Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


26. Chapter 25

Chapter 25


It’s been a week and I got out of the hospital yesterday. Phil and I were just laying on his bed cuddling. “What are you thinking about?” He asked breaking the silence.

“About what happened when I was in a coma,” I told him.

“What did happen? Did you see you dad?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I answered nodding. “I also saw his brother and sister.”

“Is your dad dead?” He asked.

“Died July 26, 2011. He just turned 73 and I was 13,” I told him. “I wasn’t even able to tell him happy birthday.”

“Oh,” he said.

“He told me that I had to have the will to come back, and that I had you to come back to because you just learned how to love. I already knew that I couldn’t leave you though. Then George had come and said I was good with researching and started to tell me what happened but then I woke up,” I explained.

“So I got your dad’s approval?” Phil asked.

“I guess so,” I said laughing. “I really should go make my video.”

“What is it about?” He asked.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” I said kissing his nose and got up.


I started the camera. “Hey guys,” I said. “This is gonna be my confession video, you guys might not like me much after words but that’s fine I’ll understand. So. my name is Robin Leigh Miller. I was born March 2, 1988 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I lived in Wyoming, Michigan though which is south. I lived with my mom and my sister Fiona, dad left when I was 3. My sister and I got along just fine until she started Jr. High, she was one of the populars going to all the parties. When I started Jr. High, I was into music and reading and nature. She had gotten jealous of my best friend Danielle Rose. We were more like sisters than me and Fiona.

“So by the time I graduated I had a boyfriend named Zack, and my friend Jay was back in my life. Then a year past and I thought it was because of Zack’s jealously of Danielle he wanted her to die. But it was last week when I found out it was because of Fiona that everything happened. And in a way I’m sorda glad that it happened because if all of what happened didn’t I wouldn’t have gotten to meet Phil and know how to feel so loved and wanted.” I smiled to myself just thinking about him. “And if guys didn’t know I was shot by my sister last week and I was in a coma for a day, which shocked a lot of people, but I was able to see my dad. He had died when I was 13 and it had been haunting me in a way because I wasn’t able to happy birthday the day before or say goodbye that day. But he taught me that it was okay and that he wasn’t mad at me. So I’m starting again with Phil, and Rosie, and Dan. And I just can’t wait.”

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