Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


7. Chapter 6

A/N if it's bold it mean somebody is signing, but I'll also tell you because I love you all and I don't want you to be confused.

Chapter 6

 A good few minutes in Rosie said "Leigh," in a tone that meant she was up to no good.

 "Rosie," I said in the same tone.

 "Truth of Dare?" She asked.

 "I would like a dare," I said.

 She gave me an all knowing look. "I dare you to kiss Phil."

 I gave her a shocked look. "What?" I signed to her.

 "Come on, man up," she signed back. 

 Dan and Phil were looking back and forth at us trying to understand what we were doing once again.

 "I'm gonna get you back for this," I signed to her.

 I sat for a few minutes to build up the courage to kiss Phil. I did really like him, don't get me wrong. I just don't want the friendship between us to go wrong.

 I slide over closer to Phil and pressed my lips onto his. I felt one of his hands come to the back of my neck and pulled me closer. I slowly started to pull away. I felt him make me stay but then pulled away. We were sitting just a few inches closer to each other then before. Everyone was quiet for a few minutes.

 "So I guess it's your turn to dare me," Dan said shyly.

 "Are you going for truth or dare?" I asked.

 "Dare me," he said.

 I looked over at Rosie and gave her an evil look. "Oh fuck," she mumbled.

 "Dan I dare you to kiss Rosie," I said evilly.

 Rosie's face went pale white while Dan's went pink.

 "Told you I would," I signed to her.

 "I hate you," she signed back just as Dan kissed her.

 Once they were done we all looked at each other. "We're editing this out," Dan said.

 "Good idea," Phil said.

 "Definitely," Rosie and I said at the same time, making us all laugh.

~~~~Dinner Time~~~~

 Rosie and I were back in our apartment with Dan and Phil in the living room watching tv. It toke us a while to convince them to let us make for them. Rosie worked on heating up some spaghetti sauce and making garlic beard, while I worked on the noddles.

 About 3/4 of the way finished the boys came into the kitchen. I stood at the stove trying to finish the noddles. Phil came up right next to me and asked "How's it going?"

 "Just a few more minutes," I answered.

 He chuckled. "I was asking about you," he said.

 "Oh," I feeling my cheeks heat up.

 "LEIGH PEACE!" I heard Rosie yell.

 "Leigh Peace?" Phil asked.

 "I don't even know why," I said putting the spoon onto the counter. Walking into the living room I found Rosie holding onto her right ear. "What happened?" I asked.

 "I don't know. She threw something out of her ear then screamed," Dan said worried.

 I forced Rosie to look up and signed "What happened?"

 "We were kissing and he turned up the volume too high," she signed with one hand.

 I looked around the floor and found her broken hearing aid. "Do you think you hear with just one?" I asked.

 "I have no idea," she said.

 "Fuck," I moaned going over to pick it up.

 "What's wrong?" Phil asked.

 "What's that?" Dan asked.

 I looked at Rosie to make sure it was ok, she noddle.

 "This is, or was, a hearing aid. As you guys might have guessed Rosie is hard of hearing. It's not like being deaf. Sometimes she can hear perfectly other times she might not be able to hear anything. We really came here because of this special hospital she found online. Nobody knows that she's hard of hearing but us and some doctors," I explained. "And now you guys know as well."

 "Can she hear us right now?" Dan asked.

 I looked at her for an answer, she looked like she was thinking something through. "Well sorda. It's a bit hard to explain right now what you guys sound like. I know Leigh's voice but it sounds a bit off. But I can't really tell about you two because I've just met you a few days ago."

 "THE NODDLES!" I yell and ran to the kitchen. I quickly gave the noddles a stir with the spoon and toke one out. I tested it to make sure it wasn't chewy anymore. 

 I poured the noddles and water into the sterner that was in the sink. Phil helped get the plates out.

 "Is it almost done?" Dan asked.

 "Yeah," I said pouring the noddles back into the pot. "DIG IN!" I yell.

 "Yay," he cheered grabbing a plate.

 "I guess somebody is hungry," Rosie chuckled. "SAVE SOME FOR ME!" She yelled.

 "Calm down Rose," I said.

 "I WANT FOOD!" She yelled.

 We all got our food and ate. We didn't even try to make conversation.

~~~~hours latter~~~~

 I stood on the roof once again. I was alone as I watched the sun go down. It seems go different from back home. Everything was so different from back home. I let some tears stream down my face.

 The opened but I didn't feel like looking to see who it was, it could have only been one person I knew.

 "Rosie said you would be up here."

 I turned around to find Dan walking up. "What's up Dan?" I asked.

 "I wanted to talk with you," he said. "About Rosie."

 "What about her?" I asked.

 "I really like her and I don't know what to do about it," he admitted.

 "Somethings about her is that you can't do everything for her, if she can't hear something going off or something like that you'll be able to see it in her eyes. But you'll just need to give her a little spoiler every so often," I explained. "And the number one thing is not to argue with her when she's on her period, you'll be a dead man. If you show her an emotional movie we both become wrecks. So keep that in mind," I said.

 "But then what will I do when she can't hear me and I want to talk with her?" He asked.

 "I can teach you so ASL, but when you talk slow enough she'll be able to read your lips," I said.

 "Oh," he said nodding. "So Phil really seems to fancy you."

 "Really?" I asked. I knew that I might have promised myself not to fall for someone after Brandon. I knew I couldn't get the]rough something like that ever again. But I had a hard time keeping promises to myself.

 "He keeps talking about you, it's starting to bug me though. But I talk about Rosie a lot too," he said laughing.

 "I'm not sure what I fell," came out of my mouth.

 "Well it didn't look like that earlier," he said softly bumping my side.

 I laughed and bumped him back.

 "Well I need to go edit that video. I'll see you latter," he said walking back to the door.

 I heard it open and close. I stand alone on the roof with the black sky and shining stars looking down at me. "Will you please help me dad?" I asked.

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