His Other Half

He made me shiver just at the sight of him like this. "I found you I finally found you." He whispers before lifting my shirt off me. "Please, no" "Come on babe you usually beg me for this." I gasp at the thought of loving this side of him "I beg harry. Not you." He suddenly stopped being gentle and shoved me into the wall and crashed his body into me. He pinned my wrists to the wall and his nails dug into my skin. "Please don't." I gasped as he threw me onto the bed. He then shook his curls looking at me with those beautiful green eyes I fell in love with. "Spencer! I Told you to run! god dammit GO!" he yelled. His eyes watered up as he sat on the bed in front of me. I Pushed myself onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him. "Harry Please I can't leave YOU! I love you... We can fix you! You can control him." he looked down and hugged me back tightly. Then realsed saying "But the sad thing is he is me. I am a monster."


2. Why not



The final bell of the day rang and we all cheered because it was finally the end of the horrible week. 


The first week of school is horrendous, everyone is fake and slutty. But I learned just to ignore it and it would go away.


I run to me and Ava's meeting spot by the large tree outside.


She had got a car for her birthday a week or two ago and finally got the guts to drive to and from school.


"Hey babe what took so long?" I ignore her words and laugh at the tall blonde staring at her, and pointing at her then exchanging a few words with his friends.


I reply to Ava saying, "Ha-ha look at that  guy checking you out." She rolls her eyes linking arms with me and we walk over  to the car.


I discover in the parking lot over, none of then Harry Styles stood there in his dark jeans and white v neck, sunglass, and perfect curls. I shake my head at that thought.


I scoff and slide into the car as Ava watches harry get inside his car and drive off blasting music.


"Man he is one fine piece of art. Whoever he is falling for is one lucky chick." she remarks making me straighten up.


My phone suddenly vibrates in my pocket, I take it out of my pocket and punching in my code and discovering a text message.


I look and it as I think in my mind 'Of course'



Hello love wanna go out tonight?


I roll my eyes at the hearts he put after his name and shiver at the thought of him thinking I would actually consider accepting his request.


To: Harry

Hell no. Don't text this number. 


I change his contact to Harry Styles I kiss ava on the cheek and say goodbye.


I run into my house shutting the door and throwing my brown bag onto the couch. I sprint up stairs and lay on my bed looking at his reply.



Haha okay playing hard to get? Be there at nine. 


I scoff and turn on pandora ignoring the text and invitation and close my eyes drifting to sleep.


**Knocks on door**


I sit up running my hand through my hair and walking over to the door to discover Harry smirking and holding flowers.


"WHat the hell? leave you bastard!" I say slamming the door but  before I could he drifted inside.


 "Are you really wearing that?" He asks raising an eyebrow.


He walks closer to me as I snap, "What else should I be wearing I'm sleeping, and who the hell let you in?"


He lightly laughs, "Your dad."I my widen eyes and say, "What do you want?" 




he says pulling me closer to him but i slide out of his hold and give in to his pathetic invitation saying, "fine. now go out so I can change." I say angrily. He winks and replies, "I prefer to wait in here."


I scoff and push him out and lock my door, and turn around and slide down the door as I bite my nails thinking what the hell am I doing!? But if I don't go My dad will ground me for not giving him a 'Chance' My dad was that guy who was turned down allot, so he feels the need to make sure every guy who asks me out should get a chance.


 I drag myself to my closet as I slip on a pair of Red ripped jeans, then flowed by a black tank-top cut low in the back and in the front. I pull my hair into a curly bun apply  light make up and slide my black heels on. I throw my white purse over my shoulder tossing my phone in and some cash.


I roll my eyes walking out of my room and down stairs to find my dad speaking with harry about pole. They were playing as harry played the role of an innocent guy. I scoff as harry looks to me with his green eyes scamming up and down my body.


The outfit hugged my body well which made my regret wearing it as soon as his scammed my body. I walk towards the door as harry opens it and waves goodbye to my dad.I storm down the side walk to his car and throw my self in as i turn my head to face the window. 


He suddenly joins me and put his hand on my thigh moving it upwards to the top of my thigh before I smacked it off so he didn't get the wrong idea about me.


I pull out my phone as he rips it from my hand "i will keep this tell the end off the night alright love." He questioned but somehow letting me know it was a demand.


We pull up to a restaurant and take a seat in the very back where it was dark and no one could see us.




 We slide on opposite sides off the booth and he asks, "what are you ordering love?"


"A water" I say simply and annoyingly. He tenses up and replying in a deep demanding voce, "Fine. I will order for you." He says making me shiver.


The waiter comes over. He began to check me out and flirt slightly with me. I usually don't reply to guys when they flirt with me but just to get even with harry I play along turning him on. I played with my straw and flirted with him.


Harry slammed on the table. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! BASTARD!" He stood up punching the poor guy and calls for the manager. 


After Harry talked to the manger and a waitress came and he ordered, he glared at me and breathed heavily before speaking, "MY HELL! God dammit why would you do that?" He snared at me.


I didn't say anything. He began to strongly frighten me.


He suddenly looked back up at me with beautiful green eyes saying, "I'm sorry, Lets take you home."


We left before the waitress could even serve our food.


The whole car ride was dead silent.


I began to think about When he apologized, he was almost a different person, he was fragile and real. It was so different then the Harry who punched the waiter or slid my phone from my bra.


He hands me my phone and looks at his shoes.


"Thanks." I say I about opened the door before he cut me off looking but up and out the window and saying, "Can I have a second.. chance only if you want though." I nod feeling guilt drain through my body for what I did. 


"I would like that" I say faking a smile he looks at his hands and questions.




I shrug. "why not."


I step out of the car waving goodbye as his car drifted into the darkness of the night sky.


