His Other Half

He made me shiver just at the sight of him like this. "I found you I finally found you." He whispers before lifting my shirt off me. "Please, no" "Come on babe you usually beg me for this." I gasp at the thought of loving this side of him "I beg harry. Not you." He suddenly stopped being gentle and shoved me into the wall and crashed his body into me. He pinned my wrists to the wall and his nails dug into my skin. "Please don't." I gasped as he threw me onto the bed. He then shook his curls looking at me with those beautiful green eyes I fell in love with. "Spencer! I Told you to run! god dammit GO!" he yelled. His eyes watered up as he sat on the bed in front of me. I Pushed myself onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him. "Harry Please I can't leave YOU! I love you... We can fix you! You can control him." he looked down and hugged me back tightly. Then realsed saying "But the sad thing is he is me. I am a monster."


5. Confusion

I wrap my weak body into a soft brown towel as I towel dry my hair slightly and pull it into a messy bun and walk over to the door sliding it open reveling my suitcases.


I open the large blue one containing my collection of clothes.


I pull a pair of gray sweats up my legs, that in pink handwriting on my butt read 'Pink' I throw a light blue tank-top over as I set an alarm onto my phone for 6:00 A.M. So I willl make it to school on time.


I roll my suitcase out to the living room with me as I dial Ava's number. 


"Hello" She says answering.


"Ava. I'm...Sorry."


"WHERE ARE YOU!" She angerly shouts into the phone.


I pause and am silent for a moment as I feel warm hands on my hips.




I could almost hear her eyes widen.






I feel my phone wripped from my hands and hung up.


I felt his grip tighten as he yelled, "WHOS ANDREW!"


I am strangley shocked at his prevouis actions, but I knew he acted as such when he was angry.


"Someone. I'll tell you when I'm ready." I say rolling my eyes.


I force my phone out of his grip and back into mine.


"Where do you want theese?" I question trying to change the subject well raising an embrow pionting at my suitcases.


He didn't respond instead rolled them into his room.


"You can keep them here or put them into the closet."


"Ok." I simply state.


I place them into his closet as I discover a black guitar. I laugh as I take it out of the closet and ask, "What's this?"


He blushes as he smiles at me. "Nothing. I just use to play a little."


I open the gutair  case and discover music sheets full of lyrics that harry had wrote. I blush and smile at them as he widens his eyes and bites his lips at the sight of the music sheets.


"Give those back!" He says laughing.


"You have to come and get them!" I say teasing as I start running to the bed and lay on my stomach on top of them.


He jumps onto the bed next to me and tickles my side forcing me to hysterically laugh and roll over as he rips the lyrics from my grasp. I make a puppy face as I sit up crossing my arms.


"they not even good. I wrote them a long time ago." He says as he rolls his forest green eyes.


I wine as I beg satying "PLEASE! just one."


He shakes his head "not tonight."


he then places them into a drawer and rushes to change the subject.


"So who's Andrew?" He simply asks.


I tense up as he holds my hand and continues, "You can tell me anything."


I look at my hands as I work up the corige to say somthing but instead I lift my shirt up slowly reveling a scar on my upper stomach near my breast. I watch as he breaths deeply and his jaw tightens.


I pull my shirt down as I softly speak saying, "My...Dad... used to be addicted to drugs. He lost alot of money from it... and... couldn't afford to pay for the drugs anymore. So he... borrowed money from 'Andrew'.. He could never pay him back. So instead they made an agreement that my Dad could pay him back with...Me." I wipe they makeup from under my eyes.


"My dad would just sit there as he would touch me... and strip me down. I would just cry and scream.. But no one ever come."


Harry bit his tonge to stop him from yelling.


Suddenly he stood up and stormed out of the room and stormed down the hall.


I ran after him as he slammed the front door and yelled, "STAY!" I couldn't believe him.


"NO!" I screamed back.


He rushed into his car as he stormed down the road.


I Screamed as he left me in the driveway alone.


Where was he going? I watch as a familar cars comes down the road. It stops slowly as Ava wallks out and runs to me.


She hugs me as she rubs my back listening to me sob.


"Take me to my house now please!"


"W-what?" she says in confusion.


"Please." She nods as we jump into her car racing down the road. 


