Happy Birthday, Not

Having your birthday on a thanksgiving sounds cool and it gives you something to show of about. But the problem is that during that week mostly everyone's busy, so no it's probably something not to brag about. But if you had the chance to spend your birthday outside of your little town with your friends wouldn't you take it? That's what Andrea did. The only bad thing was that she took a whole lot of bad luck with her, and what was suppose to be her best day ever turned into her worst. That is until five beautiful boys bump into her and basically ruin her outfit. But they're One Direction, you can't get mad at them! Can you? And when they try to turn her luck around, it'll just make you fall for them more. Wouldn't it?


2. Crash and Dive

    The next day all four of us packed our clothes for the LA trip we were taking; I guess we were all procrastinators. Apparently we were staying there for a night or two, we haven't quite decided  yet but I'm hoping for two. I love my house, I love my family, but I just really wanted a night out. I needed a night out, I needed to just get away at least for a few hours. This trip to LA was giving me just what I wanted, and honestly this is all I could ask for my birthday. I packed a few sets of jeans and shirts, you never know when you'll need an extra set of  clothes. I closed my bag and looked around my room, all my One Direction posters were smiling back at me. I was a huge directioner, I love One Direction and everything that had to do with One Direction. If I could meet them or ask them one question it would be if I could be their best friend and record what they say. They're going to be forced to say yes just to be nice, and also that way I can tell people One Direction are my best friends. My clothes were packed, the essentials like tooth brush, tooth paste were packed. The only thing I didn't pack was my One Direction blanket. I'm not packing it, but I'm taking it with me. I don't want it to be in my bag in the darkness, I want it to be with me.

    Mayra, Eli, Deisy, and Vero came by my house last. I hoped inside the back of the old cooper car that Mayra's parents got for her, and my ears bursted when I heard the shouts of 'Happy Birthday Andrea!' coming from my friends, but I didn't mind. "Okay, once we get there let's go to the hotel and check in. I'm pretty sure Mayra's going to be tired," said Deisy. We all looked at Mayra waiting for her to confirm Deisy's theory.

"Yeah that sounds good," she said simply. I smiled at how sweet her voice always in, and it's always like that even in a bad situation. I was in the back seat with Eli and Vero. Eli was in between us, Vero was on her left and I was on her right. Desiy got shot gun, and of course Mayra was in the drivers seat. Since we were now on the freeway we had both back windows open to get fresh air, that was causing Eli's black short hair to get in my face. Deisy took her long brown hair into her hand and dropped it behind her. The wind caught her hair and it blew to my face.

"Ugh! Stop it!" I exclaimed. I got Deisy's hair out of the way and put the window up; I don't like hair in my mouth.

    As we got to LA it felt like hours went by. The drive wasn't as long as it should of been since we distracted our selves by singing along to One Direction songs, and also by bothering each other. Mayra pulled up to the Inn Hotel, it wasn't the nicest but we weren't spending our time in the hotel anyways. We all got out of the car with our bags in our hands, we made our way inside the place to check in. After getting our room number from the guy we made our way to the elevators. We pushed the number fourteen and waited for the machine to take us to our floor. I couldn't help but notice how refreshing the hotel smelt. It wasn't the nicest smell, but I was able to handle the sent. After the elevator dropped us off at our level we walked to the room number, 1414. It was really close by so we didn't have to do much walking. Once we opened the door the smell of flowers greeted us, the maid must of worked hard to get this place to smell this way. We all ran inside dropping our bags and claimed the two beds. "I'll sleep on the floor, it's probably more comfortable," said Deisy sitting on a near by chair.

"I got the bed by the window!" I exclaimed jumping on it.

"Me too!" shouted Eli. She jumped on the bed and landed on her stomach, I wonder if that hurt.

"We can share a bed," said Mayra to Vero smiling.

"Yeah! And it'll be better than Andrea's and Eli's," said Vero in a mocking tone.

"Nope! Sorry! Our bed is better!" I shouted at them; we're so immature.

"It doesn't matter! Let's just rest so we can go to the beach," said Deisy a bit tired. We all nodded and laid down.

    At six in the afternoon we were all ready to head out to the beach. The sun was barely going down and we thought it would be beautiful to hang out there at this time. We were all wearing jeans, since it was a bit cold outside but it wasn't that much big of a deal. Mayra, Deisy, and Eli both had faded blue jeans. While Vero and I shared very similar black jeans. Eli and Mayra had tank tops on, Mayra's was baby pink, and Eli's was black. Deisy wore a nice shirt that flowed down her body, it was black and it was filled with colorful flowers. Vero was wearing her black sweater, but I wasn't surprised she usually always wears it. As for me, I had a long sleeve lace shirt on, over it I wore a plain black t-shirt. We all headed out and packed inside the car, just how we were on the trip here. "Malibu beach?" asked Mayra.

"Yes!" exclaimed Eli excited. Even though I wasn't a fan of beaches, this should be fun.

    We got to the beach and there was only a few people hanging around, which was actually good since I didn't really like being around people. We all got out of the car once it was parked. We all walked over to the beach with our shoes on, making the sand under us seem heavier. "I hate the beach!" I exclaimed.

"Lighten up," said Deisy softly. I hated to admit it but she was right. I should focus on the good things about the beach, not the bad things. I put a smile on my face and followed my friends as they walked to the water. As I was walking I managed to trip on my own feet and fall over on my face on the sand. My face was planted on the ground, and a lot of sand managed to get inside my mouth.

"Andrea? Are you okay?" I heard Eli giggle. I stood up with the help of Deisy and Vero. I started to spit sand out of my mouth. The sand didn't have a taste, but it was making my mouth really dry. I looked down at my outfit and saw all the sand that managed to stick on to me, and I'm not even going to mention my brown locks. I felt something heavy fall on my head. I shot my hand up and felt something gooey. I pulled my hand down and saw what was on my fingers, it was bird poo. I really hate the beach.

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