Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

 I finished plugging in my keyboard and looked around the little music room we have. I had a feeling Rosie was napping so I pulled over one of the chairs I pulled in here and turned on the keyboard. I started pressing down the keys and played.

 Minutes after getting lost in the music somebody was knocking on the door. Getting up I turned off the keyboard and went to the door. There was a smiling Phil on the other side. "Hey you," I said.

 "Hey, quick question," he said.

 "What up?" I asked.

 "Could we borrow some flour?" He asked.

 "You can have some if that's what you mean, yeah," I said giggling and walking into the kitchen. "Do I even want to know why you and Dan need flour?" I asked.

 "We're just making a youtube video and we're gonna make something," he said.

 "Should you two be trusted cooking?" I asked.

 He thought for a minute then said "Not really."

 "Would you guys want help?" I asked pulling out the flour and handing it to him.

 "Really?" He asked.

 "I'd rather not have this place burn down and just be out," I said.

 "Sure thing, Rosie can come too if she wants," he said.

 "ROSIE!" I yelled. I waited a minute and she hadn't said anything and I didn't hear anything. "I'll be right back," I said walking into the hall and into Rosie's room. She was at her desk and was reading. I walked up to her and waved my hand in front of her face. She turned around and faced me. I signed 'Phil and Dan want us to come and help them cook, you in?'

 I could tell she had to think it through it a bit but then got up from her chair and nodded. We walked back to the kitchen to where Phil was still standing. "Let's go," I said and signed.

 We all walked out of my apartment and into Phil and Dan's. "We got flour," Phil said. "And more helpers that know what they are doing." 

 I signed what he said said to Rosie and she nodded. They stood in front of a camera that was placed on a tripod. "Hello internet," Dan said waving to the camera. "So Phil, what are we doing today?" He asked.

 "We're gonna be testing are baking skills, but we have some help today," Phil said waving at us so we were next to them.

 Rosie looked at me and a shrugged and walked to them as she followed behind me. "These are our new neighbors," Dan said. 

 I smiled and Rosie just stood their. "What are you guys gonna try and bake?" I asked.

 "Well we are following a recipe by Delia Smith," Phil said.

 "What?" Dan asked looking like he might pass out.

 Phil nodded. "You'll need..."

~~~~About 30 minutes later~~~~

 "So now you can put it in the oven and just wait," Phil said pushing the tin into the oven. 

 The over whelming need to throw flour at Phil was becoming higher. I looked over at Dan who was looking up at Rosie every few seconds and Rosie was now playing around on her phone.

 I grabbed a hand full of flour and went up behind Phil who was talking to the camera and let the flour fly at him. He turned and looked at me. I couldn't stop laughing. Half of his face was covered with flour. Dan and Rosie had looked up at me and started laughing with me. Phil grabbed a hand full of flour and threw it at my face. Dan grabbed the camera and filmed the flour fight.

 Once the timer went off Phil and I stopped the flour war we had started. We looked at our self then each other and laughed. Phil washed off his hands and put the over mites on to pull out the brownies. 'Wow, they smell amazing,' Rosie signed to me.

 'Totally, I didn't think it would have worked out with them,' I signed back and we both laughed.

 The boys stared at us but then went on with the video. I stood and signed with Rosie until they were done. 

 "Goodbye internet," Dan said waving.

 "Rawr," Phil said trying to be an animal.  

 "We're just gonna go back and sleep," I said laughing at the last part.

 "That's what she said," Dan said laughing.

 "Um, ok then. Good luck with that then," I said to Dan.

 "Night Leigh, Night Rosie," Phil said waving at us as we walked our self's out.

 Rosie made this weird noise then said "FOOD!"

 "I'll make you something up," I said as we walked back into our apartment and into the kitchen.

 Once Rosie was feed and went to sleep I toke a shower to get all the flour off of my face. I then put on sweat pants and and over sized t-shirt and went off to bed myself. 

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