Bare - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to The Initials On My Wrist)

Leah was in therapy for a year after losing her temper and almost killing herself, away from the boys, which must have been a good thing. She still loves Zayn, and she still loves Harry, but she wants to just forget about them both. Leah hasn't agreed to go on any more tours, but what happens when One Direction throws her a surprise party at her house for her birthday? Will she ever forgive them for looking at her wrist, which is now bare?


2. Chapter Two

Leah's POV

"Dani, Eleanor, Perrie, I love it!" I exclaim, sitting on the counter while forty people sit around me. The girls together bought me a necklace, with my name on it. They all have one. Niall gets up and puts it around me neck. "Thanks," I whisper. Zayn gets up and hands me a pretty little box with a pink bow on top. I carefully open it up, and inside is sitting One Direction's new perfume. "Well, now I don't have to buy it and hide if from you guys so I don't look like a stalker. It's gorgeous." I say, laughing. I take a whiff off the top. "It smells amazing. Thank you." I say, hugging him from the counter. My entire mountain of presents is almost down to the last gift, I have two left. Louis stands up and grabs a huge gift, claiming it's his. I open it up, and it's a beautiful flowly, fancy dress. "Louis! Where did you get it?! It's amazing!" I say pulling it out. I then laugh. "And how did you know my size?" I chuckle. "Your skinny. It's obvious what size you are. Everyone laughs, but I blush and start to feel self conscious. "Well thank you. All of you. I forgot about my birthday before you guys even got here, and I really didn't need all this stuff, but I'm so thankful. So I will cut the cake!" I exclaim. "Wait Leah, theres one more!" I hear someone say, passing up a little box. Niall hands It up to me and I open it. There is a ring inside. It's gorgeous, a beautiful diamond on the top. "This ring is beautiful. Who's it from?" I ask, astounded. Niall smiles. "Its.. Its from me." He stutters. "Thank you!" I exclaim, slipping it on. I get up off the counter, and Niall pulls me into a hug, and then a kiss. When I pull away, I see something out of the corner of my eye. Harry standing in the doorway, without Brooke. "Oh,, Hi Harry." I say, awkwardly. Everybody is awwww-ing and Dani pulls me down. "You guys would be adorable together! Are you dating?" She asks. "I don't know."  I whisper back. "I have something for you.... Can I please talk to you outside?" Harry asks. He looks upset.


 "I dumped Brooke. Zayn texted me about what she did to you. I didn't know. I'm sorry." He says, leaning against the door. "Okay." I mumble. "Are you dating Niall?" He asks. " I think so." I blush. "You guys are good for eachother," Harry says, and I agree. "Is that it?" I ask. "No, these are for you," He says, pulling out a dozen white roses. "Thank you Harry, these are amazing." I say, giving him a hug. "Well, I'm glad you think so," He gives me a smirk. "But that isn't all." He states. I'm surprised. I wasn't sure he had gotten me anything. I just hope it isn't another ring. I look down at the glistening ring on my finger. It's dazzling.

Harry grabs my hand and pulls me to his car. "Now, there is something in here, for you. I hope you love it. It's really special." He smirks. I start to get nervous. What is he pulling? He grabs his phone and texts someone, obviously to bring everyone out here because seconds later people are spilling out the door. "It can't be that special!" I exclaim, shocked that he would make such a big deal. "I'm not so sure," He says, while everyone stand around us. He pulls a blindfold out of his car and hands it to Niall. Niall nods and puts it around my eyes. What the heck?!

Harry's POV

This gift wasn't easy to get, but I need to make it up to her. I pulled a lot of crap, and maybe she isn't going to forgive me now, but this is a start. I hand Niall a hankercheif and he ties it around Leah's eyes. She crosses her arms. "I need to see to know what it is." She complains. We all laugh. "You will, soon enough." I inform her. I slowly open the car door and Niall helps Leah step back. I hear everyone gasp and aw as I take her present out of the carrier. "Sur-prise!" I say, as Niall takes off the blindfold. Leah gasps. "A puppy? Oh Harry you shouldn't have!" She exclaims, as I set the lab into her arms. "What are you going to name it?" Someone shouts. "Umm......" she says, still in the midst of hugging me. She looks around, and stares at my hat. "Since Harry got him for me," She begins, "I want to name it something that reminds me of him, and One direction of course." "So," She says, still staring at my Beanie. "I'm naming Beanie." She states, Handing it to Danielle. "So, Do I get a kiss?" I smirk. Leah looks at Niall, and Niall looks jealous. Leah smiles, shyly, and kisses me on the cheek. "cake time!!!" She shouts, changing the subject. When everyone is in, she whispers to me, "Why did you get me the puppy?" She asks. "Because, you deserve it and I'm sorry," I say, only telling her part of the reason. I Left out the other half, that I'm going to get her back.

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