I'll be yours if you'll be mine

Stephanie is 19, she's been wanting to meet her inpirational band One Direction for years. But what will happen when she meets Louis and sparks fly between them. Will this fling between them continue? Read to find out!


2. The concert... And Louis...

Stephanie's (POV)

As Destiny and I walk up to the gates of the arena I begin to feel a bit uneasy again. I look at Des to see if she can give me anymore advice about what to do but she doesn't notice. I start to panic as we get closer to being backstage. As I look around I see all of the fans and my anxiety begins to rise more. All of these fans are so beautiful, they are so skinny and have perfect skin. I frown as I realize that I'm a bit bigger in size then these girls and I have a few acne scars on my face and I sigh at the realization. As we approach the meet up before the concert I turn to talk to Destiny. We have small talk before I know it we are moving and fans are screaming.

"Des, I don't think I can do this now. I'm afraid that they won't like my awkwardness and everything and I just..." She stops me by covering my mouth with her hand and she keeps it there as she starts to speak.

"Stop talking non sense Steph, they will like your personality just calm down and breathe." She smiles, moving her hand away from my mouth and I smile knowing she is right.

When I turn around to walk toward the table I glance over to see Louis starring at me. I'm not sure if he is starring at me but I can feel my cheeks heating up and I look away and hand my poster to Liam. He smiles and tells me to enjoy the show and I thank him before moving down the line to the next boy.

Louis' (POV)

I'm signing one of the fans posters while thanking her for coming, we snap a quick picture together and she smiles thanking me before she leaves. I look up to glance around when I see a beautiful girl with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes talking with her friend. Her friend seems to be telling her something but she's covering her mouth to stay quiet. I chuckle to myself and smile as she looks up and notices me looking at her. Her cheeks flush and she looks away as she hands her poster to Liam and he thanks her for coming. As she moves down the line the anticipation builds up inside of me and I'm relived when she finally comes to the end of the table where I am.

"Hi love, what's your name?" I flash her a charming smile and I can see her cheeks flushing again.

She smiles and hands me her poster "I'm Stephanie, but everyone calls me Steph" She smiles again and I chuckle. God this girl is beautiful, just looking at her now makes me know that I would do anything for her. Her eyes sparkle when she smiles and I hand her, her poster and smile.

"I hope you enjoy the concert Stephanie" I smile and she bites her lip before she walks away with her friend. I turn to Niall and talk to him about Stephanie as we sign the rest of the fans posters. He smiles and listens as I continue to go on and on about her.

As we go to get ready Niall stops me and looks at me "Dude, you need to ask this girl on a date or something because you've been talking about her for the past 2 hours." He laughs and walks away. I follow him and think about how I might as her on a date and I get ready for the concert with the boys as I think of the beautiful girl I met 2 hours ago.

Stephanie's (POV)

"Oh my god Steph Louis was totally into you! Did you not see how he was looking at you when he was signing your poster?" I shake my head at Destiny and continue to walk to our seats in the arena.

"He was just being friendly Des, Louis Tominson would not even think about someone like me." I smile at a few people that tell me they like my shirt, I continue to walk away from Destiny and she laughs at me. I turn to her and cross my arms "Even if he did think about me I'm sure he wouldn't think about me for long." I turn to walk away again and I hear her laugh at me again.

As I find our seats fairly close to the stage I sit down until the show starts. When Destiny appears next to me she gives me a look and I shake my head at her. "That look is getting you nowhere." She laugh and shakes her head as I smile shaking my head. This concert better last forever or I'll be disappointed.


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