Our love will last.

A girl named Lisa had just moved to London to start fresh.She later met a sweet guy named Harry at a bakery store , he helps Lisa with everything and shows her everywhere so that she could get used to London . She later found her self falling in love with him.but she's too afraid of what will happen to their friendship After.She Later gets herself into a lot of trouble. Will she and harry handle it together ? or will they tear apart ? read to find out !

hey guys i have been thinking really hard on this and if its not good i'm sorry! please give me your thoughts.


1. unpacking

How i imagine the characters


Harry styles of course 

Victoria (braat)

Isaac (New Guy)

Lilli (best friend)

Hey guys i'm Lisa i am 20 years old , i moved to London so i could start new! My parents had allow me to do anything i would want since i'm a adult now. I have a sister who is married and my Best Friend Lilli . She also move to London with me .

When i got off the airplane i looked like a big mess! I grabbed my suitcase , got a cab and headed to my apartment .It wasn't that fancy , the guy lead me to my room and gave me my keys "would you like anything before i leave ? drinks? food?" the guy asked me very polite . "yes sir may i please have a lemonade drink with 2 slice of pepperoni pizza ?" "as you wish " he replied back with a smile . I took a quick tour of the apartment my room was huge though . I unpack my suitcase and waited for the guy to come . The door bell ranged i ran to get it " thank you ' i said as grabbing the food . i sat down and watched TEEN WOLF as i ate . I got up and took a shower , i dried my hair and straight it put some makeup on and got dressed . As for Lilli she lived next door , she was tired so she decided to take a nap .

Then i head down to the street to a bakery store . i walked in and saw a guy with green eyes curly brown hair he was so cute . "what can i get ya" he said with a sweet British accent . "uhm nothing just looking around" "are you new here?' he asked i replied "yes" he asked me if he could show me all around and all that i was glad for him to so i said yes! I sat in a table followed by Harry with 2 cups of tea ,

harry ; So what made you decide to come here?

Me; well back then it was quite A lot of DRAMA so i decided to move her and start new.

We talked about each other until we finally became friends.


Lisa was nice and beautiful  i feel really lucky meeting a girl like her . Her pretty straight brown hair running down to her shoulders , her big brown eyes her pink soft lips . "Harry ? HARRY?" i heard Lisa calling out " you okay?" " yeah fine just got distracted by how beautiful you are" i replied back . She started blushing . " well if you aren't doing anything would you like to go out on a date?" she asked "of course i will" i replied . She left and i closed up the shop and got home . i was so excited i hopped in the shower and got dress i look like this 

i picked lisa up and wow was she beautiful she look wore this cute dress.

i smiled at her and she smiled back saying " you look good today" i replied back " and so do you"I drove to a restruant and we both ate , talk gigle . it was pretty good . then our eyes meet , i was so amazed about how pretty her eyes was . " you look beautiful " i said she chuckled and hugged me .


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