Bare - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to The Initials On My Wrist)

Leah was in therapy for a year after losing her temper and almost killing herself, away from the boys, which must have been a good thing. She still loves Zayn, and she still loves Harry, but she wants to just forget about them both. Leah hasn't agreed to go on any more tours, but what happens when One Direction throws her a surprise party at her house for her birthday? Will she ever forgive them for looking at her wrist, which is now bare?


3. Chapter Three

Niall's POV

I watch Leah and Harry play with Beanie as the rest of our crew escorts the mob of people out the door. Boy, is Leah getting cuddly with him after all he did. I think I should make it official we are dating so he will step off. "Hey, Leah?" I say, walking over and squatting on the ground where they are sitting with the dog. She is laughing, Beanie is walking all over Harry. "Leah!" I say again, but she still doesn't realize I am there. She stops laughing when I tap her on the shoulder and takes Beanie off of Harry, who infact has Harry's Beanie in his mouth. "Beanie was the perfect name!" Leah exclaims, taking the hat out of the dogs mouth and putting it back on Harry's head. "Okay, Leah. Are you going to listen to me now?" I ask, impatient. "Sorry, Niall. I'm just having fun on my birthday." She says. "okay. Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner sometime?" I ask her. "Of course! Just not tonight. I want everybody to sleep over for my birthday," She smirks, looking at the girls who just finished getting rid of everyone. "Us too?" Liam and Zayn ask her. "Yes! All of you! It'll be fun. Do you guys agree?" She asks. I nod. This will be a good time for all of us.

Leah's POV

So Niall asked me on a date, Harry bought me a puppy, which one do I like better? I still like Zayn no matter what, but he doesn't like me so whatever. Beanie Is probably the cutest dog I've ever seen in my life, and I just can't get enough of his sweet little face!

Zayn ordered Pizza and we are all sitting on the couches and the floor, Harry on the floor, Eleanor on a couch, Me and Niall on a couch, Zayn, Louis, and Liam on the floor and Danielle on a pull out. Three boxes of pizza are scattered all over the floor, one on Harry's sleeping back, one with Niall and I and one with Dani. Beanie is sitting on Harry. "Harry, pass me a piece," I shout, and he throws the box like a Frisbee. "I have a box right here." Niall says. "Ya, and how many pieces did you eat?" I say, sarcastic. "All of them...." He says. "Exactly." I laugh. "Movie time, Movie time!" I say. It's already dark, we are having a late supper. "What movie?" Louis asks. "Let the birthday girl decide!" El yells. "I don't know. I don't really care."  I shrug. I yawn, getting tired and I lean my head on Niall's shoulder and he puts his arm around me. Beanie lets out a bark, and he runs over to me, jumping onto the couch. "Hey! I thought you liked me!" Harry says, pretending to cry. I start to laugh, and Beanie runs back to him and licks his face. Little did we know, he only wanted Harry's hat. Again.

"Beanie! Give me the stinkin hat!" Harry yells, chasing Beanie all around the house. The boys decide to corner him, but he fits in between Louis' legs and jumps into the pizza box, dropping the hat onto the saucy pizza and laying on top. "Ew!" Harry says, "Don't put that on your head without washing it Mate," Zayn tells him. Eleanor walks over, picks up Beanie, and puts him in the kitchen sink, his paws and stomach covered in sauce. Harry picks out his hat, and throws it into the sink as well. "Dang dog. Why did I buy him?" He mumbles. "Aww," I say, walking over and kissing him on the cheek, "He made me happy, do you regret that?" I say with my puppy dog face. He gives in. "No, I guess not." He says, smiling. He gives me a full hug, the ones that I love, the ones that I miss. Niall ends up breaking us apart. "Watcha doing?" He says, annoyed. "I can hug people Niall." I say. "Well, you kissed him on the cheek?!" He says. "So?" I say, bugging him. I can do what I want, Niall and I aren't even dating. "So cheating on me basically." Niall says. "Uh, no. We aren't dating." I say. "Well fine." He snaps, sitting back on the couch. I walk back over to him. "I'm sorry! Your making a big deal over nothing." I say. "I know, I just like you so much." Niall says. I Sit on his lap. "Good." I mutter, brushing my lips against his cheek. Louis clears his throat. "Can we watch a movie now?!" He whines. "Yes." I give in. "Well which one?!" He shouts. "How about the bed time movie. It's like midnight and I'm so tired. Niall, go to the floor, I call the couch." I laugh. "Alright," He says, getting into his sleeping bag. I throw a ball at the light switch and it turns it off. Beanie jumps on my lap and I put my head on my pillow. I see everyone else playing on their phones. "Well goodnight." I say. "Goodnight birthday girl." Harry chimes, smiling at me. I shut my eyes, and off to dreamland I go.

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