When Rosie and her best friend Ashleymove into their new flat, they find out that they are living in the same place as their favorite boy band, One Direction. Will they fall in love with the one of the guys? Or will their past ruin their life all over again? Who knows? READ AND FIND OUT(: Hi! my name is Gissel, and I made this story. As you can see this is on Ashley's account. Well my computer doesnt work, so that why i have it on her account. Well i'd like to thank her for that, so yah! Enjoy(:


1. New Place

Rosie's Pov:

Me and my best friend Ashley thoght we needed a new house, so we went looking for one. We went to so many places, but none of them seemed good for us. "Rosie, this is the last house! You think it'll be good?" Ashley asked me. I thought about it, and thought 'What if this place isnt good? We're gonna have to move into an apartment.' She just looked at me. "I hope it'll be good." I told her.



 Well... It didnt go so well. That place smelled really bad, their were stains on the carpet, and wholes on the walls. It was horrible. "Well, Ash I think we're going to have to move into an apartment." I told her, looking down. Me and Ash HATE apartments. Something happened to us in our old apartment, 3 years ago. Something bad. 'I dont think i can do this again' I thought to myself. Ashley came up to me and gave me a hug. "I knw what you're thinking, Rosie. But we have to try." She told me, trying to comfort me. She's right! Just because one thing happened 3 years ago, doesnt mean that my whole life is ruined. Maybe I'll meet someone new, who knows? It was getting late, so we dicided to go back home, and start first thing tomorrow morning.



"Cause you are mine for the summer. Now we know its nearly over...

I woke up listening to my favorite boy band.. One Direction. I got up from my bed to go take a shower. I heard Ashley get up, so i yelled "MAKE BREAKFAST! IM HUNGRY!" I heard her stomp away to the kitchen angrily. She hates cooking, but she's really good at it. When I was done, i changed into my clothes, and went to the kitchen to eat.


The first apartment we looked at, we didnt like. There were so many drunk people. I didnt like it, and neither did Ashley. So we drove to the next place,


"Hmmm. This place looks good. 3 floors means so many neighbors." Ashley said. Thats kind of good. Wait! That means that guys could live here. Now that's great. I parked my car, and we both went inside. It was a pretty place. We asked the lady at the front desk if there were any apartments available. She told us that we were in luck, cause their was only one available. We went to go look at it, and let me tell you... It was PER-FECT! And it was on the 3rd floor, which made it way better, The furniture was nice. The Living Room had 3 couched. 1 long one, and 2 small ones, for only 1 person to sit. Theirs 2 rooms, and washroom in between the 2 rooms. I liked the room with the washroom, and told Ashley it was mine, if we get this place. "You're picking already, and we havent even bought the place!?" She siad to me. I laughed and talked to her to see if she liked the place. "Its a yes for me!" She said happily. I told the lady, that we wanted the apartment. We sighned some papers and paid her and she gave us two keys for each of us. We walked to my car and went back to our old place which was 2 hours away.


We only brought clothes, some sheets, and only junk food. We left our other things there, like pictures, and our T.V. to be picked up the next day.


We got to our new place and unpacked everything, fixed our beds, and put the junk food in the cabinets, "Rosie!" I heard Ashley yell from her room. What!" I spat back. "No need to sound mean, but i forgot my toothbrush!" She said. How can she forget that! Its an important thing! "Well Ash... I think you're going to have to buy a new one, cause i am not driving two hours for one thing!" I told her. She nodded. "Look, I think i saw a store just around the corner. Go and buy your toothbrush, andpick up some shampoo, and conditioner too. We're almost running out." I told her. I gave her some money, and she walked out. I saw this paper laying on the counter, and it said it had an indoor pool. Cool. Maybe i should go. Just as i was about to go get ready, I heard a knock on the door. I went and opened it, and found no one out there, just a piece of paper, lying on the floor. I opened it and it said...

"Hello there new neighbors! We are five guys that live below you. We are in rooms 21, 23, 25, 27, and 29. If you need help,come visit us, and we'll be happy to help. From the guys on the second floor." I thought the note was funny, so i laughed a little and i heard some giggling. I turned around the cornerjust enought time to see some brown hair. I laughed a little more, and walked back inside to change. A couple more minutes passed, and then i heard Ashley get here. "Im back, Rosie!" "Great! Now we can both go together. I yelled to her as i walked out of my room to show her my bikini. "Wow, Rosie, When was the last time you wore that?" She asked. I laughed. "Maybe a couple of years ago. Theirs an inside pool, Do you wanna come?" I asked her. She ran into her room, with out saying anything. Within minutes she ran back out with a towel and a big, loose, long shirt on her. "Ready!" Was all she said. We got in the elevator, and headed towards the pool. When we got there, we put our things on a chair. I sat down on a different chair. "Come on, Rosie." Ashley said. Theirs one thing she doesnt know about me. "I cant swim, Ash." I told her. She laughed and pulled me by the arm."Sure you can!" She said. Then a  big SPLASH is all i could hear. I couldnt breathe, all i could do was swallow water, as i opened my eyes.


Ashley's Pov:

"Sure you can!" Was all i said to Rosie, before i pushed her into the water. I didnt see her come back up from the water. I threw her into he 8th part of the water. I saw her trying to swim up, but she couldnt.I was freaking out. There was no one here, exceot us. I saw some guys playing pool in the other room before we came here. I hope they're still there!

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