Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


19. Chapter 18

Chapter 18

~Leigh’s POV~

I rewatched Phil’s new video once again. I grabbed my phone and pulled up Twitter. I started typing ‘it was from me #birthdaylion’ and hit send. I then just laid down on my bed and closed my eyes for just a few seconds.

I quickly got up and went out of my room and found my way to the roof. Like always I went to the edge and just look to the North, thinking about everything I left behind in Michigan. I sat down and just started to think.


~Phil’s POV~

I walked out of my room and decided to go look for Leigh. I looked around everywhere until I finally found a girl with long blond hair. “Hey Leigh,” I said rushing over to her.

I got her to turn around.

“Hi,” she said confused.

“Oh my bad, I thought you were someone else. You look so much like her,” I said.

“I’m Fiona,” she said holding out her hand.

“Wait Fiona Miller?” I asked.

“Do I know you?” She asked.

“I know Robin,” I answered.

“You know where she is?” She asked.

“She’s here somewhere,” I answered.

“Can you tell her that I’m looking for her. I’ve missed her so much. I can’t believe that she would just leave,” she said.

“Do you know what happened?” I asked.

“About what?” She asked.

“Everything that happened with Brandon and Zack,” I said.

“PHIL GET AWAY FROM HER ASS!” I heard Rosie yell.

“Dani, I have missed you,” Fiona said.

“Don’t go on like you care. You’ve hurt us both and that’s all you’ve ever done to Robin. Just cause her hurt,” Rosie started yelling.

“How could you say that?” Fiona asked looking hurt.

“WHAT THE HELL?” We heard Leigh yell coming out of the door for the stairs.

“Were you on the roof again?” Rosie asked. “I feel like sooner or later you’re going to hurt yourself somehow.”

“What are you doing here Fiona?” Leigh asked.

“I’m your twin. I know that mom and dad are gone but you still have me, and then you also have Zack,” she said.

“SHUT UP!” She yelled. “Just because we have the same blood means nothing to me. Rosie is more of a sister then you have been and you’ll ever be. As for Zack he can go to hell for all I care, he tried to kill her and me in the process,” she said.

“He’s good for you though.”

“No! Phil is good for me,” Leigh yelled.

Nobody said anything after that. Seconds later Leigh was storming off to the front doors, and I followed her.

“Will you please wait,” I said grabbing her arm.

She turned around and collided into my chest and started crying. I wrapped my arms around her body and just held her. "It'll be just fine. I'll be right here with you."

"I don't want her here,  so now Brandon might also be here. I just to be happy with you again," she cried out.

"I'm right here Robin," I told her.

"Please don't leave me again," she said.

"I never want to," I told her.

We stayed there for a few more minutes before she stepped away. "So what are we gonna do today?" She asked.

"I just want to sleep," she answered.


~Leigh POV~

"Let's just go for a little walk then we'll get some dinner and then you can sleep," Phil told me.

“Where are we gonna go?” I asked.

“Just come with me,” he said and I followed him to the restaurant.

Once Phil and I had finished eating, we went my to my room and I managed to fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


~The next morning~

I woke up the next morning to find that I was alone in bed, and Rosie was in the bed next to me. I slowly got up and out of my bed, I grabbed my glasses and went out of my room and across the hall to Phil’s room.

Soon Phil answered the door with his hair going everywhere, and once he let me walk in I also realized that he didn’t have a shirt on either.

“So what are we going to do today?” I asked looking around his room.

“Not much we just have to be around for a little while and meet some fans,” he answered.

“Would you mind if I look around to see if they have any tattoo shop?” I asked.

“More tattoos?” He asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“What were you planning?” He asked.

“I wanted to get a dreamcatcher and something else,” I explained.

“Well just be careful please,” he said.

“I’m a big girl remember,” I told him.

“I still worry about you though,” he said.

“It’ll be just fine,” I said.

He sat down next to me making my heart flutter a little more. “I just don’t ever want to see you hurt again.”

“Don’t you worry now, everything will be just fine,” I sang quietly.

“We should start getting ready,” Phil said looking over at me.

