Almost is never enough

So Close to being in love, If I knew that you wanted me the way I wanted you, then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart, and right now I need you in my arms, but we almost knew what love was, But Almost in never enough
(yes these are lyrics from Ariana Grande's song Almost is Never enough)
We can deny it as much as we want, but in time our feelings will show, because sooner or later, we wonder how we gave up, truth is everyone knows, Almost is never enough

Mariah Sheeran, She's ed's little sister. And she's something special. Her dark brown hair, her brown eyes, Everyone wonders how they're related. It's a long story. She met One Direction at the MTV VMA'S and one of them falls for her. But what they don't know, they only have so much time.


3. Almost is Never Enough; Chapter 2

After my dress shopping with mum, we went to have some frozen yogurt at the fro-yo stand. She paid for our deserts and brought them back to the car. "Here you go Mariah. Cherry for you."She smiled handing me the cup. "Thanks mum."I smiled. I took a bite and let the chilling sensation cover me with goosebumps. I love frozen yogurt. "So are you exited for the VMA'S with Ed?"She asked. I nodded and took another bite of my desert. I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come. She started the car and we drove back home. I grabbed my bags and went inside up to my room. I set them down and opened up my closet door. I sighed and looked around for my suitcase. I finally found it and pulled it out. I threw it on to my bed and opened it up. I pulled out some outfits and threw them in. I packed my new dress and matching shoes for it. I packed my feminine needs and closed my suitcase. I sighed and zipped it up. I laid it down against the wall and laid down on my bed. I can already imagine what the VMA'S are going to be like. Flashing neon lights, awesome celebrities, performances. I can not wait for this day to come. I walked back downstairs and made myself some lunch. Peanut butter, No. Aha! Nutella! This stuff is addicting. I pulled out bread and made myself a sandwich. After I ate, Ed came home. "Mariah!"He called. I went out to the living room. "Yes Ed?"I asked. "Did you pack?"He asked. I nodded. "Alright cool. Our plane leaves tonight so we better get going."He told me. I nodded and went and got my suitcase. 

We boarded the plane and excitement filled me. I'm really excited for the VMA's and I couldn't wait to wear the dress.



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