Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


13. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

 Rosie went out with Phil and I was only in the flat. I was in the kitchen looking around on Google for the closest tattoo parlor. Once I found one I called and made an appointment for a new one that I want.

 "Leigh," I heard someone calling my name as they opened the door. 

 "KITCHEN!" I yelled thinking it was just Rosie so it didn't matter if I didn't have a shirt on.

 "Hey yo- oh sorry I didn't know you were shirtless."

 I turned around and found Phil looking at the ground. "It's fine. I don't care if you look," I told him.

 He slowly looked back up at me but still tried not looking at me. "So what are you up to?" He asked.

 "I'm gonna go out," I answered. I felt his finger start tracing the tattoo I had on lower neck.

 "How come I've never noticed this?" He asked.

 "What one?" I asked giggling.

 "Well any of them. I only noticed the butterfly on your wrist," he said.

 "I have two more butterflies like that one," I said knowing why I had three of the same tattoos in three different places.

 "What does POW and MIA mean?" He asked.

 "POW is prisoner of war and MIA is missing in action," I answered.

 "Why did you get it?" He asked.

 "Rosie also has the same one."

 "Where are you going latter?" He asked.

 "I'm gonna go get another one. you can come if you think you can handle it," I told him.

 "What do you mean if I can handle it?" He asked.

 "Can you handle needles?" I asked.

 "Yes," he said trying to sound overly confident. 

 "I'm just gonna grab a shirt," I said walking to my room.


 Phil and I walked into the little tattoo parlor. "Leigh," I told the man that was standing behind the counter.

 "Come on back with me," he said showing me into the back. "So what were you looking on getting?" He asked.

 "I was looking for the quote 'I'm not crazy, My reality is just different from yours," I told him.

 "Let me just get that on paper for you and I'll be right back," he said walking into a back room.

 I looked at Phil and he seemed to be a little jumpy. "You okay?" I asked.

 "Yeah, I'm fine," he said sounding nervous. 

 "How are you nervous?" I asked.

 "What makes you think that I'm nervous?" He asked.

 "You've been shaking since we walked in," I told him.

 "Oh," he said.

 "It's okay," I said kissing his cheek.

 "What does it feel like to get one?" He asked.

 "Little pricks. It is from a needle you do know that right?" I asked.

 "I really hate needles," he said as the man from behind the counter came back into the room.

 "Do you want it to be black or a different color?" He asked.

 "Do you guys have an icy blue?" I asked.

 "Sure thing," he said. "Where do you want it?"

 "Right here," I said holding out my right arm. 

 "Okay then, let's get started," he said sitting on the stool and started pricking my skin.

 About 40 minutes later he wiped my arm where my new tattoo is. "How does it look?" He asked.

 "I love it. Thank you," I said looking at it and smiling.

 I then payed and Phil and I were off. "What else were you planing to do today?" Phil asked.

 "I'm not sure. I was hoping I could hang out with you," I said.

 "Why don't we just go home and wait for Dan and Rosie to come back," he said.

 "I'm cool with that," I said and we made our way back to my flat.


 "What does this locket mean?" Phil asked me tracing it once again.

 "It's for all the secrets that I kept locked up and never wanted to tell, and all the ones that I still keep," I answered. "I still do have some secrets. I've never been the one to open up easily. And now more then ever I'm scare to open up."

 "You can trust me. I'm not gonna hurt you," he said.

 "I know that I can, but it's just something I've always done. It's just hard to brake old habits."

 "Leigh," I heard Rosie yell as she opened the door.

 "What's up Rose?" I asked.

 "I have a feeling that Dan wants to be- oh Phil hi there," she said as she walked in.

 "Hey, where is Dan?" He asked.

 "He's over at your flat. Sorry I didn't know that you were here," she said.

 "No, it's fine," he said. "I'll go see how Dan is. See you guys later," he said getting up and walking himself out.

 "So what are you going on about?" I asked.

 "Dan almost kissed me. It seemed like he wanted to but backed out at last minute. I'M FREAKING OUT!" She started yelling.

 "He's kissed you before," I said.


 "I thought you like him," I said.

 "I do, but I feel like I'm not ready for a relationship but then I feel like it would be a good thing for me," she went on.

 "Rosie, you wanna know what I think?" She nodded. "If you feel like you're ready then don't doubt it. If someone comes around and makes you think about wanting to be in a relationship then you should go for it," I said.

 She smiled and it looked like she had made up her mind. "So what did you do to your arm?" She asked.

 "Got a new tattoo while you were gone," I said laughing.

 "Oh let me see," she said.

