High School Love

Gaby hasn't had much luck with boys, she always ends up being played and things just keep getting worse for Gaby. Eastwood High School Prom is coming up in just a few weeks and Gaby is left without a date. But as Gaby's hope to find the right guy for Prom and her life after Prom begins to fade away she decides to give the geek a chance, Marcel, but things fall upside down when Marcel's popular bad boy brother Harry develops feelings for Gaby as well, Harry will do anything to get Gaby away from Marcel, even introduce violence... Gaby is caught in the middle and is torn between who to go for. Who will end up with the girl?


3. Hallway Madness



I put in my slip for the prom queen and waited for Emilia to fill in hers, when she was finished we turned around and headed towards our locker to get our books for History. We turned the corner and saw the most horrible thing EVER, I felt so guilty i couldn't even dare to look..... It was Marcel, poor Marcel, Morgan must've found him and finally gave him that wedgie. 

"Take that four eyes!" Morgan shouted, he gave Marcel one last wedgie and pushed him in to the nearest bin, I was in so much shock, I went up to Marcel and helped him up, he wiped the dirt off his vest and tightening his tie just before he pushed up his glasses.

"Hi, I'm Gaby, are you okay? That looked so painful!" I said realising that Marcel was actually quite cute, as in a baby cute not a hot cute, but still cute.

"Oh, um, well no not really heh, my thigh hurts and my index finger is throbbing and my hea-" our conversation was interrupted by shouting coming from behind us.


"BECAUSE HE DESERVED IT YOU DUMBASS!" Morgan shouted back at this unknown boy who must be new here and looked like a sporty version of Marcel...cute!!! I turned back to Marcel.

"Is he your brother?" 

"Y-yes his name is Harry he only joined our school today"Marcel replied looking quite saddened.i decided not to ask why just in case.




"bye marcel! Better go get my things! See you in History!"


I walked back to my locker with Emilia and got my stuff and went to History.


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