His Other Half

He made me shiver just at the sight of him like this. "I found you I finally found you." He whispers before lifting my shirt off me. "Please, no" "Come on babe you usually beg me for this." I gasp at the thought of loving this side of him "I beg harry. Not you." He suddenly stopped being gentle and shoved me into the wall and crashed his body into me. He pinned my wrists to the wall and his nails dug into my skin. "Please don't." I gasped as he threw me onto the bed. He then shook his curls looking at me with those beautiful green eyes I fell in love with. "Spencer! I Told you to run! god dammit GO!" he yelled. His eyes watered up as he sat on the bed in front of me. I Pushed myself onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him. "Harry Please I can't leave YOU! I love you... We can fix you! You can control him." he looked down and hugged me back tightly. Then realsed saying "But the sad thing is he is me. I am a monster."


8. Distraction

Spencer's POV

**One Week Later** 


I yawn loudly as I look over my shoulder to discover and find Ava up on her Blue and light green flowery queen-sized bed muttering in her sleep. As I laid awake beneath her on a quite comfortable, and large brown air mattress. 


I stand up scooting the blanket off of my body as I continue with my morning routine  by folding it and neatly placing it next to my pillow. I tried my best to keep tightly since obviously this was not my house; but I was blessed to be a guest. Even though Ava tells me this is now my home also I know that I will never belong here.


I tiptoe over to Ava's white dresser, in the corner of the room we now were sharing for the time being, not wanting to awaken her, as I receive my phone curious to see if I had received any new messags or notifactions.


**10 new messages*** **6 missed phone calls**


I roll my eyes knowing exactly who they were from.... My father, 'should i even call him that?' I ask myself in doubt and confusion.


My 'so called' father has endlessly been trying to reach me. Not only by my personal phone, but also letters, coming to Ava's house but only to find her brother ready to answer and intimidate my "Father" also. He even had the nerve to come to my freaken school to talk to me yesterday.


*Flash Back*

The secretary causally came over the inner-calm in my 5th period English class asking for me to quickly make my way down to the office. At first I just shrugged my shoulders assuming and believing that it was just my counselor wanting to see me for my weekly check up. But as I walked past the office I became strongly frightened and full of fear when I spotted the side of my horrid father's figure. I quickly and sharply turned and ran before he could in return see me, and booked it down the hall. I made another sharp turn at the girls bathroom as I ran in taking no time to slam the stall door, shut it and being sure  to lock it as I heard footsteps come into the bathroom. I sat on top of the toliet and quietly sobbed for about 30 minutes. I drowned in hurt and horrid memories until finally Ava came after me taking me home not wanting to even take the time to go into one of the offices to do so. I began to think what I would do without her...


The office will probalbly end up questioning about it on Monday and suspending me for what they believe is "sluffing". But screw it it's saturday and I need to just relax to escape from everything. To get away.


**End of Flashback**


I slide the screen and punch in my password as I discover one of multiple intrging text messages.




Party my house 83765 hamlet drive!ITs going to be sick whole school will be there ps bring you friends;)

;P Ryan ;P


I clap in excitement knowing this is exactly what I needed.


Fun. Guys. and Beer.


I had worked so hard this week to get.. him out of my mind. And now to make it permanent by messing around with some guy tonight I barley know and letting everything go, to become free. I could be at last be free.


I gladly and eagerly respond as I save his number in excitement.


To: Ryan

I'll be there;)


I scream and run to Ava shaking her ,not caring any longer about waking her, as she laid almost permantley asleep as I yelled in excitement,


"WE ARE GOIN TO A PARTY!" I shriek as She moans rubbing her eyes as she happily replies, "What? Haha Ryan's? I got that text too! You want to go? Well what should we wear?" She giggles, happy to see me so excited about something once again, as I shake my head in sarcasm, and Ava begins running to her closet in nothing but Aeropaslte sweats and a sport bra.


I have to admit she actully looked really good, showing off her toned and flat stomach something I have never had nor would ever be able too have. I laugh accepting the fact as she viscously rips clothes from her closet.


**Later that day**


"AVA COME ON YOU LOOK FINE! LETS GO! WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE" I yell as I hear her laugh loudly as she primps her hair one last time and glossing her lips for the last time also.  Before eventually  running down the stairs.


