Happy Birthday, Not

Having your birthday on a thanksgiving sounds cool and it gives you something to show of about. But the problem is that during that week mostly everyone's busy, so no it's probably something not to brag about. But if you had the chance to spend your birthday outside of your little town with your friends wouldn't you take it? That's what Andrea did. The only bad thing was that she took a whole lot of bad luck with her, and what was suppose to be her best day ever turned into her worst. That is until five beautiful boys bump into her and basically ruin her outfit. But they're One Direction, you can't get mad at them! Can you? And when they try to turn her luck around, it'll just make you fall for them more. Wouldn't it?


1. One More Day

    As the school day came to end, I grew more and more excited. Finally tomorrow I was turning eight teen, and being the oldest of my group of friends had it's advantages. We've all known each other since we were little, and we all love and trust each other; we're basically family. My friends want to make my birthday special, but since my birthday landed on Thanksgiving there really wasn't much to do. Thanksgiving lands on the last Thursday of November, and once in a few years my birthday landed on that same day as well. This year it happened to be on Thanksgiving, and it also happened to be my eighteenth birthday. When you turn eighteen you're suppose to have a huge party, have fun and enjoy being considered as a young adult. But on my birthday all my family will be sitting around a table with a lot more friends than actual family, and I wasn't looking forward to it. That was until my four crazy friends decided that we were doing something big for my birthday, the only thing is that I don't know what the hell these four girls have planned.

    As math class came to an end lunch time came around. Today was our last day at school before Thanksgiving break, which started on my birthday. I made my way to the beautiful tree that my friends and I always hung out at. Right now our tree was bald, all the pink flowers that it usually has were gone. But we didn't care, we've hung out at this tree since our freshman year, and now that we're all seniors it's a pretty meaningful tree to our friendship. As I got to the tree I sat down by it, my friends were going to be here any time soon and they were finally discussing my birthday with me. Mayra and Vero came walking towards the tree, they smiled once they saw I was already sitting there. Both of their dark hair looked darker thanks to the gray, sad clouds. But  Vero's green eyes were always hard to miss. As for Mayra's chocolate eyes, they were there, but they blended in with everything else. "Hey Andrea," said Mayra taking a next to me. Vero sat down on the other side of me, I smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Are you guys going to tell me what we're doing for tomorrow?" I asked them.

"No, we have to wait for Eli and Deisy," said Vero. I pouted at her and frowned, but she just smiled and laughed it off.

    Before we all knew it Deisy and Eli appeared in front of us, they stood while we looked up at them. They would of probably sat down but there wasn't much room around to sit on the concrete that was build around the tree. It acted as a giant plant pot and it was a bit taller than it should be. "Okay, can you guys please tell me what you have planned for my birthday?" I asked them with hope clear in my voice. Eli let out a giggle, that girls nearly laughs at everything.

"Okay, be ready to find out about the greatest, most wonderful birthday ever," exaggerated Deisy.

"Okay! Please tell me now!" I exclaimed. I didn't want a dramatic effect, I just wanted to know what they had planned.

"We're going to LA!" blurted out Eli.

"Eli!" Mayra, Vero, and Deisy all said at once. All three of them had an annoyed expression on their face, something was telling me they wanted to keep the mystery for a bit longer. Eli just giggled at their expression, obviously not getting that they were annoyed with her.

"Really! Oh my God! When are we leaving?" I asked them with a huge smile on my face.

"Well since someone," said Deisy looking at Eli with a bit of a death glare, "ruined the secret I guess we'll tell you everything," she said the last part with a bit of softness in her voice.

"We're going to go to the beach-"

"I hate the beach!" I complained cutting Mayra off.

"We're going to LA! We have to go to at least one beach," Deisy said. I let out a sigh and shrugged; even though it was my birthday I guess I couldn't chose if I wanted to go to the beach or not.

"After the beach we're going out to dinner, since it's going to be Thanksgiving, and after we can do whatever we want," Mayra finished off.

"And all your parents are okay with that?" I asked them.

"Yeah, we made sure of it. Besides, they won't miss us for one thanksgiving," said Vero. I smiled at her and nodded.

"Oh, but please tell me that Mayra is driving and not Eli," I said to them.

"Hey!" Eli said a bit offended. I smiled and laughed a bit at her expression.

"Yes, I'm driving," she said with two thumbs up. This should be a great birthday!

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