 I held up my arm so she was able to read it.

 "You and that cat," she said knowing from where it was.

 "Don't be hatin' on the cat," I said.

 "So what else have you been doing?" She asked.

 "BUT PHIL!" We heard Dan whine from the other side of the wall.

 "You know she can't come," Phil said.

 "I have an idea," I whispered to Rosie.

 "Should I be scared?" She asked me.

 "Do you find magic tricks scary?" I asked.

 "Just do it," she said.

 I went to my room and found the handcuffs I bought years ago and brought them here for some reason. "Give me your arm," I told her.

 "Oh god," she said holding her arm out to me still.

 I put one of the cuffs around her wrist. "Come on," I said to her. She got up and followed me as I led her over to Dan and Phil's flat. "Can we come in? I want to show you guys a magic trick," I said.

 We heard Dan laugh and Phil said "Come on in."

 "So what is this magic trick?" Dan asked.

 "Can I see your wrist?" I asked him.

 He held it out for me without asking. I cuffed his wrist, making Rosie and Dan inseparable for what ever Dan was going on about. "And why do you have handcuffs?" Dan asked.

 "Why not?" I asked back.

 "Should I be worried that you have handcuffs?" Phil asked.

 "Nope, not really," I said.

 "And what was your point in doing this?" Rosie asked.

 "We heard Dan whining so I thought of this and it might be funny," I said.

 "Unlock this," Rosie said.

 "I have no clue where the key is," I said.

 "Of course you don't," she said.

 "I still wanna know why you have handcuffs," Dan said.

 "It was part of an old joke from years ago and for some reason I brought them over here," I said.

 "That's what she said," Dan said laughing.

 ~Next day~

 "Dan!" We all heard a man say. "Why are you handcuffed to this young lady?"

 "It's kind of a funny story," I said. 

 "And you are?" He asked.

 "I'm Leigh. I'm the one that managed to lose the keys to the handcuffs and can't get them off," I said.

 "This is not good at all Dan," he said.

 "It's not Dan's fault and it's not Phil's fault. This is my fault," I said.

 "Well why don't we just handcuff you to Phil and handcuff him to Dan. I'll be right back," he said and walked away.

 "This can't be good," Phil said.

 "Why?" I asked.

 "He never wants extra people in the studio," Dan answered.

 "I could only find one pair of handcuffs so when it come down to Dan vs. Phil it'll be Leigh and Phil vs. ... What's you name?" He asked Rosie.

 I looked at Rosie who seemed to be just smiling and not knowing what's going. I waved my hand in front of her face getting her attention. "Can you hear anything?" I signed to her.

 "Nope, not at all," she signed back.

 "He asked you your name," I told her.

 "What are they doing?" He asked.

 "American sign language," Phil answered.

 "Do you know what they are saying?" He asked.

 "Something about name and you, I think," Dan said.

 Phil and I looked at Dan in shocked. "Her name is Rosie," I told the man.

"Okay, come on. You guys are about to start in the studio," he said rushing us into a room with microphones and computers.

 A few minutes in Phil started talking about something that happened this week. "Well I went to a tattoo shop. I was so scared and terrified," Phil said.

 "When in the bloody hell did you go to a fuckin tattoo shop?" Dan asked shocked.

 "Yesterday," I answered laughing.

 "Oh. If you guys are confused these are our friends Rosie," Dan said holding up his handcuffed wrist. "And that's Leigh," he said pointing to me. "How did you know that he went?" Dan asked.

 "I was there with him," I said.

 "And you let him get a tattoo?" He asked.

 Phil's face went pale. "He didn't get a tattoo. I got another one," I said.

 "Another one?" Dan asked. 

 "Rosie and I both have tattoos. Did you not know about it?" I asked.

 "BUT MY point was that I was shaking and I was thinking that our rehab topic could be places you've gone or have to go to that scares you or terrifies you in some way. Use the #shaking and we'll read out some of your tweets," Phil said.

 "And this video is from Lily Shaw to the song 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga," Dan said and toke off his headphones as well as Phil. "Can you sign something to Rosie for me?" Dan asked.

 "Sure, what should I sign?" I asked.

 "Can you tell her that I want to see her tattoos sometime," he said.

 I got Rosie's attention once again and signed "Dan want to see your tattoos."

 "When?" She signed back. 

 "Anytime," I signed.

 Rosie tapped Dan's shoulder and rolled up her right sleeve showing him her American flag tattoo that had an eagle and said 'Made in America'. Dan put his hand in front of it and pointed to the camera. 

 "You might want to be careful where you show that," Dan said as I signed it for him.

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