“You should keep your glasses on today,” I said to him.

“Why?” He asked standing up.

“I like them,” I answered.

“Then you should where yours,” he said. “I will only wear mine if you wear yours.”

“Fine,” I said smiling up at him.

“Do you really like them?” He asked standing in front of me.

“I love them,” I told him.

He smiled and leaned down and kissed me.

“Get a room,” Dan groaned and threw a pillow hitting Phil, which made him fall on me.

“Sorry,” Phil whispered blushing.

“It’s okay,” I said blushing too.

“I’m going to Rosie,” Dan groaned getting out of his bed and leaving the room.

“So I really missed you,” Phil said.

“I missed you so much,” I said looking into Phil’s bright and shining blue eyes.

“So it was you that left the lion in front of my door on my birthday?” He asked.

“I thought it was cute and it made me think of you so I got it for your birthday,” I said.

“Are you worried about Fiona?” He asked.

“I’m just worried that Brandon will be with her and something will happen with him and Zack,” I answered.

“Do you think that he’ll try something?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, I feel like he will try to get me to go with him,” I said.

“Would you ever go back with him?” Phil asked his voice becoming sad.

“Only if he hurt two people,” I answered.

“Who would be those two people?” He asked.

“Rosie and you,” I answered.

“Never leave me,” he whispered.

“I will only go with him if he’s hurting you,” I said kissing him. He kissed me back for a minutes but then we needed more air to breath.

“We need to get ready,” he said.

“I guess you do,” I said forcing Phil to stand back up as I sat up.

“I guess I’ll see you later,” he said.

“Bye,” I said and started leaving his room and went back to mine.


~Rosie’s POV~

Close to an hour went by and I was walking around with Dan and Phil both by my side, Leigh was still out getting her tattoos. I started looking around, but then a face stood out in the crowd. Jay was there. I continued to walk as if I didn’t just see him, and I didn’t think he was going to come and follow me.

“Rosie,” Dan said waving his hand in front of my face, getting my attention.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Is everything okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, I was just daydreaming,” I answered.

“Have you heard anything from Leigh?” Phil asked.

“No,” I answered.

“I’m starting to worry about her,” he said.

“It takes a while to get a tattoo, so it’ll be a while getting two,” I told him.

“Do you know where she is?” He asked.

“Just calm down Phil. She knows how to handle herself just fine,” I told him.

“But what if Zack shows up and tries to do something.”

“PHILIP!” I yelled.

“Sorry,” he whispered.

“Just calm down, she’s Robin Leigh, she knows what she’s doing,” I told him.

“Okay,” he said giving me a small smile.


~Leigh’s POV~

It was the next day, but yesterday when I had gotten back Phil seemed to not want to let me go. It was just so cute, but he did hurt my back a little because of one of the tattoos I got was on my back.

Rosie, Dan, Phil, and myself were all down by the pool after a long day of seeing more fans and just being in the hot Florida weather. “I should have gone with you to get a tattoo with you,” Rosie said looking at the wings I got on my back.

“Maybe when we get back home you can get another one,” I said laughing at her.

“Leigh say hi,” Phil said.

I turned around to see that Phil was pointing a camera at me. “Hi,” I said giving him and the camera a small wave.

“Is it just me or does that guy look a lot like Jay,” Rosie said pointing to a guy that was swimming.

“That’s him, he has his necklace,” I said.

“It seems as if he’s trying to get our attention. Should we do anything?” Phil asked.

“No,” Dan answered really quickly surprising all of us.
“Somebody sounds a little jealous,” I sang.

“I’m trying to make a video,” Phil said.

“No,” Dan said to me.

“What’s it about?” I asked Phil.

“Your tattoos,” he answered.

“Ask away then,” I said.

“Why did you get these wings?” He asked tracing a prat of one.

“Because I finally feel like I’ve been lifted up from where I had been placed,” I answered.

“Now tell us about this locket,” he said touching it.

“It stands for all the secrets that I hide and keep inside, not wanting them to come out,” I explained.

“Now this one,” he said pointing to the last one that was on my back.

