Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


30. Epilogue


Phil and I held hands as we watched Bella round around with Michael and Derek in the living room because we wouldn’t let them go outside in the snow. It was Christmas Eve and we were spending time with Dan and Rosie and their kids. The fireplace was alive and giving off heat and the Christmas tree was up in the corner shining.

“Do you remember our first Christmas?” Phil whispered to me but somehow Bella managed to hear him.

“Are you gonna tell a story daddy?” She cheered her bright blue eyes shined just like Phil’s.

“I think he his,” I said smiling at him.

Dan and Rosie walked in and sat on the couch with us. “What story is he telling now?” Rosie asked.

“Their first Christmas,” Bella cheered.

“I still have it you know,” I told Phil.

“So do I,” he said smiling back at me.

“Tell the story daddy,” Bella whined as Michael and Derek sat down behind her.

“Well it was the first Christmas that Rosie and I were here,” I started out.

“They had moved right next to Dan and me. He had become close and for Christmas we opened our presents over in their flat,” Phil said.

“We somehow managed to all go to the same story to get everyone elses presents,” Dan said.

“I went with Rosie so I could help her get something for Dan and she could help me get something for Leigh,” Phil said.

“Same with Leigh and me, I helped her get something for Phil and she helped me get something for Rosie,” Dan added.

“I’m pretty sure that I also still have mine somewhere,” Rosie said.

“We were all happy then,” Phil said. “It was that day when I knew I wanted to be with Leigh forever, even though we had a few terrible bumps a long the way. I never stopped loving her, even though she made it hard to but that didn’t stop me.”

I smile at him, knowing that’s what I had always thought. I knew that I wasn’t an easy person to love, but he somehow managed too and stuck with me through everything.

And now here we all sit in Phil and mine’s own little house, with our one girl with Dan and Rosie coming over with their two boys, almost 20 years later.

We have just been living life, without holding anything back now.


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