with him but I didn't want to think that so to help get my mind off that the boys took me to the club down the road.When we got inside I felt free.More free than I have since I single.Me and the boys got drunk and I was dancing with a hot girl.Without thinking I invited her over.When we got to the hotel she started kissing me and I walked with her wrapped around me to my room.The boys tried to stop me but it didn't work.When we got to the room I remembered my girlfriend was asleep inside.I told the girl we should go to her room because it was in the same hotel and she agreed.

                                                          ~Georgia's POV~

When I woke the next morning Niall wasn't anywhere to be found in our room so I went to ask the boys and they said they didn't have a clue.When I was walking back to my room I saw Niall walking out of a different room then my friend Sasha came out with him.I fell to the ground unable to pick my self up. Niall passed me and went to our room thinking I would still be in bed.When I got a little strength I called Austin."He cheated.Austin I need you.I can't get off the ground.''I said.He didn't say anything but instead he hung up.I didn't think he would come but not even 10 minutes later he picked me up and let me cry on his shoulder as he walked me to my room.Alex was outside waiting for us.By the time we got to my room I had some strength.

"Get your stuff you are going to stay with me and Alex for a week at the least.You two need some time alone.''Austin said.I nodded and walked in the room.

"Baby where were you."Niall said walking up to me."Why have you been crying."

"Because I saw you walk out of Sasha's room.And I'm staying with Al and A for a week.We need some space."I said grabbing 7 outfits for a week and my makeup.I changed into my outfit for that day and did my makeup.I packed shoes that matched the outfits.I threw him his wallet but he through it back.

"You will need it.I understand.But I just want to tell you I wasn't cheating on you.I I just got drunk cause the boys thought it would be a good idea and well everything just happened because I couldn't think strait."He said.I nodded.I kissed him and gave him a hug before walking out to Alex and Austin.I remembered to bring a suit and so we went to the beach.We played some volley ball and we swam for about 3 hours then we sat out and tanned for 30 to 40 minutes before going back into the water.

"Georgia lets play some volley ball?"Alex asked.I nodded and he came over and gave me a piggy back ride because I kept saying the ground was hot though that was a lie.I just liked piggies and they knew that.We left after being there for 4 hours.They took me shopping and I got some cute clothes.While the boys were picking theirs out I tried mine on and bought the ones I liked.When I opened the wallet I saw the first note I ever wrote Niall.'Hey hey hey babe.I miss you why do you have to be gone for so long like for real?Why couldn't I come this time. :( Well WOVE WOO NINI!' It read.Me and Ni act like kids when we talk to each other sometimes.We had been together for 2 years.I texted Nialler and told him that I loved him still and that he should never ever forget that.I turned off my phone and paid for the outfits.After the boys paid for theirs we went back to their big bus like ours.They got it so they could follow us so I wouldn't ever loose them again.After we unpacked my stuff and they put theirs away we went to bed.It was 12:32 when I finally went to bed.Half way though the night I woke up to a noise.I ran to Alex's room."Hey whats wrong?"He asked when I woke him up.

"Someones out there."I said.

"Go to Austin's room and I will find out what it is ok?"I nodded and walked out to Austins room.

"Can't sleep?"He asked.I told him what I heard and what Al said so he pulled me closer to him and we waited for Al.

He came in and turned on the lights."It was a guy with a gun telling me this was his place.But I helped him find his house and he gave me 50 bucks."He said holding up the money.I giggled and he went back to bed.

"Can I stay in here tonight?"I asked Austin and he nodded pulling me even closer if that was even possible.We fell asleep like that.

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