High School Love

Gaby hasn't had much luck with boys, she always ends up being played and things just keep getting worse for Gaby. Eastwood High School Prom is coming up in just a few weeks and Gaby is left without a date. But as Gaby's hope to find the right guy for Prom and her life after Prom begins to fade away she decides to give the geek a chance, Marcel, but things fall upside down when Marcel's popular bad boy brother Harry develops feelings for Gaby as well, Harry will do anything to get Gaby away from Marcel, even introduce violence... Gaby is caught in the middle and is torn between who to go for. Who will end up with the girl?


1. Big Announcment



Ugh, I'm back in school now for the rest of the year. Stuck in Eastwood High, I don't mind this school its just the boys are dangerous here they threaten me to have sex with them and whenever i get a boyfriend they end up cheating on me! I'm standing in the middle of the hallway saying high to all my friends but right now i'm looking for my closest friend Emilia shes usually late or 'fashionably late' as she calls it. 

"GABY!!!" Thats Emilia, thank god she is in school today,without her god knows where i would be!

"Hey Mil! I missed you! How was Italy? Any cute Italian boys?" I asked with my cheekiest wink. 

"No, not really..." Emilia said with a disappointed look. "How was Orlando? Did you visit DisneyLand and Universal Studios?"

"Yes!! Universal had amazing rides!"

"What was your best part?" Emilia said with an excited look on her face. I would say it was meeting the characters and going on rides but I would be lying.

"Best part for me was probably all the cute boys!" The boys were so nice over there! 

"Awh lucky!" Emilia cried out. Then she went completely silent I didn't realise why until I turned around, oh god its Morgan, my ex. I never wanted to go out with Morgan he threatened me, if i didnt go out with him he said he would kill my cat. He would as well, he's that sort of guy.

"Hey" Morgan said, quite casually, which is good because he's not angry, his angry voice is alot   deeper.

"Hi" I said back, confused why he was here.

"Do you know where Locker 87 is i got to give this nerd Marcel a wedgie, he didn't do my homework for me." A angry look came across his face, I don't want anyone to get a wedgie so I could send him the wrong way i pictured the school in my head trying to think of other places icould  send him,no...bad idea if i do that i will be the person getting a wedgie! "Anytime today" Morgan said getting impatient,

"Oh sorry,walk straight down this hallway, turn left, and its by the History classrooms, i think its in the middle row." I said feeling really guilty.

"K thanks bye"

The speakers turned on and Principal Thomas's voice blasted through the school "Hello everyone and welcome back to a new year of learning and progression at Eastwood High! I would like your attention please... This year for all students ages 15 and over we are hosting a school prom! It will take place in 3 weeks and if you would like to nominate yourself for Prom King or Queen please report to my office now, for everyone else, further details are on the bulletin board! Girls wear your best dresses and boys wear your finest tux! Thank you for listening" Everyone rushed about in excitement, people were discussing what to wear, who to go with, how they're going to get there, the whole school was filled with more excitement than ever!



A/N: this is the only authors note i am doing for this book! Soon i am making a book of all fan fictions for you all with your favourite celebrity. So if you want a fanfic in my next book please kik me with your name and your celebrity you want the imagine! My kik: Gaby_Rogers also you can follow me on instagram @gabzterxx thanks bye!




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