Take your chance 2 ~ [One Direction]

Nelly and Niall live in two different countries. As they planned, they are going to meet again. Maura and Niall travel to England to visit Kelly and Nelly. But will everything be the same? Is it as she expected or do things change over time? Being apart does have consequences...


3. What if

What if he doesn't feel the same way about me anymore? Time makes you forget, makes you think, makes you take new chances... Maybe he just wants to be friends, maybe I've just been fooling myself the whole time. But it was him who wanted to kiss me? ... I think too much.

I have to wait two weeks before I get the answers to those questions. I think I'll text Niall and tell him I'm excited for them visiting us and that my mom just told me about it.

- Hi Niall! :)

My mom just told me that you and your mom are visiting us in two weeks! I'm looking forward to seeing you both again :D

Now I just have to wait for him to reply. Time is not always the same; It has different lenghts. Right now a minute feels like ages. I bet everyone knows how it feels like to wait for a text that you find risky, eventhough it's not always risky.

15 minutes have passed, still no response. He is probably doing something else. I should do something else too. 

I decide to paint. Painting is great for distracting and just forgetting everything. It's like you're in your own little world and you can do whatever you want. I'm painting a flower. It turns out okay but it could've been better. It's just a simple flower with white petals.

"brrrr, brrrr." What, I just got a text! I don't dare to look at my phone. It's 2 hours since I texted Niall. Some time I have to look at my phone, so why not do it now.

- Hi you!

I'm looking forward to seeing you too! I guess it's amazing over there in England, you have to show me around :))

Much better than expected, oh my god! I want to reply right now but don't want to seem too attached therefore I continue painting on my flower.

Everything seems good now. I can do everything in this world!

* * *

Oh no! It's one hour since he replied to me, I should reply too eventhough I don't know what to write. I just don't want to be the one to stop the conversation.

Everything I think about texting sounds stupid. I need to stop being so insecure about myself. 

- Of course I can show you around! I'm such a perfect tour guide... or not hahaha, It's going to be great!

I regret it right after I texted it, fml. Before I even have time to think more about it I get a reply.

- Haha you probably are a perfect tour guide! You can only be better than me lol

He's so cute. I regret nothing.

- You are the best tour guide. No discussing!

Complimenting eachother, how cliché haha. 

- Hmm we'll see! But I win this discussing ;)

A winky smiley, oh god.

- Pffft I guess not! It's going to be interesting :D

I don't want this conversation to end.

- It is! Look forward to me winning! But yeah, I can't wait to go there :) I need to go, later!

Sigh, but of course it's getting late now... It's already 11:37pm.

- Can't wait for your visit either :) See ya Niall!


That was it. I'm so happy I can't even describe my happiness.

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