Bare - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to The Initials On My Wrist)

Leah was in therapy for a year after losing her temper and almost killing herself, away from the boys, which must have been a good thing. She still loves Zayn, and she still loves Harry, but she wants to just forget about them both. Leah hasn't agreed to go on any more tours, but what happens when One Direction throws her a surprise party at her house for her birthday? Will she ever forgive them for looking at her wrist, which is now bare?


10. Chapter Ten

Leah's POV

When we get to my flat, I'm still crying. What was that all about? Why do they all hate me? The second I open the door, Beanie comes running up to me and licks my face, but it doesn't cheer me up at all. "Harry," I say. His eyebrows go up, and he gives me his attention. "Do they hate me?" I whimper. "No, of course not. I'm not sure what that was about." He says, and I nod, glad.

Harry's POV

I lie to her, telling her they aren't all mad. It's stupid that their anger is over something so... something so... stupid! I pull out my phone and I text Zayn.

From Harry: Dude, don't be mean to Leah. Everyone else was.

From Zayn: Why wouldn't I? She deserves it. I just got back to my flat, but Perrie is too weak to. Leah's fault.

Leah sits beside me. "Who are you texting Snuggly Bear?" She giggles. "Just Zayn." I mumble. "ooh! Is he home! I want to see him!" She exclaims. I growl under my breath, annoyed that she would want to see him, I very well know what will happen if I take her. "Please!" She whines, and I give in. "Fine." I grumble.

"HI!" Leah yells, running into Zayn's flat and throwing her arms around him. He pushes her away, just like Niall did, and sadness fills her face. "What?" She mumbles. I shrug. "So Zayn, how's Perrie?" She asks. "Well my child is dead!" Zayn throws his arms up in the air, yelling at her.  I tug at her arm, pulling her into my chest, keeping her safe. "Oh, so you are dating Harry now?" Niall hisses. She moves away from me. "N-No," She stutters, pain in her voice. Internal pain. "Well, might as well since no one else cares for you." He mutters. I can tell Leah has had enough, and she runs upstairs, into the bathroom, and locks the door. Oh no. not again.

Leah's POV

I'm an awful person. I don't need to even be alive anymore if no one cares for me. I hate my body. I hate myself. and so I dig the razor I've been saving for when I needed it out of my pocket, and I plunge it into my skin, not fearful this time, but almost, almost, excited. The blood pouring out, the glistening razor, the pain in my arm taking away the pain in my heart. The pounding on the door is nothing to me, obviously just my brain tricking me because no one cares for me, and I know it. I stop the third cut when something is slid under the door. "Go ahead. Do it. We don't care." Says the note, and I hear various yelling outside the door shortly after the note is slid. Another one, saying "I love you baby, please don't." Probably from Harry, yet that is only one person, everyone else hates me.

The bathroom window shows no light, telling me it's dark out. I've been in here several hours, my tshirt blood crusted and my cuts scabbed. My stomach grumbles, but I don't care. I'm just waiting to die, but suddenly, the door bursts open, Harry standing there with a hammer. He gasps. "Oh my gosh Leah, you are so stupid!" He exclaims, examining the five cuts on my wrist, no longer hurting. "I know!" I cry, trying to pull open the closed wounds. He rips my hand away, and carries me off to the car, Probably taking me to the hospital, although I feel fine.

We reach my flat, not the hospital luckily, and he throws me onto my bed. "You are perfect." He whispers in my ear, kissing me on the forehead, applying bandages on my wounds. "No. They hate me." I say. He is about to kiss me when their is knocking on the door. I sit up, and Harry answers it, yet suddenly a pool of people swarm into the house. "What are you doing here?" Harry spits. "Uh, to tell Leah never to talk to us every again." It's Zayn. I see Louis and Liam, their eyes filled with regret, probably just there to be Zayn's slaves. Maybe they still care for me. "Well, she almost killed herself." Harry scoffs. I watch them from the bedroom door, and Zayn slaps him across the face. "See if I care." He growls. "Get out." Harry says. "NO!" I scream, running out to face all of them. I point to all the bandages. "These were for you." I glare at Niall, then Zayn. "Just remember that," I hiss. They can't talk to me anymore. I suddenly feel a searing pain on my cheek. Niall's eyes are dark, and I can feel the hot spot on my cheek where he hit me. "Don't cut for me. Because I couldn't care less about some bloody wounds on your arm." He barks. Harry's eyes are filled with shock, but he does nothing. A tear escapes my eyes, and Zayn just chuckles. "Well, you killed my daughter, and almost my fiancé. You deserve a few tears. Even a few cuts." He laughs. Everyone else stays silent. I just nod and Harry takes me back to my room. "Stay here." He says, serious, shutting the door and leaving me there, alone.  I sit down on the bed, and bawl my eyes out.

Harry's POV

"Leave Leah alone!" I scream in Zayn's face. "Why should I? So she can kill my son?" he asks, sarcastic. I'm about to punch him when his phone rings. "Hello, yes. Okay. Thank you. I'll be there soon. Yeah, bye." He says on the phone. "Goodbye good for nothing bandmate, I'm going to see my beautiful fiancé and all of you can come. Harry, Leah, no." He says, stuck up, and walks out the door. "By the way," I scream after him, "I QUIT the band!"

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