The Hunt

A young wolf named Tyler has a hard life his parents are to sick to feed him so he must hunt, his sister and mother disaprove of the girl he likes and his best friend is always starting trouble. But when Tyler's best friend causes the next "hunt" Tyler has no choice but to defend their land from the wolves sworn enemies.


1. The Pack

It had just started the summer season. Tyler was on the verge of finding the cure to his parents sickness. They were very sick and could never support their pups after that, Tyler had a sister named Star she loved being born into a noble family as for their uncle was the leader of the pack. She was very fond of herself more than anyone and would sometimes meddle in Tyler's affairs. Peter Wayne the oldest and smartest wolf was Tyler's mentor he would take him hunting, teach him the way of the fang fight style.

Tyler had one true love but he never had the guts to go talk to her. This beautiful young wolf named Kristine was the one he had crushed on since they were pups. He was always friends with her and he did flirt alot but she had lots of other wolves in her life, she dated one every couple weeks. Tyler thought he would go talk to her while she just sat watching the lake.

"hi Kristine" said Tyler

"Oh hi Tyler you look nice" said Kristine staring him down

"Heheh thanks beautiful" said Tyler.

They happily talked the hour away but Tyler's sister Star was not happy when she spotted them. She strolled over stepped on Tyler's tail and smirked.

"So why are you with this thing" said Star proudly

"Because I just was" said Tyler with his head down

"Um, no, I don't think so" said Star

"Why?!" screamed Tyler

"Because you are a proud noble, a alpha wolf. She is just some nobody a poor sod,we do not hang around with these disgusting wolves. Look up the hill see Lily she is a hot, beautiful alpha wolf her father is the war lord. Now GO HANG AROUND WITH HER!" said Star grinning at Kristine.

Tyler said goodbye to Kristine and walked away towards Lily with his head down. Star grinned and watched Tyler. Tyler was really getting angry with Star but he could not do anything as for she was his sister. But he knew one day he would even if it was to get her disowned or left with nothing. Tyler's best friend Michael walked over and tried to cheer him up with jokes but nothing worked. Michael walked away knowing he could do nothing. Lily noticed Tyler approaching, she sat up and tried to look proud and when Tyler looked up at her she gave out a big smile. Tyler laid down and looked up at Lily "Hi Lily you look stunning today" Lily leaned over Tyler to comfort him. They didn't talk much and ended up falling asleep together. When they woke up they said their goodbyes and walked away. Tyler was trying to please everyone but that did not matter because his families opinion was all that mattered.

Tyler sat on the hill looking down over the city of wolves. He saw about fourty to fifty wolves sitting there trying to enjoy their life while all the nobles sat upon the hills watching. The sun began to go down and Tyler was off to bed as for him and Michael where going hunting in the morning.

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