Ava was dressed in a tight white strapless dress, which was cut very high on her legs. Her outfitted was accompined with cherry red heels and perfectly curled hair. It fit her body to perfection.


I on the other hand was wearing a black tight cut low in the black and lose on the top dress with a pair of black heels with a large buckle on the side. I had waved my hair to perfection and have done slightly more make up then the usual spencer does. Which is what I need not old Spencer, but a new and improved...


We  both rush as we run to car leaving so we would only be around couple minutes late, which according to Ava was titled being "fashionably late" whatever that means....


We pull up to a large flat over flowing with a bunch of wasted dumb drunk teenagers looking for some type of useless  entrainment. "hey I'm going to go find luke love you! don't go into the bedrooms alone! BYE!" Ava yelled running off. I would usually be invited to accompany her but she knew that tonight was the night I would find my distraction


I walk around as I squeeze threw multiple bodies to finally meet the living room. I sigh not finding anyone who I found the littlest bit intriguing. 


"Spencer right?" I hear someone question as I turn in wonder to discover a ginger, fit, tall,tan, attractive guy. He waits for a reply as I gaze off at his beautiful smile and flawless figure, which seemed a sliver bit familiar. "Oh yeah.. Sorry but do I know you?" I ask in a flirty tone well also biting my lip to gesture him that i was interested. 


"You don't remember me? Jason?" He asks raising an eyebrow to test my answer.


"No I am sorry but I would defiantly like too." I state as he softly smiles and looks at his feet in flatterment. I do still recall slightly finding him familiar but shrugging it off.


His behavior was almost foreign to me because He was so... different from what I had perviously been experiencing. He was gentle kind fragile.....




i Shake the shivering thought away as he simply asks, "Well then would you like to dance?" I laugh as he holds out a hand as you would in a more formal dance or such.


He holds my waist close to him as we walk over to the dance floor acting as if he had known me for years.


"So Jason is it?" I ask "Yea, Spencer right?" He asks with a flirty wink at the end.


I gigle as I nod brushing a strand behind my ear as I ask, "So where do you go?"


 "Osaka Land University. YOU?" Oh my god he's in college too? He's my exact formula for what I need.


"I'm still in high-school, but eagle bridge." I laugh. He shrugs letting me know he didn't really care, sort of like he already knew.....


I pull his torso closer to mine as I wrap my arms around his neck trying to get things started, but finding It strangely familiar again.


"So do you want a drink?" I shake my head in embarrassment knowing I wanted to and planned to but remembering Ava would be dead if I returned back to her house drunk or having the scent of alcohol in my breath. "Oh right your in high school sorry. I thought you-" I cut him off, "Jason I have had a Drink before but I have parents ya know... where i live." I laugh as he nods. 


But in reality the so called 'parents' I was talking about weren't mine but in reality Ava's as for the 'place i lived' too.


For once I slightly wanted a parent to have to not drink or be scared of getting in-trouble for.. having someone who cared.


I quickly brush off the thought not wanting to dwell on it much, knowing if I did i wouldn't be giving myself a fair or reasonable chance.


"So how about we get out of here, yea?" He questions in couresoitey. I bite my head as I nod. "Great." He says in exicement leading me out to his fairly nice car.


Just before we get into his car he pulls me fairly close to him, spinning me around and kissing me slowly and a bit dirty. I could of swore I had felt his lips pushed against me before.


 Which threw me off but I played it along forgetting about it and kept him in my lock for fun.


But the second I opened my relaxed and pleasured eyes I become completely and utterly full of guilt.


None other than Harry Styles was standing lifless in the middle of the road taking in every second of my shameful kiss. He looked so full of hurt, so lost, hopeless.


I breathed in and bite my lip realsing from Jason who I assume is completely thrown-off.


But I was completely captured by harry as I became uncertain what to do and also speechless attempting to form words but being cut off by harry running his large hands thorugh his beautiful hair as he shook his head in sorrow storming off into the loud flat in betrayal.


