2. Chapter 2


Haha I finally got her, I have been watching her for a while now and I want her. I was there when she got kicked out of school for beating that shit put of that girl, I was in the court room when she was on trial and I was at her fathers funeral . Shes perfect, and I don't just mean for me I mean shes perfect for the gang, shes been flying solo for a while now but now shes mine. I was waiting for her in the warehouse she has been staying in then I saw her slowly creep in then BANG I lashed out and grabbed her, holding a knife to her throat. "Hello sweetheart." I took my hand off her mouth "who the fuck are you?" She replied, her sassiness drive me crazy. "Im harry." "Who?" Hah I love it when shes confused. "I'll explain later babe but right now the boys are waiting." I started to walk her out the door when she suddenly elbowed me, hard, in the ribs. "Fuck" I cursed under my breath. When letting the knife slip just grazing her chest. She screamed. Normally I would be worried but not in this part of town, most people here cant go to sleep without at least hearing 3 gun shots so a scream wont worry them. Zayn was quickly around the corner to see why she screamed "Fuck harry don't kill her." He said taking her out of my arms and holding her in his. "Its not my fault." I complained as we continued walking towards the car.

A/N: hey guys sorry for the crapy and short chapter its just a filler. I will try and update later night  


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