3. Chapter 3

I don't know whether I'm pissed or on turned on by her, yeah I'm going to have a bruise but her fighting spirit is hot. We walked back to the car with Bliss in Zayn's arms but she wasn't putting up a fight which put me on edge. Then bang she pushed back with all her body weight making Zayn hit the alley way wall behind him, she used this moment of weakness to make a run for it. Zayn and I followed her until she reached the car which was blocking her exit so we slowed down to a walk but as per usual she wasn't going down without fight. She climbed up on the bonnet and up and over and slide off the back but only to have Kyle grab her and pull her back into the car followed by Zayn and I. She was sat in between Kyle and myself while Zayn drove. "I gotta give you credit, I didn't see that coming." I said breaking the slience as Zayn began to drive. "Gee thanks, I didn't it purely to receive your approval" she replied scarcasticly, which earnent a slight chuckle from myself, the next 5 minuets or so was quiet it would have been longer if Bliss hadn't had her little outbust, "I swear to god if you don't move your hand, you'll lose it." She said while turning to face Kyle. "I don't know what your talking about" Kyle replied trying to play dumb. "oh sorry, silly me, I'm talking about your hand that's now grapping my ass." After that Kyle didn't reply but moved his hand and placed it around her shoulder. We were about 10 minuets away when I saw and heared her phone vibrate but of corse it was in her bra so without thinking I reached into her top and grabbed it. "Let's see who texting you shall we... Password" I more demanded than said. "oh its Harry is a sex god, all one word." She replied 'she is such a smart ass' I thought to myself but only to be pulled back to reailty by one of Bliss' scream which was a result of Kyle pulling her hair. "Don't make him ask you again" Kyle said still holding an amount of her hair in his hands. "0302" she said giving up', "See that wasn't so hard was it" Kyle said before kissing her neck. I typed in the password she gave me and opened her messages
Barney: Are we still go for tonight?
"So who's Barney then?" I questioned. "None of your business" she replied which resulted in another pull of her hair. "If you pull my hair one more ti" she started but was interuped by Zayn. "Hey play nice you too." which earned yet another scarcatic reply from her, "oh my, I really an sorry Kyle I don't know what came over me" That was it, I couldn't take it any more. "Look, I'm sick of you being a scarcastic bitch, now who the fuck is Barney and what did you plan for tonight" I yelled while lening closer to her. "Barney is my current employer and we had a contract for me to intercept a drug deal" she said while leaning on Kyle, trying to create more distance between us. "Who deal was it ad why were did he want you to intercept it." Zayn said adjusting the rear view mirror so he could see us in it."Marty Ellis and Jack Parker, Marty used to be a trafficer for Barney but he turned on Barney and the shipment that Marty is selling is on he stole from Barney." She said still leaning on Kyle. "Well your plans are cancelled. "No please." she begged trying to grab her phone from my hands. "why not?" I said holdng her phone out of her reach. "Because its a scam, I know a guy who is high up in Jack Parker gang and Barney told Jack that I was going to be there, he was trying to kill me off, so I told Marty that Barney has put a hit on him which means that Marty is sending his boys round to take care of Barney so it mean that I get away with his money." She explained. "Fine" I said slipping her phone into the pocket of my jeans.
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