Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


15. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

 I walk out of the lift and made my way to the flat. Rosie and Dan were off at uni, while Phil was off shopping or something.

 I came to find the door to the flat unlocked, and I knew for a fact that I had left the door locked. Slowly opening the door everything seemed to still be where they had been left. As I went into the living room there was a big box with a Christmas tree pictured on the label. "PHIL IS IN YOUR ROOM!" I heard Phil yell.

 "WHEN DID THIS TREE SHOW UP?" I yelled back.

 "I bought it," Phil said walking down the hallway.

 "And it's in here because?" I asked still staring at it.

 "It's for you and Rosie," he answered standing next to me.

 "You didn't have to get us a tree you know?" I said looking at him now.

 "Do you guys celebrate it?" He asked.

 "We get each other presents and that's usually it," I answered.

 "Well now you're gonna have a tree and baubles and it's gonna be all decorated."

 "Make it a video?" I asked.

 "You read my mind," Phil said laughing.

 "When do you wanna start?" I asked.

 "Why not start with some of the little things around the flat. And then do the tree when Rosie and Dan get back," Phil said. "Let's get the camera." Grabbing my hand and pulling me along into his flat and to his room. The camera was still on the tripod on the side of his bed.

 "How do you manage not to hit it in the morning?" I asked.

 "I always get off on the other side in the morning. Dan's the one who can manage to hit almost anything and everything in the morning," Phil said. "So Dan said that you two were going to the mall tomorrow..." Phil started.

 "Yep, is that a bad thing?" I asked.

 "No, not at all," he said and his head fell slightly.

 "He wants to get Rose the perfect present. So he asked me for some help," I explained.

 "Oh," he said blushing.

 "I'm interested in somebody else anyway," I said putting a peck on his cheek.

~Christmas Day~

 Rosie, Dan, Phil, and I all sat on the floor. "Well you know what ones are from Leigh," Rosie joked making me laugh.

 "What do you mean?" Phil asked.

 "I just like using tissue paper," I said.

 "How are we gonna do this?" He asked.

 I crawled over to the tree and grabbed Phil's present. Crawling back, I sat it on his lap and blushed.

 "Leigh you're just to lazy to get up weren't you?" Rosie asked.

 "I just don't see the point have having to get up if it's not that far away," I said as Phil was still holding and staring at the bag. "Open it," I told him like a little kid.

 "It's pretty good," Dan said. 

 Phil smiled at me then started taking out the tissue paper that was covering it. He pulled out the ball and let the paper fall off. His eyes let up and tackled me. He squished me in a hug and started pecking my face, making me giggle.

 "How did you know?" He asked.

 "I saw it at the mall. Dan said you didn't have one like it. I knew you had to have it," I said blushing.

 "ROSIE'S TURN!" Dan yelled.

 "Leigh should I be scared or worried?" She asked me.

 "Nope, not at all," I answered.

 Dan set both presents in front of her.

 Rosie slowly opens one of them and starts jumping around. She jumped into Dan's lap and hugged him.

 "Don't forget your other one," he said.

 "But I only got you one thing," she whispered. 

 "I don't care," he said.

 Phil crawled to the tree grabbing two and swatted them to me. "Aw, are you a cat now?" I asked him.

 "Don't cry," Dan said to Rosie.

 "Why are you crying?" I asked.

 "I miss her," she said.

 "Who?" Dan asked.

 I crawled over to Rosie and hugged her as she held onto the cardinal. "How did you know?" Rosie asked Dan.

 "Leigh said something about it having to do with your grandma and I thought it would be a nice gift," Dan said.

 She gave him a smile and crawled onto his lap. "Thank you," she said to him.

 I went back next to Phil and grabbed one of the presents he got me. Slowly opening it, feeling it'll be to much. I opened it to find a plush Totoro, just like Phil's. "TOTORO!" I yelled.

 "RAWR!" Rosie yelled play clawing  Dan with the snow leopard. "Rawr, rawr, rawr."

 We were all laughing at Rosie who was acting like a little kid. I then started play fighting Rosie with my Totoro against her snow leopard. 

 "You two are just like little kids," Dan said making us all laugh.

 "Come on there are more presents to open," Phil said.

 Rosie and I finished and I sat back where I had been.

 "Rosie open the one I got for you," I told her.

 "I'm a bit more worried about yours," she said grabbing the bag I put her in front of her.

 "You should be worried of nothing. Scouts honor," I said. Phil then put the other present he got for me on my lap. I looked over at him and his eyes shined with happiness. Again I slowly began to open it. I unwrapped it to find a robin, an over size one. I started laughing. I can't remember the last time I was truly happy in the past years. "Thank you," I said crawling onto his lap and hugged him. 

 "Your welcome," he whispered into my ear hugging me back.

 "I feel worried of what you got me," Rosie said again.

 "You shouldn't be worried at all," I told her.

 "Well you should," she said getting up and going into the kitchen.

 "Why are you getting food right now?" Dan asked.

 "I'm getting Leigh's present," she yelled back.

 "Oh god," I said. "I think I know what it is."

 "Be careful. Don't drop it," she said hanging it to me.

 "Why is it cold?" I asked. "How didn't I notice this in the fridge?" I asked in shock.

 "I hide it around some oranges," she said smirking.

 "Smart, very smart," I said taking out all of the tissue paper. Once it was all out I looked in the bag and laughed. "I knew it," I told her.

 "Pickles?" Phil asked.

 "Pickles?" Dan repeated.

 "Why pickles?" Phil asked.

 "These are my favorite kind of pickles. I hadn't really had any in a while," I said opening the jar and picking one out and put it in my mouth. "I'm pretty sure you can tell which one is yours."

 "You and your need to use so much tissue paper," she said grabbing the bag.

 "Don't be hating," I said laughing.

 I watched her happily taking out the tissue paper. "YOU DID NOT!" She squealed.

 "I know you were missing Luke so I thought you should have a new one," I said.

 "Who's Luke?" Dan asked.

 "That's what I called my old ukulele," she said chuckling and taking it out of the case. "You don't need to worry about it Dan," she said giving me the evil eye.

 "You love me," I signed to her. 

 "You get your present," she told Dan, then gave me a face.

 Dan lazily crawled to the tree and pushed the last three. "This ones for you Phil," Dan said pushing one over to him. Once Dan could see the face he started jumping. "LLAMA!" He yelled pulling it out and cuddling it.

 Then there was a knock on the door. "Who could that be?" Phil asked.

 "I'm not sure," I said getting up. "Stay here." When I got to the door I quickly opened it. It was just a box. Written all over it was Danielle and Robin. I picked it up and brought it in.

 "Super Lord of the Rings nerd book 9,000," I heard Dan say making them laugh.

 "And Death Note," I heard Phil say.

 "Oh no," Rosie said.

 "Rosie come here," I told her going into the kitchen.

 "What's up?" She asked waking in after me. "Who was it?"

 I showed her the box. "I'll give you a guess."

 She handed me a knife and I opened it. There was a card on top and Rosie grabbed it. "It says 'please come back to me Robin. We're missing both of you. Forever yours, Zack," Rosie read out loud.

 "Who's Zack?" Phil asked standing in the doorway.

 "Have you heard from Zack at all?" Rosie signed to me.

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