Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


16. Chapter 15

Chapter 15

 "It's a long story," I told Phil.

 We let the box sit there. Rosie was the one who moved the tissue paper and it was a stuffed dog. "Is that Johnny?" She asked. 

 I stared at it then ran out of the flat. I went up to the roof and cried. Everybody was finding us. How it was happening, I don't know.

 I stayed up on the roof until it was dark. When I got back to the flat Rosie and Dan were cuddling on the couch and Phil was gone.

 "It'll be okay Birdie. He could be proud of you," Rosie said talking about my dad. Christmas has been so much harder when my dad died.

 I nodded and walked into my room and went to bed.


 New Years came and went, Phil really hasn't talked to me since Christmas. I keep making videos on Youtube, a lot of comments ask about what happened to me and Phil. They don't get that their was nothing between Phil and I, as sad as it makes me.


 I walked out of my room to an empty, lonely flat. It was a special day, it was Rosie 20th birthday. She was out at uni and wouldn't be back for a while. I changed into black skinny jeans and my black jacket. Grabbing my phone and keys, I locked the door and went into town. 

 I found a little party store and picked up some balloons and other little party things.

 When I got back to my flat there was a box in front of the door. Slowly picking it up I unlocked the door and put the box and party balloons on the kitchen counter. Getting a knife I opened the box. Like before a card was placed on top.  

I didn't do anything wrong. Come back Robin or I''ll come for you. I know you're unhappy. I watch you on Youtube. You were always so happy here. Come back home. Brandon and Jay are gone so it's safe for you and Danielle.

                                                                                 Forever loving you, Zack


 I threw the card across the kitchen. "NO!" I yelled "NO. No. No. No," I keep saying to myself and started crying. I didn't even want to see what was in the box. Once I stopped crying I opened the bag of balloons and started blowing some up. 

 Hours latter there was a knock on the door. "COME IN!" I yelled knowing it was Dan. We had set this plan up with Rosie. She convinced Phil to go out with her for a little while I was with Dan as we started setting it all up without her knowing.

 "What's in the box?" He asked going through the kitchen.

 "It's nobody," I told him getting up.

 "Then why is their a wedding ring in here?" He asked.

 "What are you talking about?" I asked getting up from the couch.

 "Leigh, who is this Zack guy?" Dan asked. "And why did he send you a wedding ring?"

 "Before all of this happened I was engaged and Rosie was enlist," I told him.

 "Rosie was enlist?" Dan asked. "And you were married?"

 "No, I was engaged. We weren't married yet," I said.

 "Do you still have feelings for this Zack guy?" He asked.

"I've fallen for Phil."

~~~~Rosie's P.OV.~~~~

 Phil and I were walking back to the flat after just hanging out and going to various shops.

 "They have a lot of different shops than they do in the states," I said

 "Yeah a lot more anime and things like that," he said looking at me so I could read his lips.

 "The weather is a lot nicer to," I said looking up to the sky enjoying the warmth on my face.

 "You think this is nice weather?" he asked me in shock.

 "Well yeah, Michigan has the craziest weather. Freezing in the winter and dead hot in the summer, or so how it feels."


 Once we reached the flats Phil was walking toward his door.

 "Where you going?" I asked.

 "To my flat," he said.

 "Well don't you want to see Leigh cause you like her so much. You guys haven't really been talking anyway," I said holding out the L in like smiling.

  He blushed and walked toward my door.

 "Well you do don't you?" I said looking at him

 "Yeah," he said quietly but still looking at me.

 "Well than ask her out already! what are you waiting for! Come on, just man up," I said laughing. I turned around and looked him in the eyes. "Don't hurt her, or would have to hurt you," I said him. Leigh has been though a lot since I've known her, and the last thing I want if for her to get hurt again.

 I unlocked the door and walked in and all the lights were turned off. "Birdie?" I shouted into the darkness.

 Just than two sets of hands came out of no where and started tickling my sides I yelled and feel to the ground. The lights turned on and I saw Leigh and Dan on the floor each side of me laughing their heads off, and Phil just standing in the door way not knowing what just happened. I got up and gave Robin a evil look once again.

 "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!" She yelled. 

 I turned around and saw balloons, steamers, and a big 'Happy Birthday' sign hanging up.

 "Why'd you guys do this you know I don't like you making a big deal of my birthday," I whined. 

 "Oh come on and enjoy it. You only turn 20 once girl," she told me.

 The four of us spent the next few hours doing all the things Leigh and Dan planed. We played twister, truth or dare, a staring contest, and karaoke while Dan and Phil didn't really join in. Just as I started getting hungry it was like Leigh read my mind instead on my hands. She got up just as the movie Shrek started and signed to me 'pizzas here'. At last time for food I thought to my self. She came back with four pizza boxes. I looked at her shocked

 "How much pizza did you get?" I asked her.

 "Only four," she said

 "Only?" I asked.

 She opened the boxes checking what they were until she found the one she wanted. She looked at me with a huge smile on her face. Than she handed a extra large meat lovers pizza. I felt like I was in heaven. Each of us with our pizzas we continued to watch Disney movies until we were so stuffed we couldn't move.

 I woke up laying on Dan with his arm around my waist. I looked over and say the same with Leigh and Phil they made such a cute couple. I quietly got up and tip toed out of the apt. I went up to the roof breathing in the cold air and walking toward the edge that looked out toward the city.

 I stood there for a while thinking of just about everything. My life up to this point, the people in it, wondering how Leigh and I survived everything we went though. I let out a big sigh and noticed Dan standing off the side. He walked toward me and I could tell he knew something was wrong.

 He opened his mouth to say something but instead I just hugged him. Holding him tight breathing in his scent. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes

 "You okay?" He said

 "Yeah, just thinking," I said looking off at the city again. I could tell from the corner of my eye that he was looking at me. I looked over at him and he was still staring at me with such loving eyes. "What?" I said shyly.

 "Leigh told me about you being enlisted," he whispered. "Do you know when you're gonna leave?" He asked.

"Dan, I can't be in the army anymore. I'm hard of hearing, they can't let me server," I said to him. "Plus I found someone here that I want to stay with."

 "I honestly don't know what to say, something about you." he said in a low sleepy voice that made my heart melt.

 I blushed and looked down.

 He graded my hand and turned me around. I felt something on my neck I looked down and say a sliver necklace with the word 'forever' on it.

 I looked up at him tears in my eyes and kissed him.

 He pulled away and smiled. "So I take that as a yes?" He asked.

 I looked at him confused

 "To what?" I asked.

 "To being my girlfriend."

 "My eyes lit up and I hugged him tight. "Yes," I said, "Yes."

  We sat down against the wall and leaned up against him I put my head on his shoulder and he rapped his arms around me holding me tight. I couldn't help but smile and think of how prefect it felt. We spent the rest of the night up here, underneath the beautiful stars with me in his arms.

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