Bare - 1D Fanfiction (Sequel to The Initials On My Wrist)

Leah was in therapy for a year after losing her temper and almost killing herself, away from the boys, which must have been a good thing. She still loves Zayn, and she still loves Harry, but she wants to just forget about them both. Leah hasn't agreed to go on any more tours, but what happens when One Direction throws her a surprise party at her house for her birthday? Will she ever forgive them for looking at her wrist, which is now bare?


7. Chapter Seven

Leah's POV


"Liam, Liam," I say, out of breath, running around the premises until finally finding him. "Niall is hurting Harry!" I cry, tugging his shirt. "He kissed me, and I guess I accidentally unlocked the door trying to open it, but, please come help!" I scream, pulling him towards me. He runs up the stairs with me, and kicks open the door. Harry is slumped back in a chair, Niall punching the wall. "Niall. What is your problem?!" Liam shouts. Niall doesn't answer, but I stop breathing for a moment when my eyes land on Harry. His head is down, his breathing heavy. He looks up at me, and I let out a sob, putting my hand up to my face. His eye is black and his face is bruised and bloodied. "Harry! I'm so sorry," I mutter, hugging him from around the chair. I rest my chin on his shoulder and I feel how weak he is. He must he taking so many blows. My eyes widen and Niall whips around. "You!" He growls, pointing at me. "You are a problem!" He barks. Tears of fear start to stream down my face as he gets closer, and he backs me into a corner. "What are you?" He shouts, getting in my face. "I thought I was your girlfriend?" I swallow the big lump in my throat. "No. You were never. Why did I even like you?" He asks himself, backing away and putting his arms in the air. He storms out, slamming the door behind him. I whimper, crouched in the corner. Liam walks over to me and rubs my back. "I'm sorry. But remember, Harry is best for you and you know it. I'm going to get him some ice." He says, getting up. "Do you really think we are good for eachother?" Harry croaks. I can't believe everyone thinks that after he cheated on me. No. I won't give into him again. "No Harry. I don't want to take the risk of being hurt again . I'm sorry," I say, walking out. Liam will bring him ice. I don't have to sit in there like a mother. I just need some air.

I get back to the kitchen to see Zayn and Perrie walking out the door. "Where are you going?" I ask, my cheeks stained with mascara marks. "Oh, well we are going to go back to Zayn's flat. We want to get everyone ready for our announcement later!" Perrie exclaims. I get curious. "What announcement?" I whisper. "Well, it's been a while we've known and we didn't tell you all. But," Zayn says in a hushed voice. "We are expecting a baby girl!" Perrie whispers, the excitement in her voice. "That's great!" I exclaim quietly, not being entirely truthful. I still have feelings for Zayn, and I feel so embarrassed around him because of what happened with my wrist and all. "For how long?!" I ask. "It's been three months. You can barely even tell! This one must be a dwarf," Perrie laughs. "Alright. Well, I really need some fresh air. Can I please drive you?" I plead. Zayn shrugs. "Sure love. But we were going to stop at starbucks on the way. Would you be alright with that?" Zayn asks. "Sure." I agree.

Zayn's POV

Leah walks us all out to the car, Perrie sitting in the passenger seat and I sit in the back. She hits the gas pedal and we start to drive. Leah looks so cute with the wind in her hair. I sometimes wonder what it would be like it if I wasn't dating Perrie, If I dated Leah. Harry was in the way though, so that would have been hard. When Niall was trying to date her, Harry was in the way aswell. I think Harry just loves her too much. I get it, though. It's hard not to love Leah. It's hard not to look at her and think 'what if.' She brings something into the air that makes you feel like you can do anything. I can't explain it.

