I'll be yours if you'll be mine

Stephanie is 19, she's been wanting to meet her inpirational band One Direction for years. But what will happen when she meets Louis and sparks fly between them. Will this fling between them continue? Read to find out!


1. Living my life

Stephanie's (POV)

I'm awoken by my alarm going off and I groan shutting it off. Today is the day, the day I get to finally meet One Direction. My Best Friend Destiny and I have been waiting for this day since our Freshman year of high school and now it's finally happening. As I get up to go take a shower I remember to go wake Destiny up and tell her to get ready. My favorite boy has to be Louis. I mean who wouldn't love Louis he's gorgeous. 

As I step in the shower my muscles start to relax from the tension that has built up. I know I shouldn't be so tense about meeting the boys but it's nerve racking honestly. It's been a dream since I first found out about the boys and I always have the feeling they will find me too weird. When I finally step out of the shower I pick out my outfit for the day and get dressed. When I walk out of my room I walk into the kitchen to find Destiny sitting on the counter eating a granola bar and drinking a water. I always scowl her for sitting on the counter but she always tells me it's "better" for her. 

I walk up by her and hit her on the leg "You know what i said about sitting on the damn counter Des."

She rolls her eyes and jumps down "Okay sheesh what crawled up your ass this fine morning?" She smirks and continues to speak "There's nothing unsanitary about it."

I sigh and turn to face her "I make sandwiches on the counter, I cut fruit on the counter, I do a lot of things on that counter." She looks at me and starts to laugh "You are disgusting, I don't have sex on the counter. I don't even have a boyfriend for Christ sake."

She puts her hands up in mock defense and grabs her water "Okay, okay I just thought it was funny how you said it Jesus." She walks past me and jogs upstairs. "Don't get to comfortable we're leaving soon" She waves her hands and flips me off when she reaches the top of the staircase. "Love you too Des"

As we leave the house to head to the One Direction concert my nerves start to kick in and I grip the steering wheel to keep the anxiety that starts to come down. Des looks at me and sigh "Relax you'll be fine Steph, don't start getting worked up" I glance over to her and give her a thankful smile. She nods and smiles as she pats my shoulder and looks out the window. I start to relax as we pull up to the parking lot of the arena and I see the tour bus. Maybe it won't be that bad after all. I just hope I don't make a fool of myself today when I meet them.





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