Take your chance 2 ~ [One Direction]

Nelly and Niall live in two different countries. As they planned, they are going to meet again. Maura and Niall travel to England to visit Kelly and Nelly. But will everything be the same? Is it as she expected or do things change over time? Being apart does have consequences...


2. Tell something

"Nelly!!" my mom is shouting from the living room. I'm confused about what she wants but it seems like she really wants to tell me something. "Nelly!! Where are you?" "Mom, I'm coming now!"

I walk down to the living room. I'm getting a bit excited about what it can be, but I don't want to have to high expectations. My high expectations always ruin everything.

"You can't wait to hear this!" Just tell me mom... Instead of letting me wait even more. "Yeah?" What can it be? "I hope you'll be happy about this. Maura and Niall are coming here in two weeks. They'll stay here for 8 days." I'm trying not to show my excitement too much, but I could smile for days. "Oh really?! That's awesome!" "I'm glad you're happy." I know my mom can see the joy shinning out of me. I know she saw me and Niall kissing so yeah, of course she somehow knows what is going on.

I walk back to my room. Wow I can't wait! It's now 7 months since I saw him last time but it feels like ages. We've been chatting here and there but not that much. I think I'm the kind of person who is better at talking with people - mostly when it's people I like. I think too much about texts. Texts have it's perks though, because you can delete things, but you can't delete things you say. But other than that, one thing I'm sure about is that I miss him and am looking forward to seeing him again.

I hope it's going to be even better than the last time.



Sorry that this chapter is very short!!

I'm writing more very soon.

I just wanted to post something because it's a long time ago :)


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