Almost is never enough

So Close to being in love, If I knew that you wanted me the way I wanted you, then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart, and right now I need you in my arms, but we almost knew what love was, But Almost in never enough
(yes these are lyrics from Ariana Grande's song Almost is Never enough)
We can deny it as much as we want, but in time our feelings will show, because sooner or later, we wonder how we gave up, truth is everyone knows, Almost is never enough

Mariah Sheeran, She's ed's little sister. And she's something special. Her dark brown hair, her brown eyes, Everyone wonders how they're related. It's a long story. She met One Direction at the MTV VMA'S and one of them falls for her. But what they don't know, they only have so much time.


4. Almost is Never Enough; Chapter 3

As the plane landed, I turned off my music and took the earplugs out of my ears. I smiled to myself. Wow. The Bronx. This place was quite lovely. I mean the good parts of it. The plane came to a halt and Ed helped me out of my seat and we exited the plane,me carrying my luggage. I followed Ed off the plane and we walked huddled by security. We entered the limo and I was surprised to see Harry there. Don't fangirl Mariah. I'm kidding. Harry's over all the time. "Hey Mariah."He said. "Hi Hazza."I smiled. "Hey Potter."Ed smirked. "Hey Weasley."Harry smirked. These two always coming up with names for each other. I rolled my eyes shaking my head and I played on my phone while these two goofed around like the 12 year olds they are. When we reached the hotel I got out immediately.Ed passed gas and it was terrible. I needed air. Like badly. I took a deep breath of the fresh air and blew it out. "Damn Ed you smell terrible."Harry said stepping out of the limo. Ed on the other hand was laughing his ass off. "Don't ever fart like that again!"Harry laughed. Ed smirked and we all walked inside. Ed gave me the room key and I went up myself because like I said, Ed didn't want me to be surrounded by fans and getting hurt. Because they're violent. I slid the key into the door and walked in. This hotel was really nice. I think I'm going to have fun here. 

A/N: I know this chapter is short. 




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