Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


10. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

 Phil and Dan showed Rosie and I the way to the closest mall. Rosie and I walled around the mall trying to find Halloween costumes. We came across this little Halloween store and I grabbed Rosie's wrist and dragged her in.

 After looking around for just a few minutes I was able to find cat ears and a cat tail. Looking around in the make-up I was able to find a black make-up kind of stick so I could have cat whiskers.

 I looked back around the store to find Rosie. After looking down a few aisles I found her holding up a leather jacket. I ran up next to her and jumped in front of her. "I'M READY!" I yelled. 

 "I'm almost ready, just calm down girl," she said as I jumped around her.

 "COME ON!!! COME ON!!!" I yelled.

 She looked at me and gave me a death glare. But Rosie rolled her eyes and sighed. "I'm ready," she said.

 We payed for everything and started our way home. I noticed that it sky was starting to turn grey and let it just go by. Minutes later out of nowhere it started down pouring and I could barley see the sidewalk in front of us. Rosie and I ran under an umbrella that was coming off of the front of a building.

 I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Phil. "Hello," he said.

 "It's raining. Really hard," I said.

 "I know, it's really bad. You and Rosie should come over here just encase is anything happens," Phil said caringly. 

 "Can I just say I know why nobody was out about an hour ago," I said.

 "What do you mean?" He asked.

 "We went to the mall," I said.

 "AND WE'RE SOAKING WET!" Rosie yelled.

 "That's what she said," I heard Dan say over the phone too.

 "Why would you guys be wet?" Phil asked.

 "IT IS POURING RAIN!" Rosie yelled again.

 "We were at the mall," I said.

 "Where are you now?" Phil asked.

 "That is a good question," I said and looked at the store that Rosie and I were in front of. "Oh god," I said as I found the sign. 

 Rosie started laughing and I didn't want to say what is was. 

 "Can I just send you a picture?" I asked blushing.

 "Sure, I guess," Phil said.

 I toke my phone away from my ear and got my camera up to take a picture of the sign.

~Phil's POV~

 I pulled up the picture Leigh sent me as Dan looked over my shoulder. As soon as it came up Dan was laughing like a mad man. I ignored him. "Just give us a few minutes and we'll be there," I told Leigh.

 Dan and I got into are car and drove to there rescue. When I pulled up to the shop Dan starting laughing again. I noticed that Leigh was alone standing outside of the shop. I knew that I had heard Rosie yelling over the phone. Leigh noticed that I pulled up and gave a worrying glance. Then Rosie came out of the shop.

 "Wow," Dan said as I saw his face turn pale.

 He quickly ran over to us and slipped into the car. 

 "So what is it like it there?" Dan asked Rosie.


 "Do I even want to know what was in there?" Leigh asked.

 "Everything in there was just so SO SO wrong and dirty!!!!" Rosie yelled.

~Leigh's POV~

 Phil drove us back to our apartments as Rosie and I were still freezing cold from the rain. We both went straight into our rooms. I toke off all of my wet clothes and put on new dry ones.

 "Wanna watch a movie?" Phil asked as I walked into the living room.

 "Sure. What do you wanna watch?" I asked.

 "Let's see what's on," he said taking the remote.

 Rosie then came out in dry clothes and snuggled up with Dan as I cuddled with Phil.

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