Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

 Like every morning I groaned not wanting to get out of bed. Rosie was at school, mostly likely would be doing something with Dan after. I don't know what Phil is up to today. I slowly got out of bed and walked into the music room. I let the cover of "I'd Lie" by Taylor Swift play as I walk into the kitchen.

 "Good morning," somebody said. I didn't know anybody else besides Rosie that could have gotten in.

 I grabbed their arm and shoved them against the wall. "How did you get in?" I demeaned.

 "Leigh, it's just me Phil," he said.

 I squinted my eyes and got closer to his face. I really should learn to put my glasses on when I wake up. Once I could see clearly that it was just Phil I quickly let him go. "I am so sorry," I said.

 "Why did you even do that?" He asked.

 "I didn't think could have been you," I said.

 "Rosie said that I could stay around for a few hours until you woke up. Is that you?" He asked.

 "Yeah, that was just an old cover I did a few years ago," I said. "It was a part of a phase I was going through to just keep listening to it."

 "What made you keep listening to it?" He asked.

 "How about we have some breakfast?" I asked.

 "I think it might be a little to late for that," he said. "What about I make you some lunch."

 "No you don't have to do that for me," I said.

 "What's on the menu?" He asked opening the refrigerator.

 "You really don't have too," I said pulling him away.

 "But I really want too," he said.

 "Do you really think that you'll win with me?" I asked.

 "I'm not sure," he said smiling.

 Just then the track changed and my voice let out "These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die like fire and powder, Which they kiss consume..." my voice went on as I recited William Shakespeare. I ran to the room and started a different song.

 "What was that about?" Phil asked standing in the door way.

 "I'm guessing that lunch will just have to wait," I said sitting on one of the box drums I had.

 Phil found one of the stools and sat on that. "Is it ok for you to sit on it?" He asked.

 "Yes Phil. It's just a box drum. It's meant for people to sit on it," I said giggling. "I play this and the piano." I pointed over to the keyboard.

~Rosie's POV~

 Dan and I walked hand in hand down the sidewalk to lunch. He said he had something special planned. I knew he was talking with Leigh last night, but I had no clue what she had told him. I could tell that he was nervous. "We're almost there," he said.

 My hearing was just fine for wight now and I'm able to understand everything so far today. But I could tell that it was getting worse, I could tell that one day I might wake up and I wouldn't be able to ever hear again. 

 But in the bright side Brandon hasn't tried texting me anymore. Maybe be got the message after me not texting him back for answering his calls. He had really hurt Leigh, she won't tell me what happened. Then Brandon had said nothing happened. I knew them both better then that. Something major had happened. I'm still slowly trying to get everything out from Leigh.

 I toke in a breath and walked along the sidewalk turning the corner to find that we were heading to the park. Dan was rushing a bit more to a table that was under the trees and we could see the little animals roam around in the trees and along the ground.

 "Why are we here?" I asked.

 "I thought we could have a little picnic," he said. "Is that ok?"

 "What's for lunch?" I asked.

 "I made some sandwiches, I also got some chips and some fruits and root beer," he answered.

 "Smart man," I said sitting down.

 He laughed and pulled out a lunch box. "I didn't know what else to put it in," he admitted.

 I laughed. "Well it could have been worse," I said.

 "Oh yes it could be," he said putting a root beer can in front of me. Then a sandwich that looked like it was packed with everything meat. "I hope this is ok, I didn't know what to put on it."

 "Did you put mayo on it?" I asked.

 His eyes went wide. "I forgot," he said.

 "Good. I don't like mayo," I said unwrapping the sandwich.

 He let out a breath and we both started eating and had talked every so often.

 We walked home and into his apartment and did pretty much nothing but play video game. Witch he was teaching how to do. I was finally understanding why guys yell so much at them. But Dan went along with it and joined me in playing and yelling at the tv screen.    

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