His Other Half

He made me shiver just at the sight of him like this. "I found you I finally found you." He whispers before lifting my shirt off me. "Please, no" "Come on babe you usually beg me for this." I gasp at the thought of loving this side of him "I beg harry. Not you." He suddenly stopped being gentle and shoved me into the wall and crashed his body into me. He pinned my wrists to the wall and his nails dug into my skin. "Please don't." I gasped as he threw me onto the bed. He then shook his curls looking at me with those beautiful green eyes I fell in love with. "Spencer! I Told you to run! god dammit GO!" he yelled. His eyes watered up as he sat on the bed in front of me. I Pushed myself onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him. "Harry Please I can't leave YOU! I love you... We can fix you! You can control him." he looked down and hugged me back tightly. Then realsed saying "But the sad thing is he is me. I am a monster."


9. Why?

 **Next morning**

"Spencer! Speeeennncccerrrrr! Wake up!" I hear Jason whisper and shout in my ear attempting to wake me up. I stretch out my arms and yawn loudly. I rub my head and gasp in pain as I receive a major head pains. I Yell as I ask, "Why the hell do I-" I interrupt myself as I laugh hysterically at the handful of empty wine and beer botttles on the counter and sofa.


"Oh my gosh! Haha! Im hungover? My heck! I am so sorry for the mess I will clean it all up I promise!" I gigle. He shakes his head laughing. "No it's fine I am too, defently not near as bad you but I still! But Man I've really missed you." He says as he stares into my eyes, and I get butterflies strongly. I roll my eyes as I bite my lip and look about for my phone.


I walk over to the couch as I discover my phone on the cofee table but also mutipule blankets and pillows. "Jason, did you sleep on the couch?!" I yell at him feeling very rude that I allowed myself to sleep in his bed with out him, forcing him to sleep on the couch.


 But at least now I know I didn't sleep with him. Thank God.


"Yea. It's fine though. I put you in there anyways." He says looking at his feet well digging his hands into his pocket. I run my fingers through my hair as I laugh and walk into the kitchen. "What are you doing?" Jason asks raising an eyebrow and rocking back and forth on his heels. I punch his shoulder as I walk past him with a garbage bag. I trow multiple empty beers in to the trash. I jump as I fell arms around my waist as Jason picks me up,, spins around and lets me down with a kiss on the cheek and snatching the bag, "HEY!" I shout as I jump on his back and tackle him onto the sofa.


Back he with no troubles flips me onto my back and hovers over me. I stare into his eyes- but he brakes the silence by leaning down tome and passiontlay kissing me. I lift my body into his as I suddenly freeze as I no longer see Jason's face but Harry's. The room I am in suddenly melts to Harry's flat. I gasp As i find myself in my underwear and harry in his. I almost scream before I fall back into reality. I then find jason 's lips crashed inot mine. His hips on top of mine. I flutter my eyes as he moves down to my neck.


I smile pushing harry our of my mind before Jason kisses over... where... h-harry marked me. I push jason off of me as I run to the bathroom. "Spencer are you alright?" Jason frightfully asks. I slam the door shut and tightly grip my scalp as I scream. 


Everything freaking thing reminds me of him! That ass! Ugh! Why can't he just leave my head alone! Why can''t I be with jason, and never have to think about him ever again!


MY HELL! I didn't ever even sleep with him or even date him I never did any shit to deserve this heart ace!!


So why WHY is he so damn hard to forget! Why does his perfect flawless face haunt me. Why.




I screeam as I remeber where i am.


I open the door and fold myself into the comforting arms of Jason. I cry onto his shoulder as he strokes my hair softly. I nuzzle my head into the crook of his neck before I let a few last tear fall onto my cheek when jason cups my face in his hand and wipes my tears away with his thumb, and places a kiss on my nose making my slightly smile. 


"Jason, I'm so sorry. I't not about you at all or us I promise, just memories." He nods. " I know the feeling, when i moved I felt it with every other girl I kissed or slept with, you flashed into my mind, every damn time!" He laughs before continuing, "Thats why I came back, and my hell am I glad i did." He laughs spinning me around. I giggle before sniffing and replying, "don't give up on Okay?" I ask.


