Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

~Phil's POV~

 I was going through youtube as Dan and I waited in the lounge for BBC radio. A video came up of a girl that looked like I knew. Pulling it up, it was Leigh. I poked Dan and he looked at me and then down to my phone. We were both in shock.

 "Do you think she knows?" He asked.

 "I'm not sure," I answered thinking of everything that could have happened in the past 20 minutes.

 "You need to investigate about this," he said.

 "I know, plus she was acting a bit weird when I went over. Like she was trying to hide what she was gonna do," I said.

 "How are we gonna keep up with her videos with her knowing it's us?" He asked.

 I didn't even thinking about that. "Dan. Phil. Come on," one of the people yelled and we walked into the room we were gonna be in.

~Leigh's POV~

 I found the build easily, I just still don't really know what to call it yet. A lady showed me around and told me a lot about what they do and how they help people that are hard of hearing, so of course she was signing. I just talked to her knowing she could hear me and I was just to lazy to sign. I only do it if Rosie needs me to sign. 

 I left the lady ramble on for what feels like hours, but when I check my phone its been only an hour and a half. We reached the front doors and I waved and said "Goodbye." Almost running out. 

 Buy now all I wanted was some food. Walking around I find what looks like a good place to eat. "OH MY GOD! ITS HER!" I heard someone yell. Of course I looked up to see who they were screaming about. But two girls were coming to me. "Hi," one said looking as if I was famous. 

 "Hi girls," I said shyly.

 "You're Leigh, right?" She asks.

 "That's me," I said nodding. I knew this couldn't be from the video I posted only 2 hours ago.

 "You and Phil were so cute throwing flour at each other," the other girl said.

 "Thanks, but it wasn't anything really. I was only really tempted to do so I did and that's what happened," I said giggling. 

 "Omg," they both said fangirling.

 I wasn't sure what I should do. This is all so foreign to me. "Wanna hang out later?" I asked.

 "REALLY!" They both yelled.

 "Sure, why not. I was gonna get some lunch maybe after word," I said.

~~~~5 hours later~~~~

 I unlocked my apartment door hoping to get some sleep. Climbing into bed I started to doze off to sleep. Just then somebody knocked on the door. "NO!" I yelled pulling my blanket over my head. Rosie most have been home because the door opened.

 "LEIGH!" I heard Rosie yell.

 "NO!" I yelled poking my head out. "I'M SLEEPING!" I yelled going back under.

 Seconds later my door opened, I stayed under hoping whoever it was would go away. I felt someone lay right next to me. "Hi," he said. 

 I poked my head out to find Phil. "Hi," I said back.

 "So I guess you know then," he said sadly. 

 "What do you mean?" I asked.

 "About the videos," he answered.

 "Oh yeah. I was just looking through and I found you and Dan then I thought it seemed like a good idea to keep me busy and not getting into any trouble," I said.

 He laughed and said "Well you won't always be able to use the webcam."

 "Well I didn't know what else to use at the time," I said.

 "I'll show you more of how to do it some other time," he said.

 I smiled at him, and he smiled back. "So what are doing?" I asked still hiding under all my blankets.

 "I'm not sure what else I have planed for tonight," he said.

 "Well I want to sleep," I said.

 I felt him pull down the blankets above my head. I found his head inches away from mine as we laid here for a little while before Phil closed his eyes.



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