stolen (a 1D fanfic)

isabell really likes to dance shes really good but she hides it she dose a dance off to the mean girls at a club after a disaster happens she meets 5 boys


2. danceoff

school was over I got ready and got dressed in this

we got in Jessica's car and drove to the club we got to the club we saw the mean show-off girls from our school they came over and said "what r u wearing it looks like something u dug up from the dumpster but what ever I bet she dances worse then she dresses" "well do u want a dance off" I said "ha u have no chance but sure" "but you don't dance" Jessica whispered "oh...erm...I do dance but I hide it" "COME ON" one of the mean girls yelled at me I went people were in a circle around us she went first shes not that bad then I went I break danced people were clapping and shouting out my name its official I won yay :) I went and then I saw my ex he used to abuse me so I ran away he saw me "hey" he said "plz leave me alone" I said "don't talk to me like that " he said " blah blah blah" I didn't care what he said so me and Jessica went to the bathroom she said "lets switch hats and jakets so he wont know its you" "uhm ok" I said we switched we went out the back then suddenly my ex started to attack Jessica I screamed I took of my hat and yelled stop he saw me and said YOU then Jessica sat there with her eyes open she didn't blink blood was down her lip and there was a red hole in the middle of her stomach I realised that my ex was holding a knife then I realised everything I cried really hard she was the only person that cared about me now she's dead  I came out of my thoughts then I realised that theres a hole in my back like jessicas I was lying there crying then I heard a police car and ambuland and a fire truck then my ex ran away




hi guys next chapter soon bye

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