Georgia Anne Rose

Georgia was a normal girl who loves the boys of One Direction.One day she is at a bar when someone taps on her shoulder.She is invited on tour with someone very special but thinks she wont have any problems.Is she right or wrong?Find out in this ride of a story.


12. A Fun Day Without The Boys Pt.2 of 7 or make that a bad one...

I woke up to big arms around me.I remembered i was with Austin and I got up to make him his royal raspberry pancakes because that is all we eat around here.After I had baked three batches my phone went off.It was Niall.I looked at the text and this is what it said : Georgia its Haz.Niall went missing you.If they are keeping you there then tell me and I will come kick some a**.We have an interview so I will text you.Please listen to if you can.Miss you bunches.

I had two big arms wrap around me to find Niall was here.''You have an interview.This is not the time to come see me.I know you missed me but -'' He cut me off with a big kiss.I started kissing back before I heard someone clear their throat.I pushed him off and saw Alex standing there with his arms crossed."Alex it-''Then he cut me off.

''NO shut up I know what it is.He thinks that just cause you live here for the week he can barge in.See me and Austin want to spend time with YOU.Not HIM.You have till Austin wakes up in,"He looked at his watch."1 hour to have him out of here.I can't believe this.G we trusted you to not have him over for the week.I'm so disappointed."With that he walked out shaking his head.I looked at Niall.He opened his mouth but I shoved him and ran for my room for that week.His words ran though my head and hit me like arrows.I loved Niall but those boys helped me through the toughest times.I guess Niall left because after about ten minutes I went back out to see him no where.My phone also had a note on it.'I'm sorry but I don't want to date you until I know you really love me.I'm sorry but you can't come back to our bus If you are talking with them.We don't leave for 3 weeks.You have till then.Love you forever,Niall.' I couldn't control my self.I ran into Alex's room and shoved the note at him with tears pouring down my face.

"I can't believe this!!! You made my true love brake up with me! I loved him and you.You ruined US! Alex I've loved you like a brother since I met you but I can't do this anymore! I'm sorry if you hate me or or Austin hates me.I just can't deal with this.Keep the close you bought me and the makeup but I'm leaving.I'm sorry.You've just hurt me and my life."After that I went to my room and started packing.Alex came in.

"Fine,leave,you never really cared for us any how.You used us like little puppets.Good bye and I hope you like the rain.Also Austin will hear about this."With that he walked out.I took everything even if they bought it.Now I just had to walk 3,000 miles home.Great.I took everything outside and the bus drove off.It was raining so luckly my suitcase was metal.I walked around and I stopped at the hotel the boys were staying at and knocked on the door.Harry came to the door.I pushed him out of the way and went to my room where I found Niall with another girl.I started crying again but grabbed my stuff.Niall looked at me and looked hurt.I shook my head and wrote a note for him.I took my bags and told the boys what happened.They all begged me to stay.I said I would but not in Niall's room.I decided to sleep on the couch.Harry said he would sleep on the floor next to me so that Niall wouldn't try anything.Later that night me and Harry were getting ready to go to sleep.I didn't want him to sleep on the ground so when he went to the bathroom I snuck to the floor.When he came back he shook his head and put me on the couch.

"Georgia I don't care I'm sleeping on the floor."Harry said as he sat me down.I crossed my arms and pouted.He didn't care.He laid down and tried to sleep.Finally we both got to sleep.Around 3 O'clock I woke up to get some water.When i walked into the kitchen I saw Niall crying in a corner.

"Whats wrong?" I asked him as I sat down by him.He looked up at me and wiped his eyes.

"I've screwed up.I broke up with you because I thought you didn't like me anymore.The reason that all happened was because I thought you were cheating but I was the only one cheating.Then I went and messed up your friendship.I'm such a failure.Thats probably why no one likes me."He weeped. 

"We'll talk in the morning ok?Just go and get some sleep.Please?For me?"I asked.He nodded and got up.After I got my glass of  water l layed back down.

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