Rosie and I were moving into the new apartment, in London. We're learning pretty much everything as we go. One day I start making youtube videos because their was nothing else to do while Rosie was at school. But will meeting two guys change everything?


12. Chapter 11

  Chapter 11

 "CAN YOU HEAR ME?" A voice yelled at me as a light was shining in my eyes. I groaned and closed my eyes. "Miss.Housekeeper how do you feel?" He asked as I was moved onto a different bed.

 My whole body hurt and it felt like my lungs were on fire. There were so many bodies rushing around me it was making me dizzy how close they were leaning over me. I tired to push them away but I was to weak. Soon my vision became dark once again.

 "Miss.Housekeeper," a man's voice said knocking on the room.

 "Yeah?" I asked.

 The man can in and was dressed in a police uniform.

 "What's wrong?" I asked.

 "I just need yo ask you about what happened that night," he said.

 "Ask away," I said setting up more.

 "Did you know anybody in that building?" He asked.

 "It was some sort of party Brandon invited Danielle, Jay, Roxie, me, and some others I don't know," I answered.

 "Do you know know what happened?"

 "Danielle said that she could hear something that nobody else had and I was feeling something vibrating under the floor nobody else seemed to have noticed. A few minutes later the other end of the room had exploded or something. It soon spread and as we got to the door it was locked and Brandon wasn't there with us. I don't think anybody knew where he went," I explained.

 He nodded writing it all down. "There were 5 that didn't make it. Then there was a young man a few miles away from the building that we you to look at and the others that are still alive." 

 "I'll need some help walking," I said.

 "You don't need to do it right now, you can do it once you have more strength."

 "No, I need to make sure of it now," I said slipping my legs to the floor.

 He helped me walk into the first room. I saw his blond hair slightly burnt by the fire. "Jay, that's Jay," I said trying not to cry, it was now less of a chance it was Danielle.

 In the next room the body had glasses. As I walked closer to him, the embodiment of the devil. "That's Brandon," I snarled.

 The police officer lead me into the last room. The body had longer hair. I walked closer to the bed. Her hair was long and curly. "It's Danielle," I said moving a stand of hair behind her eyes.

 "Miss.Housekeeper." I turned around and noticed that a doctor had appeared. "There's something that has happened to her hearing," he said. I nodded. "Her ear drums have been damaged very badly. And I'm afraid she's become hard of hearing and will soon become deaf."



 Phil looked at me in shock. I looked down at my lap. "What happened to Brandon? How did he not go to jail?" Phil asked.

 "He had to go to court, but it was never proven to be him," I said.

 "Why didn't you even tell Dan or me?" He asked. 

 "We were all over the news. EVERYWHERE! Everyone knew our faces. Everyone thought of different story of drug deals gone wrong to sex parties. Danielle and I wanted to get away from that," I explained as tears came down my face. "I just wanted to help Danielle get help and it helps when you can have a different name which nobody can match to a face."

 "What makes you think it would get news here?" He asked.

 "If our names had matched the news were get it sooner or later and were we went," I said. "We were doing what we thought was right."

 Phil rubbed my back and asked "Why don't I make you some breakfast?"

 "I just feel like staying here in bed with you," I said.

 He kissed my forehead and pulled me into his lap. "We really need to eat," I said.

 "I've lost my appetite," I said.

 "Ate least eat a little something," he said. I shook my head. "I'm gonna make you eat something," he said. 

 I sighed and nodded. We both got up and started to day right with some breakfast.

 Once Phil and I were watching tv and chillin' around in the living I thought of an idea for a new video. But then the front door swung open. "LEIGH!" I heard Rosie yell.

 "Who was that guy?" We heard Dan ask closing the door behind her.

 "Brandon found you at school?" I asked getting up from the couch.


 "Who are you talking about?" I asked.

 "What the fuck is going on?" Dan asked.

 "It's a long story," Phil answered him.

 "I'm talking about Jay, why are you talking about Brandon?" Rosie said.

 "Jay is here too?" I asked.

 "Who are these guys?" Dan asked.

 "This Brandon guy showed up this morning," Phil answered.