I scream asa I here yelling from inside my house.


I swing the car door open as I run inside, as Ava follows close behind.


"HARRY!" I scream as he continues to pound my father.


I discover my dad with a bloody lip and mouth.


I scream as I run to harry as I pull his attention to me.


I discover those once green eyes to now be full of darkness making them pitch black.


I fill with fear as he throws my dad into the wall and kick his stomach. My father groans in pain as me and Ava cover our mouths in shock. 


"STOP!" Ava and I scream as I stand in-between harry and my father sunken almost lifeless on the floor.


"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!" harry spits as he wipes his forehead with his sleeve.


"PLEASE STOP! This isn't you!!" I cry as he pushes me to the side.


"JUST GOD DAMN IT LEAVE!" Ava screams.


He grasps my dads collar as Ava's 20 year old brother storms in, Ava must have contacted him in the car.


"Hey man look at these girls now calm down and get out bastard! Leave." Her brother Daniel demands as harry continues with his throw into my fathers jaw.


"Come on. I know he deserves it. But this won't make it better, trust me I know from experience." Daniel states making Harry  drop my dad as he storms out slamming the door behind him as daniel hugs me tightly.


I cry into his shoulder as he trys to calm me down.


Daniel had beat my dad also after finding about what he had done and allow.


See daniel was like a brother to me, he always was there for me when I needed him.


"Spencer you and Ava go over to my aparment. Now." Ava nods a she wraps her arm around me as I discover her almost just as frightened as me. 



**At the apartment**


We walk up the stairs and Ava slides a key from her pocket as she shoves it into the lock as she turns the door opening it slowly.


She kicks of her shoes and throws her keys onto the counter as she breaths in and out heavily.


I sniff as flashes of the previous scene play back-in my mind.


"Spencer I-I am so so sorry." She says as we sit on the couch and she wraps her arms around me as she whispers, "It'Shhhhh s ok, Daniel is with your dad."


I nod brushing tears off my cheek as she questions, "Why where you with harry."


I shrug not knowing for myself. I needed to have a reality check.


I sniff as I say. "I thought... that he was- I don't know what I thought."


"What do you think he is now?"


I look up as I hear harry's words 'A monster' as I realize something that I would have never even suspected.


 "A monster." I state understanding his actions a little more clear. 


I jump as I feel a vibrate in my back pocket. I slide it out as I discover a new text.




Poor daddy. That bastard deserved it. Where are you? We need to talk


I gasp as Ava ribs my phone from my hands.




"Yes. I have to see him or he will kill my father. Please don't tell daniel."




"Please. I can't live knowing M-my dad died because of me."


She shakes her head as she stutters says. "A-aand I can't live knowing my best friend was raped and abused because I didn't say anything."


She stands up walking into the bath room slamming the door behind her leaving me alone once again.


I fall onto the couch as I close me eyes wanting to forget and erase everything.. To forget Harry.


Harry's POV


I look into the mirror at the demand inside of me.


I through my head against the mirror causing it to shatter.


I couldn't process what I was capable of.


I almost took a mans life with my hands.


I could never forget the look on Ava's and epically Spencer's face, it will always haunt me. They look at me as if I was a.... monster, of course.


What the hell was I thinking?


I actually believed for a moment the spencer could look past him and see the real me, god damn it no one could!


I shake the image out of my mind as I walk over to the fridge and take a beer out of the fridge and walk into my room.


I fall onto my bed as I discover the music sheets full with my worthless song writing.


I pick one up as I pick up my gutair from under my bed and begin to strum a couple cords and it all comes back to me, I begin to softly sing the lyrics, 

 "Let Her Go"

Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go

Staring at the bottom of your glass
Hoping one day you'll make a dream last
But dreams come slow and they go so fast

You see her when you close your eyes
Maybe one day you'll understand why
Everything you touch surely dies

But you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go

Staring at the ceiling in the dark
Same old empty feeling in your heart
'Cause love comes slow and it goes so fast

Well you see her when you fall asleep
But never to touch and never to keep
'Cause you loved her too much
And you dived too deep

Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go

And you let her go (oh, oh, ooh, oh no)
And you let her go (oh, oh, ooh, oh no)
Will you let her go?

'Cause you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go

'Cause you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go

And you let her go.