I was so confused at the different person that he had reveled to me. I began to ponder the subject deeper before I decided to text him.



I'll pick you up at 2:30 bring roller-blades


I cant believe I'm going on a second date with this guy. I breath in and out as I plug my phone into a charger, turn out my lights and drift to sleep. 


*Next morning*


I stretch my arms out and yawn. "Morning" I say to myself.My parents had both left.Figures. I lived by self most the time.


I never really saw my step-mom. I saw my dad at night but thats really about it.  


I get pretty lonely around here but I learned to get used to it, I mean it's been this way my whole life. I mean when I was just a little kid I had to practically raise myself that's probably why I am so independent.


 I pour myself a bowl of cereal and turn on the T.V. It plays one of my favorite shows "Friends". I watch the show until I finished my cereal, then I walked over to the sink washed my bowl out. 


I usually leave the T.V. on to fill up all the silence in the lonesome house.


I started to walk up to my room and then I throwed on some shorts cut to my upper thigh. I toss on a coke-a-cola shirt and straighten my hair. I do my make up and slide my white flip-flobs on and throw socks and my phone in my small green bag. I grab my roller-blades and jump in my dads old truck and text harry, 


To: Harry 

Where do  you live?



I will meet you at the school. 


I start to wonder why I couldn't have his address then begin to ponder deeper and think how in the hell did he get my address?I brush the thought off and pull-into the school to find harry in dark denim jeans and a white tank-top leaned against his car and showing off his shades. I have to admit he look really hot. 


He flashed me a beautiful smile before jumping in the truck.


"Hello love" He said smirking at my tiny shorts I suddenly straighten up in my seat. He laughs.


"You brought skates right?" I question


"Yeah, are we going skating?" I blush at how cheesy the idea actually was. He began to notice me turn red and says, "I love skating."


I laugh " Haha. Sorry It was a really stupid idea. I just used to love coming here."


He shakes his curls and brushes them to the side and smiles. "Sounds great." He says looking at me. I almost felt I don't know... wanted.We pull into the parking lot and I park into the spot closest to the arena.He walks around to my side and opens the door. He wraps his arm around my waist as I jump at he gesture and immanently he smiles. 


God I loved those dimples, those beautiful eyes, that smile- What am I saying?But I still  wrap my arm around his side anyways.I let go and have an idea to say "Race you there!"I run off and sprint towards the inside of the building, he simply jogs and still passes me. 


He ran through the doors as he put his hands on his knees laughing. After i came in about 20 seconds later I began to say, "Man your freaken fast."I walk next to him and we both walk inside together.


I skip over to the tall counter and my sneakers raise up slightly to boost me up letting me view over the counter better.Harry laughs at me for having to stand on my tip toes. 


I roll my eyes and bite my bottom lip. "Hey I am 5'8! These counters are just extremely tall!!"  


"Hello and welcome to Classics. We have a rare special for today which is Buy two activities get one free." the employee states barging in.


"6 activities please." I simply say 


"Okay that is 3 hours each, and 3 activities each." She says confirming the purchase, well also checking harry out. I strangely become jealous.I shake the feeling out of my mind as she says, "Fifteen dollars please." 


I pull a twenty out of my bag and almost hand it to her before harry steps in front of me handing her his money. "What the hell? I can pay!" I snap as he replies saying "No I'm not going to let you use your money on me. Never try to pay again." he demands. I nod.


"You ready?"


"Hell yea!"


We laugh as we walk over to an empty bench and put our skates on. Harry stands up and holds a hand out for me. He pulls me up close to his body. 


He smiles and roller blades over onto the large skating course. He shows the employee our activity card as they nod.His hand surprisingly began to intertwine with mine. His grip was so strong, so comforting, so real. 


He laughed as I loudly sang along to 'Eye Of a Tiger' which was blasting inside the ring. He looked over to me and stared into my eyes as I blushed and looked away.


"Lets go to the bouncy house!" I say cheeckly.He laughs he bites his lip, and widens his eyes in surprise. 


"Or not." I say simply and awkwardly.


"No lets go" He says laughing at me.


We started jumping on a yellow and blue castle and discovered it was filled with foamed balls I threw one at him but he dove onto the floor dodging it, he then threw one at my butt.


I laughed falling onto my back onto the bouncy floor laughing.


Shortly after we climbed up a super steep wall to jump off a 20-ft high platform.I slipped on one of the steps and almost fell, but harry quickly held his hand out for me to step on.


Once we both got to the top he tightly wrapped his arms around my upper torso and had us facing each-other making our bodies closer then they had ever been, giving me a warm feeling.


Harry began to pick up on how scared I was.


"I will keep you safe" he whispers to me before I screamed as he fell backwards off the top of the platform. We suddenly crashed into foam balls. We both laugh as we crawl out of the pit.


We intertwine our fingers and walk over to our skates, shoes and bag. I slide my bag onto my shoulder brushing my hair to the side of my neck I slide my white converses on and stand up.


I lead Harry over to the photo-both I had just suddenly discovered as i let him insert two dollars since I wasn't 'Allowed' to pay.


The first picture we both just smile, the second I am sticking out my tongue and am doing bunny ears to harry as he has a straight face and is making peace sign with his fingers. The third I am kissing Harry's cheek and he is doing a surprised face and the forth one is just reversed. The last one harry and I both are looking into each-others eyes.


We both run out and receive a copy we both laugh at Harry's serious face in the first one. We walk out to the car and start to drive off.


I pull into the school parking lot as we both looked at each-other. We lean into each-other.I quickley pull away befoere I could get hurt.


"Spencer. spencer look at me. " I turn to him as he continues. "I won't hurt you I promise. But I will always, always keep you safe." he leaves me with his words as he kisses my forehead and gets out of the car and drives away.

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