Bare - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to The Initials On My Wrist)

Leah was in therapy for a year after losing her temper and almost killing herself, away from the boys, which must have been a good thing. She still loves Zayn, and she still loves Harry, but she wants to just forget about them both. Leah hasn't agreed to go on any more tours, but what happens when One Direction throws her a surprise party at her house for her birthday? Will she ever forgive them for looking at her wrist, which is now bare?



Harry's POV

"No, babe. I want you there. I need you there." Perrie begs, and Leah ignores her. Perrie walks over to Leah, and sits beside her on the couch. "Here," She says, handing her a large box. It has a picture of Zayn, Perrie, and the dead baby on the front, all together in the hospital. "It has all my baby's things in it. Would you like to see it?" Perrie asks, but Leah pushes it away. "Come on, Please take a look." She says, and Leah sighs and takes it. She opens it up, and inside are the baby's footprints, hospital bracelets, things like that, all in memory of the little baby. Leah wipes a tear from her face. "They were all from my darling baby," Perrie whispers. "I'm sorry," Leah sobs. "What?" Perrie asks. "I'm sorry," Leah repeats, this time a bit louder. "For what?" "I'm sorry that I killed your baby," Leah cries, but Perrie puts her hand on Leah's shoulder. "You didn't do it. There is nothing you could have done to prevent this." Perrie tells her. "I could have left you alone instead of inviting myself to drive! I could have hit the deer, I could have made sure the passenger air bag was on," Leah goes on and on, but Perrie just laughs. "You couldn't have done anything. We were happy you came along. That deer came out of nowhere. And Leah, you saved Zayn and I's life! You called the ambulance, and you swerved the right time so you didn't hit the deer which would have killed the deer and left us plummeting down the ditch, and, you did everything possible. You did an amazing thing Leah." Perrie says, and Leah smiles. "You mean, you aren't mad?" She asks. Perrie chuckles. "No, Leah. I'm terribly sad that my baby is in heaven and not with me, but you are an amazing friend, and I couldn't be mad at you." Perrie smiles, and Leah smiles back. They hug, and I join in. I half expected Zayn and his crew to come in and apologize, but that didn't happen, and I'm still stuck out of One Direction. And, I have to live up to the expectation of moving away now that everybody knows. Maybe I should go look for a house.....

Leah's POV

Perrie is so sweet, and I feel so much better now. She made me feel like I did the right thing, and that I was loved again. Maybe only by two people, but I am loved, and that is all that matters. I still don't know If I am going to the funeral, though. I don't want any negative energy at such a sad, but beautiful ceremony. I can't be the cause of that, after already being the cause of killing the kid. No, Leah. Perrie said you weren't. Believe her. She's right. No, She's wrong. I know she is wrong. I just want to believe her. All she did was say what I wanted to hear. "You mean it. You promise that I'm not the one that caused it?" I ask. "Of course I promise, and I just wanted to let you know, that the baby's name is Leah Marie Malik." Perrie says. I smile. "You didn't have to do that." I say, so thankful that she would name her own child after me. "I did." She says, and when she said I wasn't the one who killed her baby,  I knew she meant it. But deep down inside.......................................................................................



I know what I caused.


My thoughts are interrupted when Harry walks out the door. "Harry!" I call. "Harry!" He whips around. "What?" He snaps. I am taken aback by his tone. "Woah, cranky pants. I just wanted to know where you are going." I laugh. "Away." He says, serious. "What are you talking about? You said you would move away, what, an hour ago? That doesn't mean you actually have to!" I say, scared that he will leave me. "Yes I do. I said I would, so I am." He says, not even a little bit of emotion coming from the dead expression on his face. "Wait. Harry, those are your lads back there. Your bandmates. YOUR BEST FRIENDS!" I exclaim. He doesn't seem to care. "They love you. And you didn't even say goodbye." I mumble. He shrugs it off. "I stick to what I say. I said I was quitting the band. I don't want to risk what happened, happening again. I'm sorry." He apologizes. "Don't apologize to me. Apologize to them." I say, going over the line. He shakes his head. sadly. "No, I'm sorry. I don't want to talk to them." He mutters. I throw my arms around him, I'm so short compared to him. He rests his head on the top of mine, and we stand there, for a while. And then it hits me.

He's leaving me.

He's leaving me alone.

In my house.

Without him.

He's leaving me.

He's leaving me all alone.

"But Harry," I cry. "Don't leave me!" I sob into his chest. "Why would I do that?" He chuckles. "But, but you said you were leaving?" I say, excited that he might stay. "I am, but that didn't mean I was going alone." He says. I nod. "Harry, are you asking me to come?" I laugh. "Yes, Leah. Please do." He says, and I can hear the beg in his voice, the seriousness. I smile. "Of course. Because Harry, I think, I think I'm ready to love you." I say. I slowly pull up my sleeve, and he takes a quick glance at it. He smiles. The initials are brand new, almost smudging from the wet ink. His initials, the initials of the one I love.













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