His Other Half

He made me shiver just at the sight of him like this. "I found you I finally found you." He whispers before lifting my shirt off me. "Please, no" "Come on babe you usually beg me for this." I gasp at the thought of loving this side of him "I beg harry. Not you." He suddenly stopped being gentle and shoved me into the wall and crashed his body into me. He pinned my wrists to the wall and his nails dug into my skin. "Please don't." I gasped as he threw me onto the bed. He then shook his curls looking at me with those beautiful green eyes I fell in love with. "Spencer! I Told you to run! god dammit GO!" he yelled. His eyes watered up as he sat on the bed in front of me. I Pushed myself onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him. "Harry Please I can't leave YOU! I love you... We can fix you! You can control him." he looked down and hugged me back tightly. Then realsed saying "But the sad thing is he is me. I am a monster."


3. Rushing

**The next day** 



 I turn the music down slightly well plugging earphones in and placing them into my ears; well also listening to the music lyrics and pondering them deeply.


I continue to distract myself by doodling on the edge of my school assignments . I couldn't stop thinking about the date I had with... Harry.


I  start to deeply ponder the person he reveled to me.


I began to smile as I played the night back in my mind.


I shake the memories off my shoulder and roll my eyes at myself. I began to recall the almost kiss me and harry shared.


I began to remember how I pulled away from the gesture, knowing he would just end up hurting me both physically and mentally.


I felt as if I rushed into a relationship I didn't even want to have anything to do with or be involved with in! I give myself a reality check and state that I need to distance myself from harry for my own good.


But I felt so right around him, so beautiful.


What am I even saying?! I have gone on only two freaken dates with this two faced guy.


I Scoff at myself for falling for this bastard, I mean he forced me to go out with him! Who has the nerve to do that??I just confuse myself the more I study the topic.


I hear my phone go off multiple times before I get up and retrieve it. I slide the lock screen and punch in my password. I discover multiple texts.



From: Ava




From: Harry

hey babe I can't stop thinking about you.... So wanna go out tonight? 



I begin to get butterflies in my stomach at his cheesy text.


He made me feel wanted.


Oh shut up he is an ass. He probably is sending this to 20 other girls I ignore the texts and go down stairs and grab a bag of-chips and a coke.


"Hey are you and harry going out again?" my dad questions.


"Dad I don't feel like our relationship should go on any further.. I gave him a chance and It didn't feel right. Please respect that." I beg.


"Ok if he comes over I will tell him to come in and YOU are going to tell him that. Okay?" He demands.


"Dad!" I plead.


 "No. He deserves that much ok?"


I nod as he returns to his newspaper and says, "To bad I really respected him. I would trust you with him."


HOW?? You had met him once! You didn't see him punch the water! But at the same time you didn't feel his soft touch, you didn't see him smile at me and intertwine our fingers, or kiss my forehead. I sigh at my mixed and confused feelings. 



**Knocks on door** 



"Go" my dad simply states well glaring at me to make sure I didn't chicken out.


I sigh and walk over to the door tucking my hair behind my ear.


"Hello love." He says well smirking at me with his forest green eyes.


"Harry, lets stop this. I only gave you a second chance because I felt guilty, and I only went out with you in the first place cause my dad made me. Sorry but this is  to rushed." I say almost regretting it.


"Get in the car." He demands sending a shiver down my spine.


"Harry don't be like that." I say.


 "You will do whatever I want you to. Now go!" he spat. It almost shocked me.


But what did I expect?


 He completely changed from the guy I was with yesterday.


His eyes were blank and his jaw started to tense up, and he became dangerous. He became a completely different person.


He didn't physically saying anything else, but he did tell me to get my ass in the car cause I had no other chose.


A shiver goes down my spine as he follows closely behind me. I hear his fast breathing closley behind. I shook as I entered into his car.


He speeded down the road for about 5 minutes until we pulled up in a driveway to a very large flat.


It was almost as if it was a entire store.


He pulled into a garage containing 4 other cars.


I gasp as he slams the car door. Almost completely shattering the window.