"Are you okay?" Jason asks shaking my shoulders as I stood lifeless and completely sidetracked. I rubbed my eyes as I remembered why I had come-in the first place.  TO distract myself from that very person, he and.. I were nothing more then your average strangers.. at least thats what I wanted.But also wondering endlessly  if this was far to urmmmm jason? As much as my heart aced to go after him I denied it and replied, "Yeah lets go." barley holding back my tears and hurt begging to be felt and let go.


The whole car ride I sat in silence listening to Jason's blabbering but instead blocking it out and really wondering off in a opposite direction.


Wondering why i felt so connected to Harry when the most we ever did was make out... really. Was for some reason he was so hard to forget. So hard to let go.


Why did I hurt so much? Why couldn't I just brush him of like everyone else. Why did he bring me so much happiness, but even more pain?


But that's the thing about pain, no matter what, It demands to be felt.


"Stop the car." I demand. "What?" jason questions. I began to quietly sob. As he pulls over onto the side of the road. He unclasps his seat belt he shuts his door and quickly greets me on my own side unbuckling me and helping me out of the car acting as If he had been a similar situation with someone. HE pulls me into a strong embrace... which was agian strangely familiar, even more then the rest of his actions. 


"Do I know you?" I question for the second time but even more serious, wiping my makeup from under my eyes.


"Follow me." He simply states intertwining our hands surprising me.


We walked for about three minutes through a grass field followed by a park until we reached a also fimilar broken fence. "Where are we going." I laugh as I feel dried tears on my pale cheek. "Just trust me."He convincingly says. I roll my eyes as he runs to a hole in the large long fence.


"Come on!" he says waving his hand gesturing for me to go to him. I laugh as I sarcastically ask, "Your not going to rape me or anything right?" He laughs cheekily as he bites his lip as he shakes his head. And crawls threw the large hole. I follow his example as I find myself in a narrow dark path. FInding my self strangely not scared, being with Jason.


"Here step up on my hands." He directs me well folding them together making a step.


I laugh. "Jason, I am in a dress." 


"Come on I won't look!" He laughs. I can't believe how his humor is so familiar he is to me.


Which is the one of the reason I was still accompanying him.


I roll my eyes stepping on his hand and throw my leg over the other side of the wall he was lifting me onto, being careful not to flash him or even let him have a little peak.


Once I sat on the top I was shortly accompanied by him. He with no hesitate or difficultly jumped off, and held two arms out for me.


"Jason! HELP!" I shriek almost falling off. "JUMP!" He yells.


I take a risk and chance and suddenly feel strong arms around my weak body as I laugh loudly almost wanting to jump off again to feel his arms around me longer. 


"Where the hell are we." I tease.


He laughs as he says, "Clap." "What? Clap?" i ask as I clap twice, thinking he was teasing me, to find numerous lights flash on reveling a once pitch black field to find myself in the middle of a College Football field. I laugh extremely loud as clap my hands impressment. "My god this is amazing." I say, feeling as if i was in a movie, laying down in the middle of the flied and almost  instantly being followed by jason. I look over to the cheeky ginger haired boy in front of me, as I ruffle his once perfect fohauk. He laughs as he stares into my eyes.


"How do I know you?" I ask staring into his ocean blue eyes.


"Haha still haven't figured that one out eh? I'm the one and only Jason Phil Smith."  I gasp as everything becomes clear. I prep myself up on my arm as I face palm myself. "Oh my god! JASON! Look at you! What happened to you!! Why are you back here? Why were you at that party?" i laugh. "I turned 18 missed this place and decided to come back from New York. And I went to that party to find you." I blush


I remember my Best-friend Jason Smith. My first love. He was my other half my better half. He always made the better part of me come out. But he moved almost 4 years ago.


 "No wonder you are such a bad kisser!" I tease punching his chest. "Real funny! Well thats why I brought you out here. To relive our first one. Our very best one." I smile as I sit up onto my knees  as jason once again follows doing the same but also leaning into me. 


Me and jason were each-others first kiss, we were in love. He's so perfect so right... for  me. He was so much healther for me then... h-harry. I laugh leaning back in as I feel his lips greet mine once again, but this time it was different it was magic. 


I run my fingers threw his hair and close my eyes as he lays  me onto the field and props himself above me with his knees on my sides and his lips against my neck softly sucking my neck. Bringing back memories of someone else...... I slowly release only once and to speak.


"Jason, I'm all yours."


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