 "BRANDON WAS HERE!" Rosie started yelling again.

 "Only at the front door," Phil said. "I answered it."

 "What about Jay? Were you sure it was him?" I asked.


 "How the hell did they find us?" I thought out loud. 

 "Could it be because of Youtube?" Rosie asked.

 "No. It can only show the area around it," Phil answered me.

 "How far?" I asked.

 "I would say a good 20 kilometers," Dan said.

 "And that's how many miles?" Rosie and I asked the same time.

 Dan and Phil stared at each other not knowing. "That is a good question," Dan said starting to laugh.

 "YOU'RE NOT HELPING!" Rosie whined and stomped off into her room.

 "What's wrong with this Brandon and Jay guy?" Dan asked me.

 I groaned and laid on the couch.

 "It's sorda a long a story," Phil answered for me.

 "Can I hear it tomorrow?" Dan asked. "I need to go shopping."

 "I'll see you later," Phil said as Dan left the flat. "Why don't we go out and do something?" Phil asked me.

 "I don't wanna," I groaned into the pillow.

 "Do you wanna cuddle and watch Lilo and Stitch?" He asked.

 "You had me at cuddle," I said jumping up.

 Phil and I spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling and watching anything that had Lilo and Stitch. But now I crawled back into bed for the night and drift off to sleep.

 I heard something go across the floor in the living room and the lights turned on. I looked at my clock and it was only midnight. I knew that Phil couldn't up until midnight if he tried. I grabbed my stuff monkey that I sleep with at night and slowly get out of bed. I slowly opened my bedroom door as the person started coming down the hall. He was looking down at his phone as he was walking.

 Once He was close enough I hate him in the face with my monkey, hard. "FUCK!" He yelled falling.

 Rosie came running into the hall in shock. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" She yelled.

 I rubbed my eyes trying to get the blurriness away.

 "Do you mind telling me why the fuck you hit me?" He started. "WITH A MONKEY?" 

 "Dan?" I asked.

 "Who else would be here?" Rosie asked.

 That's when I started breaking out laughing. "Why are you laughing?" Dan asked.

 "Oh yeah, sometimes I can forget," Rosie said and starting laughing with me.

 "What's so funny?" Dan asked looking a both of us like we had gone insane.

 There was a knock on the door but then let them self in. "What is with all the laughing?" Phil asked groggily.

 "I would like to know that too," Dan said still on the floor.

 "Dan, how did you manage to get on the floor?" Phil asked.

 "I WAS RAPED AND ABUSED BY A STUFFED MONKEY!" Dan yelled making Rosie and I laugh even harder.

 "Did Leigh hit you?" Phil asked.

 "How did you know?" Dan asked getting up.

 "She almost hit me this morning," Phil answered.

 "Why you?" Dan answered.

 "She didn't know it was me because she didn't have her glasses on or contacts in," Phil answered.

 "AND SOMEBODY DIDN'T LEAVE A NOTE OR SOMETHING!" I yelled through the laughing.

 Dan and Phil waited a few more minutes until Rosie and I were calmed down. "Are you two okay now?" Phil asked.

 "It feels like I have abs now," I said.

 "It should be ice cream time," Rosie said.

 "At 12 at night?" Phil asked.

 "I couldn't think of a better time," Dan agreed. "AS LONG AS THERE IS NO DAN ABUSE BY A STUFF MONKEY!"

 "Don't insult Monkie," I said holding my monkey close.

 "I just wanna go back to sleep," Phil complained.

 "Then we can have some ice cream for breakfast," I said getting up.

 "Let's make them milkshakes," he said grabbing my hand.

 "Nightie night you two," I said to Rosie and Dan as Phil and I went back into my room. I started to find my way to my bed but managed to try over something.

 "WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE?" We heard Dan yell.

 "I FELL OVER SOMETHING!" I answered back.



 "Let me help you," Phil said finding my hand and helping me up.

 "THAT'S WHAT HE SAID!" We heard Dan yell.

 Phil and I both rolled our eyes. Phil helped me find my way into my own bed as I was pretty much a blind person. We cuddled up into bed and soon feel back asleep.

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