He walks around to my door swinging it open as he storms off and pushes the door open into the flat. I  shake in fear as I climb out of the car.


I softly shut the car door as I walk into the flat.


I discover a large flatscreen above a fireplace followed by two large and long brown soffas. I Look to my right discovering a large modern kitchen. The entire flat was dim. I continue to walk further in.


"H-Harry." I Whimper.


I see a figure revel himself in the dim hallway. I stand in the middle of the room not knowing what to do or say. He began to walk towards me and stands directly in-front of me.


"You can't escape me" his hot breath whispers into my neck making me freeze.


I step back slowly at his words, causing me to bump into the table.


I turn and run out the back door  ( to my surprise is unlocked). I Run threw many backyards before I walk into the middle of a street, as a large truck heads in my direction a large body smashs me onto  the curb next to the grass to save me from getting hit.


"Don't you EVER try that again." He snares. I nod as he picks me up and takes me back to his flat sitting me on his kitchen counter.


"Thanks, I wouldn't have seen that truck." I whisper.


He doesn't reply instead comes over with an achol patch and medical wrap. My wrist had a deep cut from being slammed on the stiff crub.


I tense up as he wipes the acohol across the cut.


I bite my lip to stop me from sqeeling.


He smirks at me and leans down towards the cut and places a soft kiss on it before wrapping it up.


I blush as harry says, "Here lets get you something to wear to bed."


He began to walk down the hall into a large room. I follow closely behind him. He walks over to his dresser as I ponder the room.


It had a very large black bed a HUGE bathroom and dark wood floors. He pulls out a pair of black boxers out and a large beetals shirt.


"You can go shower in there, and put theese on after. Come get me when your done." He said well walking out leaving me alone in the room.


I walk into the bathroom and close the door as I slide my jeans down my legs and take my shirt off. I unclasp my bra and pull my underwear off and step in the shower. I turn the knob a little over medium.


I start to think. 'Oh my heck I am in harry's freaken house naked in his shower. Am I really that useless?' I start to think more about how he saved my life by blocking me from hitting that truck! I mean it all happened so fast it's almost as if it didn't happen at all.


I turn off the shower and discover a white towel on a towel rack to my left I wrap it around my body as I pull a rubber band out of my pants pocket on the floor, and tie my hair up into a messy bun.


I dry myself off and slide Harry's boxers on following his t-shirt.


I walk into his room as I discover him standing by his bed as his laughs saying, "Damn you look hot in my clothes."


I roll my eyes and blush.

What the crap don't play along he forsed you to be here.


I clear my mind and throat and ignore his compliment.


"So I guess I'm staying the night.. So am I on the couch?" I question as he laughs.


 "Babe I would never make a girl like you sleep on the couch. Your sleeping on my bed."


I scrunsh my face in confusion, "I'm sleeping on the couch, unless you would like me to join you." He states clearing up my confusion, and raising an eyebrow.


"I thought I didn't get to choose things for myself?" I ask being a smart alec.


"Well I don't force girls on me in that way, instead I wait tell they beg me too." I roll my eyes knowing I would never beg him to sleep with me.


I Walk over to the bed lifting the sheets and slinding inside of them. I turn on my side and watch Harry as he walks over to me kissing my forehead and whispering. 


"But trust me I can't wait tell your mine"


I close my eyes and drift to sleep as I think, 'What the hell have I got myself into'

**Next day**



I yawn as I open my eyes reveling Harry's room.


I gasp at the thought of actually staying there.


I slide my legs from under the sheets as my feet greet the cold wood floors. I shuffle my feet to the door and twist the knob and quietly open the door.


I entire the living room reveling empty blankets on the couch.


Where was harry?


I start to feel frightened of where he might be. Had he left me to be prisoned here? Should I try to run or would that just upset him?


I jump as I here footsteps towards me I freeze and don't move praying it was just harry.


I Feel hot breath tickle up my neck as harry says "Good morning beautiful, I didn't scare you did I?" He questions before softly kissing behind my ear.


I jump as I say, "I'm umm hungry."