Leah pulls into the parking lot of starbucks instead of going through the drive through. "We aren't just going into the drive through?" Perrie asks. Leah sighs. "Sorry, I just am stalling I guess. I don't want to go back there. Niall hates me, and It brings me to tears to see Harry." She puts her face in her hands. "What?" We both ask, confused. "Well, Niall caught me and Harry kissing earlier. He hit Harry. Hard. His face is so bruised," She explains, getting choked up. "Niall's eyes were so cold. He was just so different, he looked like he would hurt anything. He backed me up into the corner and he screamed in my face," She whimpers. Perrie rubs her back. "Just remember that he did it because he loved you." She whispers. Leah looks up. "No he didn't. He hurt Harry, and that tore my heart apart because of the past we had. I would rather he had done it to me." She says, skimming over the raised scars on her wrist. She points to them. "These? These were because of Harry. Not that he made me upset, I made me upset. I couldn't understand him. I didn't know what to do, I was mad that I couldn't deal with it myself and just make us the perfect couple. And Harry did cheat on me. I wasn't angry at him. I just thought it was my fault because I wasnt good enough for him," She says, a tear rolling down her cheek. "And now that he wants me back, I really want to get back with him. But I refuse to. And I don't know why." She sighs. "Listen, Harry loves you. You two are perfect for eachother. The reason you don't want to get back together with him is because you are scared sweetie. Scared that he will hurt you again. Scared that YOU will hurt you again. But that won't happen," Perrie comforts her. Leah mouths 'thank you,' to Perrie before stepping out of the car. Perrie walks around the side and embraces Leah in a big hug. I follow, and become part of it all.

We sit at our table, silently drinking our coffee when a girl walks up to us. She looks about seven. "Hi," She says in a frail voice. We can see her mother watching her and smiling from a few booths away. "Can you please sign my hat? All of you?" She asks, holding up a pink baseball cap and a sharpie. I smile. "Sure," I say, taking her hat and signing it. I pass it to Perrie and she passes it to Leah. Leah sits there, staring at the hat. The little girl looks at Leah with sad eyes. "Leah?" The little girl asks. Leah snaps out of it and signs the hat. She hands it to the little girl, but the girl sets the hat aside and points at Leah's arm, the one with the scars. "My sister had those. She had lots, everywhere. She cried a lot. One day I woke up, and she wasn't there. Mommy said she had to go away for a long time. I keep waiting for her to come back. Please, don't go away like my sister," The little girl pleads. Leah wipes a tear away from her eyes and hugs the little girl. She puts the hat on her head and hands her the marker. When she walks away, we all wave. "Well, I think it's time to go," Leah croaks, and she throws away her coffee cup. We follow her to the car. Hopefully she will do what the little girl said.

When we all get buckled in, I explain to Leah how to get to my flat. "You go down the road through the woodsy area and then turn the corner and your there." I finish. "So its mostly going through the woods the whole time." Perrie adds. "Hope there aren't any bears." Leah laughs. She slams her foot on the gas pedal and we start to drive, but she turns the wrong way. "Leah, it's the other way." Perrie laughs. "I knew that." She states, turning around and going the right way.

We continue to drive when Leah turns down a long, dark road, lined by trees. This tells me we are getting closer to my flat. I see Leah squinting down the road, and I see it aswell. A big dark shape, walking around on the street. We get closer, and it's a deer, that isn't moving. "Watch out!" Perrie screams, pointing to the deer. Leah panics, and she swerves, and we go down into a ditch. The ditch is sharp and deep, so we go straight down. Perrie screams, I hold onto the seat and Leah breathes heavily, I can feel her terrified energy. I have it too. It soon levels out, the car not stopping, and we hit straight into a tree. Perrie slams against the dashboard, her airbag not working. She slumps back into the chair and the car finally just stops trying and we move back a bit. "Perrie?!" I shout, safer in the backseat and all I seem to have is a small cut on my bicep from the window beside me that shattered. "Are you alright?" I ask her. Leah stays back in her chair, huffing and puffing, not acknowledging anything. "My stomach." Perrie groans. "I hit my stomach on the dashboard," She forces out shakily. Then I realize. She probably just crushed the baby. Leah. Leah did it. Leah probably just crushed the baby.

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