“It stands for my uncle that’s still MIA, and is for all the men and women that has and have fought for our freedom,” I said proudly, turning around and taking my foot out of the water.

“Now these three butterflies,” he said pointing to each of them.

“They are places that I cut myself. At first I just drew them on but I still felt a sense of comfort, and so I made three and had them all be permanent,” I said smiling at him.

“Now your dreamcatcher,” he said grabbing my hand and holding it.

“Because we all have our own dreams and we just need to follow then, and if something bad happens along the way remember that’s just a part of the path you’re taking but you still need them. Just like you need a nightmare every so often,” I answered.

“Now what I like to call creepy cat,” Phil said showing my other arm.

“For the people who don’t know what movie it’s from, it’s from ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ It just stands for being who you are and you should be okay with everything about you.”

“Now the last one,” he said showing the camera my right ankle.

“I love birds and I love to sing. Rosie had called me Birdie years ago because I acted like I was a bird and always sang. So it’s a reminder of a good part of our past,” I said giving a small smile, remembering a memory from high school.



Danielle and I walked down the hall of our high school. Knowing that I was just two years away from graduating, but she still had three.

“What are you thinking?” She asked as we walked to my English 10 class.

“Do you really want to know?” I asked laughing.

“I’ll just say yes,” she answered rolling her eyes.

We could build a universe right here, All the world could disappear, Wouldn't notice, wouldn't care, We can build a universe right here The world could disappear, I just need you near. Nobody sees, nobody knows, We are a secret, can't be exposed, That's how it is, that's how it goes, Far from the others, close to each other, That's when we uncover, cover, cover,” I sung loudly.

“You are always singing,” she said rolling her eyes again taking my hand.

“And your point is?” I asked.

“You’re crazy,” she said laughing at me.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” I said as we walked into my room.

I put my stuff down and we started back to the band room at the other end of our small high school for her class.

“So what are you cuties up to?” We heard Jay ask walking up behind us.

“Nothin’ much bad boy,” I said making them both laugh, they both knew I was kidding around anyway.

“You only wish,” he said making Danielle and I laugh even more. “So do you girls have a hot sleepover planned this weekend?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Danielle said.

“I don’t think that you’ll be into what’ll happen,” I said joking around.

“Well I could make it hotter if need be,” he said and we all laughed as I walked her into class and then Jay and I went our separate ways to class.



“God will he stop,” Dan mumbled as I came back to the land of the living.

“I have an idea,” I said laughing.

“And that would be?” Phil asked.   

“Oh god,” Rosie said.

“HEY BAD BOY!” I yelled at him.

“It’s as funny anymore because he sorda is a bad boy now,” Rosie said.

“Yes Robin,” Jay said swimming over to us.

“So what’s new?” I asked like nothing’s wrong.

“D should I be worried?” He asked.

“I have no clue what she’s up to,” she answered.

“Do you ever?” Jay and I said at the same time.

“Weird,” Dan said.

Phil squeezed my hand, and I gave him a small peck on the cheek so he wouldn’t worry.

“I’m surprised there’s not the much press here,” Jay said.

“Why would you say that?” Dan asked.

“The bombing is still something people talk about a lot. About how the police didn’t do anything to keep Zack and Brandon in jail. About how Robin hasn’t done anything. About how Danielle is only hard of hearing,” Jay went on.

“SHUT UP!” I yelled, my anxiety was starting to act up.

“It’s okay,” Rosie said walking over to me.

I sat there looking down at the ground, with my hair down and covering my face. “Sorry,” I mumbled. “But realize that you were there too when it all happened, and it doesn’t seem like anything is wrong with you.”

“Or in the words of you, spoilers,” he said. “Later.” And with that Jay swam away from us.

“Why did you call him bad boy?” Phil asked.

“It was just one of the old nicknames she gave him,” Rosie said.

“Why bad boy?” He asked.

“I was joking around with him because he keep acting like he was all tough and stuff, so I started calling him bad boy. It was soon realized that I was joking but it was still really funny,” I explained.

“He was such a dork,” Rosie said laughing.

“And what were we then?” I asked winking at her making her laugh and Phil more at ease.

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