He smiles at me as he walks over to the fridge In just basketball shorts reveling his toned chest and stomach making me week at the knees ugh why am I so turned on by him!


 He smiles as he says, "Enjoying the view?" I blush realizing I was starring at his fit body.


I was so fascinated by him I just wanted to stare into his eyes and study his body forever.


 He poured me a bowl of orange juice and fixed me some eggs and got me a yogurt.


"Thank you." I say well yawning. 


He smiles as he stares at me.


"So.... When do I go home?" I say and regret it  the second after I said it. I start to view his fists clench the counter and jaw tenses.


"Your dad said he trusts me love, Remember? You are staying as long as I like." He demands.


How did he here that? Was he spying on me?


"How did you know about that? Where you watching me?"


"I know more about you then I should." He stated well walking past me into his room.


I eat the rest of my eggs and wash my plates as I ask myself 'what did he mean by that?'


I began to shiver at the conclusions I came up with.


I walked down the hallway to his door as I hear him frustrated on the phone, "I CAN'T CONTROL HIM ANYMORE!" he yelled and then waited for a reply and continued to say, "No, of course no one knows until I blow up all over again! God damn it! HE is dangerous!"


I step on a tile and it creeks loudly. "Who is there?" the person on the other end asked.


Harry stormed towards the door and swung it open.


"WHAT DID YOU HEAR!" He yelled as he squeesed my arms and pushed me against the wall, his face was pale and his eyes were black.


"Harry  stop! You are hurting me" I screamed at his strong grip.


"WHAT DID YOU HEAR! GOD DAMN IT YOU NOISEY BITCH! WHAT DID YOU HEAR!" he yelled well griping me harder causing my arms to go a little numb and begin to bruise.


"Please harry. I can't feel my upper arm!" I cry and practicly begging him.


He threw me onto the floor as he knelt down by me, "What did you hear" he snarled.


I suddenly began to fear him because of the way he didn't hesitate to throw me onto the floor and slamm me against the wall.


I whispered saying, "T-that someone was dangerous and you can't control him."


My lip began to tremble as my eyes watered up in fear.


He looked at me as he slowly closed his eyes and looked at the floor.


I Wrapped my arms around my legs that were up against my torso.


He returned to me as he sniffled, "I am so sorry, please understand that wasn't me!"


"Look at me please love, darling."


"Harry you frighten me." I cried not being able to even look at him.


"Please no. Don't be scared of me. Look at me." He run his fingers through his hair as he griped his scalp and slammed the back of his head against the wall.


I begin to notice the loving, caring, and protective harry I had uncertain feelings for harry come out. 


"Spencer lets take you home."


I look at my now blue and green arms and yelled "AND WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY HAPPENED TO MY ARMS?" I say in the heat of the moment.


He rubbed his forehead and shrugged his shoulders in guilt. "At least you will be safe... from me." He states.


"Harry what happened to you."


"He did" Harry said almost frightened himself.


I watched as harry stood up and kicked the wall as he slammed his head against it and I yelled.


"Harry stop!" I say before he hurts himself, I run over to him and take his hands in mine and said, "Harry I know it's damn crazy but I am not leaving you here alone. This never happened okay." I say wanting to be with harry, well this harry. 


"You don't have a chose now go get in the damn car." He demanded.


I don't know why but I wanted to stay, to help.


To help him.


But I felt so right when I was with him I hated it but for some odd reason it was the truth.


"Harry let me stay please. I can't go home, I don't want to." I stated.


"Why? why would you want  to stay with me?"


I shrug and close my eyes, God I must be crazy for still even being here.


"I don't know." I whisper not even knowing the answer for myself.


"I can't let you-" I cut him off.


"Trust me I'm not any safer at home" I weakly smile.


He shakes his hand and wraps his arms around me and held me as if I wasn't there.


He then held my right arm out and kissed the bruises. Then followed with my left arm.


"Harry, who where you taking about on the phone?" I question.


Harry becomes very quiet before he looks into my eyes and breaths deeply


 "A monster." he answers.

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