1. Chapter 1

 Alex, the girl who know the most but had the least. The one who never felt anything, like she was numb from all emotions. But was she really numb or had she just given up on life itself.


While I walk though the cold back streets  of town I pulled my jacket closer to my body as I can feel the eyes of other staring at me. I neared the tall, dividing fence but only, to once again, slip though the rusted cracks. Once standing up again I look around making sure he hasn't found me and I know he and his cold, hard heart is seeking revenge. I soon find the door to the old, abandoned warehouse that I now home and soon discover that the door had been forced open. I slowly edged closer to the door until I was surround by the darkness of the warehouse and the familiar smell of the old pipes rusting. Suddenly two hands lash out from the darkness one covering my house and the other holding the sharp blade close to my neck. "Hello sweetheart." The guy spoke up. "Who the fuck are you?." I replied once the man had taken his hand off my mouth. "Im harry." 

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