Together or not at all

Luke Hemmings One Shot with a little 1D =]


2. Together or not at all: Part 2

The ray of sunlight shining through the slit in the curtains woke me from my peaceful sleep. As I became more aware of my surrounding I could feel an arm tightly wrapped around my waist, head buried in the crook of my neck. A smile spread ear to ear trying to keep in my giggle as Luke groaned in disapproval of my movement. I sat up, his arm still in place just staring at the blonde. I lightly ran my fingers through his hair, I could get used to this… I thought, again smiling wildly.
I looked around the room, sadness engulfing my heart as I spotted Luke’s messy suitcase placed on the chair, ready to be packed. The two weeks had flown by, every memory fresh in my mind, every feeling and touch sending a flutters to my heart. I wasn’t sure when this evening they would be flying home, but I wanted today to be as stretched as possible.
Looking back down at him, eyes darting from his wrapped arm back to his sleeping face, I never wanted him to let me go.
I wriggled my way back into his chest placing a small kiss to his cheek before nuzzling into his chest. He tightly squeezed my body to his, “I’ll miss you.” I whispered fighting myself to stay composed.
“I’ll miss you more.” He mumbled.

Luke and myself had finally agreed to get out of bed to make breakfast, together, another thing I could definitely get used to. Eggs, beans, bacon, sausage, toast…the works. He was quite the chef. I giggled many times, watching him from across the kitchen in his boxers cooking away liked he’d been doing it for years.
“Enjoy it, sweetheart.” Luke pressed his lips to my forehead before handing me the plate full of food. I wasn’t sure how I was going to finish it, but every bit of it looked perfect.
I smiled up at him jumping off the counter following him the short distance to the living room. We both sat, legs tangled together on the sofa, Luke flicking through the channels.
“What’s that big grin on your face for?”
Luke’s voice tore my focus from the television, I turned my head to face him the smile still on my face. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop, didn’t want to stop smiling or being with him. Luke, silly as it sounds, was my light and I never wanted that light to go out.   
“I’m…just happy, Luke.” I said softly linking our fingers.
He didn’t speak, moments like these he never said a word. He put his plate with mine on the coffee table, his eyes leaving mine only for a second before returning back a brighter shade of blue than before. His movements were slow, sweet, and most of all considerate. Always searching for approval even with knowing he had full approval. His beautiful face was inches from mine, arms around his neck, fingers running through his blonde hair.
Our lips finally touched, all the emotions from previous kisses engulfed me as my eyes tightly shut. Luke pulled my hips into his, our chests now touching, lips moving with each other, never to needy. Kissing him was beyond perfect, it was breath-taking. I could feel the lump returning in my throat, knowing this was one of the last times I’d get to be with him like this, longing for his return. I lost myself in my thoughts, kissing him harder, never wanting it to stop. Never wanting him to leave.
“Babe?” he whispered.
I slowly opened my eyes feeling tiny tears escaping down my cheeks. I looking into his eyes, they are so blue, I thought. The same smile appeared on my face, tears still falling but the lump disappeared. I tightly pulled Luke to me nuzzling into his neck. More tears flooded as he spoke, a hand running up and down the length of my back. Luke’s accent was always thick but now, as he struggled not to cry, it became thicker and staggered.
“I’ll be back soon, I promise. I’m not going to leave you for months again.”
“You were busy, that wasn’t your fault.” I managed.
“Right now? I’m not.”
“It’s almost Christmas Luke, and as much as I want you to stay…you need to be with your family.”
“You’ll be alone, I don’t want you to be.”
Those eyes, baby blue eyes…one of my weaknesses. Looking into them, getting lost in them. I teared up more, my thumbs brushing across his cheeks.
“I won’t be, you’ll be in my heart.”
“I don’t care what it takes, how much it costs. I’m spending it with you, got me?”
“People think we’re crazy, you know.” I said as a small smile graced my lips upon hearing his words.
“They can call us what they want. I love you, and I’ll do whatever it takes to be with you always.”
“I-I love you to.” I crocked, tears filling my eyes again.
All previous happiness couldn’t beat this moment, this was the happiest. I kissed him again, lips moving slowly savouring every little moment.

I helped Luke pack the last of his stuff into the suitcase. Not being completely sure when I was going to see him again, but certain it would be soon. The packing was silent, saddened smiles were shared as everything was placed. Luke wrapped his arms around my waist letting go of a sigh, it seemed a little happier than previous but I didn’t question it, I let myself get lost in his embrace.
“Have you got another suitcase?”
“Why on earth would you need another suitcase…?” I asked spinning around in his arms.
He pecked my lips, a large grin spreading across his lips. From his cheeky grin I could tell something had happened, he was perkier, a lot more cheerful. He was my Luke again, no sadness in sight.
“Mum just text, she doesn’t want you to be alone for Christmas either.”
I blinked a few times, breathe seeming to have disappeared as I stared up at Luke processing his words. He kissed me again, breathe baby, slipping almost silently from his lips.
“I’m going home with you?”
“Home is where you are, sweetheart.”
“Christmas in shorts, I think I can deal.” I winked.
Luke squeezed me tightly, our lips pecking one another happily before I rushed around packing my suitcase and grabbing all my travel essentials. Luke put my passport with his in his backpack, phone charges, paperwork, and my netbook fitting nicely in there as well. I made a few payments for the rent of my flat, electricity, water and such before walking hand in hand with Luke down the stairs of my building.
The rest of the boys were gathered by the van, big smiles on their faces as they had obviously heard the news.
“First Christmas in Aus, aye?!” Ashton joked.
“I think I’ll manage.” I smiled poking my tongue out.
I took Luke’s hand and got in the backseat of the van not removing my eyes from his with that same excited but nervous smile plastered on my lips. Together or not at all, I thought. 

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