Almost is never enough

So Close to being in love, If I knew that you wanted me the way I wanted you, then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart, and right now I need you in my arms, but we almost knew what love was, But Almost in never enough
(yes these are lyrics from Ariana Grande's song Almost is Never enough)
We can deny it as much as we want, but in time our feelings will show, because sooner or later, we wonder how we gave up, truth is everyone knows, Almost is never enough

Mariah Sheeran, She's ed's little sister. And she's something special. Her dark brown hair, her brown eyes, Everyone wonders how they're related. It's a long story. She met One Direction at the MTV VMA'S and one of them falls for her. But what they don't know, they only have so much time.


2. Almost is Never Enough; Chapter 1

"Mariah wake up love."I heard the morning voice of my beloved brother, Ed. I slowly opened my eyes and let my vision come up. I blinked a few times and yawned. I sat up and stretched my arms way up in the air as far as they could go. I uncovered myself and put on my hello kitty slippers. I made my way downstairs. Mum was making french toast, hash browns and of course my favorite breakfast food, sausage. "Mm Mum that smells delicious."I smile. She gave me a little smile. Her messy red haired bun falling out of her hair. As usual in the morning. I sat down at the little table in the kitchen and pulled a plate out of the stack in the middle. I grabbed a fork. Mum came over and put the food on my plate. Ed came down all dressed in a black v-neck and a pair of jeans and converse. He sat down next to me and pulled a plate out as well. Mum piled his plate and he dove in, shoving the food into his mouth. Mum set down a glass of orange juice in front of me. "Here you go honey drink up. I know you haven't been drinking much beverages lately."She said. She's right. I haven't been drinking anything but soda. I guzzled down the orange juice. "Thank you mum."I smiled. I looked over at Ed. He finished his food and he drank his orange juice. "Well I'd love to stay but, I have to get down to the studio. Bye Mum."He said giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the kitchen. He's a good brother. "Well I'd love to stay and chat but I have to go meet Penny at the park."I said getting up. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I stripped down out of my pj's and climbed into the shower. I shampooed my hair and conditioned it. After my shower, I went into my room and opened up my dresser. I pulled out my black hello kitty sweater and some yoga pants. I put on my converse and brushed my hair. I put my hair into my usual way, just a clip in the side of it. I walked back down stairs and told mum I was leaving. "Alright Mariah be back around 1:30. You have to shopping for a dress."She told me. I nodded and walked out the door. Ed is taking me to the Bronx in New York, America for the MTV, VMA'S. I was pretty exited because I'd get to meet my inspirations. I walked to the park in no time and Penny was already there. "Hey Mariah."She smiled giving me a small hug as usual. She wasn't the one for hugs. Just be glad she gave you one. "Hi Penny."I smiled in return. We walked over to the swings and I sat down at one. Her hair was a blonde like hair, like Perrie's from little mix. Although, she had it died a nice shade of indigo blue. It was quite cute on her. "So, are you exited?"She asked. I shrugged my shoulder. "Eh."I said. She jumped out her of her swing. "WTF! WHY AREN'T YOU EXITED!?"She screamed so loud the whole London city could hear her. "Penny, I'm kidding. I'm so exited."I told her. "Good. I mean your brother is taking you America to the VMA'S. You should be super happy."She said sitting back down. "I am. I'm going to see so many celebrities."I told her. "Get Rihanna's autograph for me."She said. I nodded. "Will do." We talked for awhile, goofed around and I think I got her sick on the spin thing. "Hey Penny what time is it? I left my phone at home."I said. "1:00 why?"She asked. "I need to get home. Mum's taking me dress shopping."I informed her. "Oh that's so nice of her."She said. We said our goodbyes and I walked home. Mum was waiting by the front door for me. She fixed her hair so it was put down, parted over her shoulders. She wore her usual attire. Her work outfit. It was a black business casual outfit. I mean she is a lawyer. "Ready to go?"She asked. I swear she looks like Mary Jane from spider man. I nodded and we walked into the car. She drove us to the mall. We both got out and we walked into the mall. It was crowded and it was hot. They really should fix the air conditioning. We walked in some dress shop and looked around until I found the one. It was a blue slick laced dress. It was perfect for me. I can't wait for the VMA'S

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