High School Love

Gaby hasn't had much luck with boys, she always ends up being played and things just keep getting worse for Gaby. Eastwood High School Prom is coming up in just a few weeks and Gaby is left without a date. But as Gaby's hope to find the right guy for Prom and her life after Prom begins to fade away she decides to give the geek a chance, Marcel, but things fall upside down when Marcel's popular bad boy brother Harry develops feelings for Gaby as well, Harry will do anything to get Gaby away from Marcel, even introduce violence... Gaby is caught in the middle and is torn between who to go for. Who will end up with the girl?


2. Prom King


 "Woah mate! Did you hear that! School prom!" Said my best mate, Ellis. "Umm.....yeah....yeah I did" I said unable to focus on the conversation because this beautiful girl walked past me....wow... Long curly hair, big blue eyes, the most beautiful smile and her laugh was adorable.  I have to get her to be my prom date! 

"Uhhh Hazz? What is it?" Ellis said confused, i quickly snapped out of my trance and sorted out my hair as I watched this girl walk around the corner. "Oh umm nothing.....did you see that girl? Big blue eyes, long curly hair beautiful tanned skin?-"

"Gaby? I wouldn't get too close to her she has a past with Morgan!" What Morgan is he on about there is about five Morgans in our year alone. 

"Um, what Morgan is that exactly?" I asked eager to get to know something about this girl.

"TOUGH MORGAN HARRY! You even lay eyes on that girl and your dead meat. Believe me, Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way..." Ellis said, looking down at the floor slightly embarrassed, worried he had lost his 'Cool' For a second.

"Well, I'm gonna make her mine." I said already picturing us both dancing together in the prom. I stood there thinking for a moment or two.

"So you gonna put yourself up for Prom King, your popular Harry, you'll get it no problem! I bet you Gaby will be putting herself up shes that sort of 'Pretty Peppy' girls you get, like in the movies!" Prom King huh? Maybe thats a good idea! 

"Yeah lets go sign up before the bell" Me and Ellis walked off over to the office.


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