Spencer's POV


l had fallen asleep on the couch last night knowing that it was possible that I would never feel Harry's touch on my hips, or his soft lips against mine.


I look out the window where I could see a glimsp of sunlight peering through the curtains.


I stand up and tip toe over to the counter as I grab my bag and check to make sure no one was up.


I leave quietly sliding the apartment door close as I tiptoe down the stairs and call for a taxi.


As I wait I began to ponder the boy I once thought I knew to be a completely different person.


He confused me and fascinated me at the same time so much.


How could someone who looked so much like an angle be so dark?


 But then there was the harry I had feeling for who just wanted to be loved, who was, an angel.


I bite my lip as I squeez my scalp in confusion.


I hear two honks outside as I sit up from the bench outside of the apartment and run over to the taxi handing him some money and my house address so he was able to drive me back to my house.


I watch as the clouds slowing depart from the sun letting out more sun to peer through.


I began to question myself if I ever even wanted to see harry again.


 I could never look at him the same after I saw such complete and profound darkness in his eyes.


I mean yes my father deserved but he nearly took my fathers life from him.


I softly shake my head as I  look out the window and everywhere I just saw glimps of harry and his darkness.


But as we pulled up to my house I was no longer imagening things when I discovered Harry Styles leaned against his car.


 I have a small flash back in my mind of when I picked him up for our real offical date.


"Thanks, keep the change." I say speed walking to my porch not even giving harry even the slittiest glance.


I hear foot steps behind me as I begin to run as I fell my wrist cupped into a strong large hand, as he spins me onto him.


I resist as I attempt to brake free as He swings me over his shoulder.


I scream hiting his back, "HARRY GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!"


He opens the door to the back seat laying me in it as he walked to the other side and joined me in the silence. I didn't look at him i just stared out the window.




I cut him of as I scoff and yell "DON'T TRY TO APOLOGIES TO ME YOU BASTARD ALMOST KILLED ME FATHER!" I spit at him.


"I am so sorry something took over me. I just couldn't help but pound him after I heard he had  allowed you to be hurt, and used. I just kept hearing your devistating words play back in my head.  I had to do somthing because I wanted to always protect you, because I for some reason feel normal and safe around you, I feel human."


I freeze at his words.


Safe around me?




Who was I protecting him from?


He feels human?


I softly say, "Safe, Human? What- Who are you?"


I watch as he shakes his curls, "I honestly don't know the answer for myself."


I breath heavily as I shake my head, "Who would I protect you from?"


He bites his lip as he breaths deeply and looks into my eyes, "Me."


I roll my eyes in disgust as I run out of the car slamming the door and yell back at him, "Well figure who the hell you are! And untill then leave me damn alone! GOODBYE HARRY!" I scream as I shut the door and slide down it as I softly cry into my hands as I feel a strong hand places onto my shoulder.


I look up to find my excuse for a father.


"Don't touch me." I spit as I smack his hand off my shoulder as I run into my room and lock teh door as I fall asleep not wanting to have to face the rest of the day.


  **The next day**


I wake up realizing I have to attend school since I missed the past two days. 


I slide on some Miss Me skinny jeans and a beetles t-shirt. I brush out my hair and put it in a braid and slide on my gray vans. I throw my school bag over my hsoulder and throw my phone in as I rush out the front door so I wouldn't have to face my father.


I walk down the street as I put earphones in my ears and walk off to the bus stop.


I get there just in time.


It rains lightly as I press my head against the window and allow a tear fall onto my cheek.


I watch as everyone files out of the bus, I shuffle out last as I walk to my 1st period in silence ignoreing the questions and hellos I was recieving in the hall.


 I block out the entire first period dreading the next one, because, Harry.


The bell rings and  I drag myself into the next period. 


I watch as I walk in the door to find harry in the desk next to me he watches my every move as I hug a couple of my friends just getting out of the class.


I sit down in my desk as harry looks at me making me almost drown in guilt for my words I had said the previous day, but he completely and utterly deserved them!


 He pulls out a paper and begins to write something as he folds it and slides it onto my desk.


I simply rip up the paper and whisper to him in disgust, "I want nothing to do with you."


I turn my head as he runs his fingers through his hair bites his lip and walks out of the class room, leaving me in silence.      

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