"Spencer, I don't know who this bastard is who broke your heart, but trust me when I say I will never treat you like he did. Because I am staying here and never leaving until you want me to. I am never ever going to hurt you." I bite my lips at the very familiar words. "I have heard that before." 


"But not from me." 


**Later that day**


His car comes to a slow stop as I look to him and leaning over placing a innocent kiss on his lips. "I really needed this, thank you" I smile as I feel his eyes on me. "No thank you love." He laughs. I open the door and wave goodbye before shutting it and walking up to Ava's porch. I knock as I see Jason waiting to make sure I get in and am alright. He is so sweet. So healthy for me. I turrn and wave againn as Ava jumps up and down clapping her hands.


"OMG TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!" Ava screams at the top of her lungs. As I grin widely. "He did, jason did." I say not sure of what was going to happen next.


I tell Ava almost every detail, well the ones I  could remember as she she fan-girls endlessly over us. She says It was ment to be due to the fact that he was my first love. I laugh as I try to tell her about the illusion I had about harry, but couldn't bring my heart to do it. She was so happy, so relieved to see me happy. 


WE both talk for about another hour about pointless things before we get ready for bed. 


I walk over to my phone on AVa's bed and discover a text message.


From: 7665473421

Hey this is Jason! ;) Just wanted to check on you, and see if you wanted to have me drive you to and from school since its on my way to college. 


I ask Ava if it's alright and she jumps with glee forcing me to agree to-it. I save his contact quickly before replying.


To: Jason

Of course! i would love that!


I wonder how he got my number but just shrug my shoulders. 


I quickly turn off my phone plugging it in and throwing my wet hair into a messy bun and pulling out my homework. I complete a few simple essays and a couple brief math assignments before turning out the lights an crawling into bed. I lay in it for about 15 minutes before finally drifting off to sleep.




Ava slams the alarm off before shaking me till I wake up. I jump realizing I needed to get dressed a little more cute than usual since Jason was picking me up. I usually wasn't one to try to impress boys but oh well. I brush out my hair an dcurl it lighltly and apply light makeup. I pull a pair of green skinny jeans and throw a striped tanktop on with a vest jacket on top followed with vans and hoops. I thorw some lipgloss and my phone inot my bag as I run down stairs recieveing a text message from Jason. 


From: Jason

I'm here love. 


I run outside and jump into the car. "Hey hows your morning?" Jason sweetly ask. "fast. hahah. Yours?" I ask throwing a laugh in. "Perfect now that your here." He flatters me well placing a kiss on my forehead. We talk about our plans for the day almost like we were best friends just like we used to. We pull into my school before I ask, "HEy will you walk me in?" I beg giving him a frowny face and grin extremely large when he rolls his eyes and agrees. He wraps his arm around my waist and I lean my head on his should with my arm wrapped around his waist also. We walk up the stairs as multiple girls check Jason out not even attempting to hide it and making it clear the y envy me. Jason pulls me close to him and slowly kisses me letting me no eh didn't care about them, only me. I kiss him passionately back before I release, "Jason as much as I would love to I have class." he breaths loudly in disappointment, "alright see ya." I laugh as I realize we are pretty much a couple after one night. i shrug running inside.


FIrst period breeze by with the occasional lecturing before the bell rings. 


I walk casually into second before it hits me. Harry. I breath in an dout before I tell myself I can handle it. THat he is nohting more than an everyday stranger, but you know thats defently not ture. I roll my eyes as the bell rings and I sit down. I dread the moment from the second i sit down to the second harry will walk in. I flutter my eyes as I watch Harry storm in. "Late again styles." The teacher mocks as he igrentlay replies, "Screw you." i can't help but laugh. "Oh, thats funny Spencer?" she asks as Harry tenses up, "N-no sorry." Harry snorts as eh turns to me, "Why are you apologising?" I am shocked by his pointlss question as the whole class's eyes are on us, "Because, harrry, she is the teacher" i scoff. 


He rolls his eyes as He turns facing back to the front of the room.


Who does he think he is calling me out like that. Ughh ignore it. THe rest of class I can't help but every 3 seconds glance to him. But hey he was too. Ugh are we really coming back to this pathetic and useless nonsense. I'm way too sick and tired. Just please don't put me threw it.


ALl I want to know- no NEED to know is when will this end.


Will it end?

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