Just you and me

When he promised her they would be together no matter what happened... when he promised her that he'll never ever change... When he promised her he will always be there... When he promised


1. Waking up

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Chapter 1:

I slowly sit up stretch, yawn and open my eyes to find the light shining brightly through the windows burning my eyes and a cold chill running through the room making me wrench and throw myself back in the nocks of his neck and his strong arms automatically wrap around my waist while a strong scent of alcohol feels my nose and me trying to shield my eyes with his dark curly brown hair. I hear him take long slow breaths as he sleeps and snores quietly. I then move my head, eyes closed so it's resting on his shoulder whilst rubbing circles on his pale chest with my finger tips while I ball up between his arm and body to keep myself warm. 

I lay there for a moment taking in the moment before looking to my right and seeing 7:00am on the alarm clock. I literally jump out of bed and tiptoe into the shower so I make sure I don't wake him up but knowing him it wont, even if I start jumping up and down on the wooden floor. I know I'm definitely going to be late for school but I rush anyways. I quickly turn on the water and jump in and screeched as the water burned my skin I quickly turn on the cold water and wash my hair and body with whatever I could find. 

When I jumped out I wrapped myself in a towel and walk into the bedroom and looked at the clock which red 7:40am. Had I just been in the shower for 40minutes? Soon after that I thought 'I'm already going to be late might as well take my time.'
so I got dressed slowly, eyes closed trying not to trip whilst putting on my black skinny jeans (while jumping around like a lunatic) from last night and searched his wardrobe for a shirt. I find a simple plain white t-shirt. I put it on and tuck it into my jeans and match it with one of his plain black jackets (that reached the end of my finger tips) and Converses. I have my own shirt and cardigan but I like wearing his clothes even though its big it smelt like him. A very sweet protective smell. 

I walk to the bathroom of the ensuite and stared at my reflection thinking "why is he with a person like me? He can have and be with everyone in the world but he chose me... Why? I've always doubted whether I was good enough for him. I'm uninteresting, not pretty at all, clumsy as hell, not perfect and don't compare to all the girls that basically throwing themselves at him everyday!"

 I shake off the ugly feeling and doubt and try to flatten my  dark brown slightly curly hair which reached just pasted my shoulders because honestly it was a mess and I try to at least look presentable to go out in public. I had blue eyes and was kinder short for my age (I'm 18 by the way.) I then take out my bold red lip stick from my bag and wrote him a message on the mirror letting him know we're I am and that I'm ok... 

"Dear Lazy Baby Hazza,

I didn't want to wake you so I walked home and soon to school (or I'm at school right now depending on what time u wake n read this... Trusting u it would probably be 12:00 at the least) anyways text me when u wake... I Love you always n forever which ever lasts longer... 
...... xoxx"

I have one more attempt to fix my hair by running my fingers through it and decided it was unfixable until I got home. So I put on some eyeliner and light make-up on my face (Harry likes a natural look) and walk slowly to him who is still fast asleep and wonder how he still is but shaking it off. slowly I lower my head, closed my eyes and left a slow and lingering kiss on his forehead and whisper "I Love You" into it.
I hate saying goodbyes even though its for a little while even if its for a minute I hated being away from him he made me feel safe... Like no one would hurt me. I rub my fingers from his forehead then to his cheek rubbing small circles in his cheek with my thumb. 

I then grab my iPhone from the bedside table and my bag off the floor and walk out taking a quick glance back and then close the door behind me.

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