Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

 I woke up and the sun was trying to shine through the blanket I put up until we go shopping for some else to put up. I groaned and slowly crawled out of bed. I knew I was alone once again because Rosie would be school, stuck with Dan. I laughed at the thought that he might not notice that she won't be able to hear him.

 As I got to the kitchen someone was knocking on the door. I looked at the clock and it glowed 10:29. "What would somebody want this early?" I asked myself as I walked to the door.

 "Hey, what were you planning on doing today?" Asked the guy.

 I forgot that I didn't put on my glasses so everything was just a burr. I leaned right into his face trying to figure out who is was.

 "What are you doing?" He asked.

 "Everything's a blur," I stated.

 "Oh, it's just Phil," he said.

 "Oh," I said leaning away from his face. "I didn't put my glasses on, I just woke up. Come on in," I said yawning and rubbing my eyes while I moved back into the living room.

 He followed me in and asked "So what were you planning on doing?"

 "I was planning on showering then sitting around," I said.

 "Well would you like to go out somewhere?" He asked.

 I would have really liked to but I just wasn't feeling like going out into society. I felt like playing my music and then I would have to try and go to that 'Hard of Hearing' place Rosie found, that's the real reason why we're here. She found this hospital place online and she thought it would help with her hearing but I have to try and find it first. Lucky me.

 "I really can't today. I have to go find this place Rosie said something about," I lied. I've lied a lot and for the most part it was easy, but lying to Phil was one of the hardest things I've ever done and I don't know why.

 "Where is it?" He asked.

 To be honest I didn't know where it was, I only knew what it was called. I didn't know if I should tell Phil or not because Rosie wanted to keep this all a secret. Not even her family knows, they think the only reason we left was because of the college. I looked at the ground trying not to look at him.

 "What's wrong?" He asked.

 "It's a long story," I said finally looking up into his eyes.

 "Oh," he said softly.

 "Hey," I said wanting to cheer him up. "Do you want to come and listen to some of the music Rosie and I have made?" I asked.

 He gave a weird look. "What do you mean?" He asked.

 "Rosie and I love music. We write songs and I put piano and drums while she does the guitar and we both sing," I explain. "Wanna see?" I asked. 

 "Sure," he said nodding. 

 I got up and he followed me into the little music room I had created. 

 "Neat," he said making me laugh.

 "Just wait," I said grabbing his wrist and pulled him to one of the chairs turning on the laptop. I pulled up a cover of Kacey Musgraves's "Merry Go Round". While he was listening he slowly bobbed his head to the beat.

 "That was really good," he said.

 "Thanks, we have other different songs and covers on here too," I said.

 I let him go through a lot of different covers I did. 

 ~~~~1 hour latter~

 "Oh, I really gotta get going," he said looking at the time.

 "Ok," I said as we both got up. "So what are gonna go do?" I asked as we walked out.

 "Dan and I just have to go do something for the radio," he said in a rush.

 "Ok," I said simply. "Have fun," I said opening the for him, and he left.

 Closing the door I realized how lonely it was. I grabbed my laptop and went onto youtube. Scrolling around a guy came up that looked a lot like Phil. Clicking on it, the video came up and started it. He looked like Phil and sounded like Phil. I kept on watching finding it funny. When it was done one of the end chooses showed Dan, Phil, and I. Clicking on it I let play. It toke me a few seconds to realize, that was what they were recording last night. Watching it 'til the end, it was Phil and I in our flour war.

 Scrolling threw some of the comments, I found out a lot of people thought the flour fight was so funny. I then found videos of Dan watching a few of his too, I thought of creating something like this too. If it made me less bored then why not, I could make funny videos of things I've done, do some covers, and just keep myself busy.

 I created a channel calling myself leighissingingloudly. That seems good enough for me. I pulled up my webcam and hit record. "Hey all you internet people. I'm Leigh, I really don't know what I should tell you about me, but I'm new here so please give me a break please," I said laughing. "So I live in London with my friend Rosie and she goes to school while I would most likely just be sitting around. We have only moved here to England two days ago, fun," I said starting to ramble on. "So for these videos I'm just be doing, what I hope, would be funny thing, talk about myself, do some covers, and other stuff like that. So yeah, I guess I'll see you soon," I said and stopped it. I watched and thought it was good enough and let it upload. 

 I then toke a quick shower, got dressed, and went out to find that building Rosie wanted me to look for.

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