His Other Half

He made me shiver just at the sight of him like this. "I found you I finally found you." He whispers before lifting my shirt off me. "Please, no" "Come on babe you usually beg me for this." I gasp at the thought of loving this side of him "I beg harry. Not you." He suddenly stopped being gentle and shoved me into the wall and crashed his body into me. He pinned my wrists to the wall and his nails dug into my skin. "Please don't." I gasped as he threw me onto the bed. He then shook his curls looking at me with those beautiful green eyes I fell in love with. "Spencer! I Told you to run! god dammit GO!" he yelled. His eyes watered up as he sat on the bed in front of me. I Pushed myself onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him. "Harry Please I can't leave YOU! I love you... We can fix you! You can control him." he looked down and hugged me back tightly. Then realsed saying "But the sad thing is he is me. I am a monster."


19. Break


***The next morning***


I drag my suitcase behind my feet, out onto the driveway as the cold shill in the air blows my hair behind my shrugged shoulders chilling my entire body, causing me to shiver. The dead trees and fair amount of snow on the ground forces me to admit that I am a bit eager to escape my cold world and to enter a summer praised, well maybe not that prodigious but anything distant form here will be the temporary cure for my disease of a confused, lonely, scared, broken, devastated heart. "Let's go I'm ready to escape for the weekend!" Ava hurries me wanting to lose no time, and in the process smacking her pink bubble gum along with primping her hair even though it couldn't fall any more perfect.


I pack my suitcase into the tight space left in the convertible right next to Ava's three overly packed polka-dotted suitcases. I laugh to myself at her hilarious over packing habit and push down on the trunk barley being able to close the tight fit of our, well mainly Ava's luggage.


 Ava rolls her window up turns on a radio station, and maybe… Just maybe… I think to myself my mind can rest for a couple days.


Instantly I begin to feel myself doze off slowly, I attempt to keep my self-awake for a couple minutes but finally I begin to resist the urge to stay awake and my eyelids drop and my mind vista my perfect world.




I stretch my opens open and force my eyes to open as my foggy vision discovers paradise.


"Good morning sunshine!" laughs Ava. I shake my head laughing and question how she managed to stay awake for so long before I notice the multiple energy drinks in the cup holders.


Ava continues to drive up a bumpy road and take in the amazing view of the beautiful sun setting and the breath-taking ocean; I wonder why there are cabins in California I think to myself. Wouldn’t it be more of a beach house, I furrow my eyebrows as Ava recognizes my confusion and laughs Turing down the radio.


"Are you confused?" Ava questions well turning her blinker on to continue our drive. I nod, "Yeah you said we were staying in a cabin and yet we are surround by beach houses?" Ava face palms herself and laughs, "Oh Courtney bailed on us so we choose to go somewhere else. And slightly more fun!" Ava adds in. I laugh remembering Courtney well "court" and my mind begins to visit a time in the past where Court and me where the best of friends.


Those where the days.  


After an ideational 20minutes due to misunderstandings of directions we arrive to a white fairly large beach house literally on the shore. I stretch my arms before opening my door and practically jumping for joy.


"I miss this, I miss you!" Ava randomly states and runs around hugging my and moving her hair behind her ear. She runs to the trunk and pulls out our suitcases and we roll them inside. By the time we reach the stairs there is sand caught in both of our wheels and Ava has complained about the weight of her bags at least twenty times. 


Once we reach the door Ava pulls her keychain off her belt loop and removes a golden key and opens the door to my heaven. 


Instantly we are greeted by two extremely tan beautiful girls. "You made it!" the slightly taller blue-eyed blonde screams hugging Ava. Them are almost the ideal best friends, gorgeous, tall, and everything else a guy wants. The next slightly shorter green-eyed strawberry blonde catches me by surprise, Austin. "Oh my god no way." I laugh covering my mouth tightly hugging Austin and remembering my good friend. Well that’s an understatement. "Long time no see!" She smiles revealing her gores white teeth and long eyelashes.


"Oh Spence this is autumn. Autumn this is Spencer, and you two know each other." Ava introduces me to her flawless friend who is just as gorgeous as her name. "Hey you two go get in your pajamas and meet in the kitchen ASAP!" Autumn states clapping her hands and running up the stairs before stopping in her steps when Austin begins talking, "Oh and your room is just past the Kitchen, the bathroom is across the hall also!" smiles Austin following autumn's steps.


I race Ava to the bedroom and call the right side of the bed and the right sink in the bathroom, Ava shrugs not even listening being to focused on the wonderful couple days ahead of us.


I slide the spankies up my shaved legs and am relived I will be able to get sun on my extremely pale legs. I pull a pink tank top over my shoulder that reads "PINK" on the chest. Ava is currently wearing plaid short the same length as mine just softer, and a plain blue tank top. With both pull a rubber band off our rise and put our hair into a ponytail and galloping into the kitchen.


We discover the present of both girls and a bowl of cookie doe and popcorn and my stomach growls. As Autumn walks to the fridge I find her in spankies and a large Yankees t-shirt in the form of a v-neck.


She receives a glass of sparkling cinder which I assumed was alcohol but I remembered that both Ava and Austin were LDS. Which is against alcohol wine coffee and many other things. I know Ava has had Coffee but not very much. I laugh as I over hear Ava cracking jokes to Austin. "Hey lets go in the living room and play a board game!' exclaims Autumn as she carries the bowl into the living room and Austin with the popcorn and sparkling cider. 


We all decide to play Charades but halfway through we all our discussing our "Love Lives."


Autumn starts the topic by acting out a "Lazy Boyfriend" and relates him back to her ex. She pours out the drama of the Two Loves of her life! The first one she dated for two years and lost her virginity to. She was sixteen and she thought she was pregnant so he bailed and moved schools, after she found out her period was just late he begged her to come back, but she refused. She then tells how even though he was a jerk she would never take back losing her virginity to him.


Ava throws a pillow at her and I laugh so hard I hike on a piece of popcorn at their horrible confession. She then tells about her current boyfriend Will the quarterback and her Devine love for him. We all awe at her romantic love life and Austin can't wait to go next. I am fully intrigued as she begins speaking. She talks about her summer romance in Tennessee when she was staying with her Aunt. I become jealous of the romantic details.


Ava dreads about James her boyfriend she dated back two years ago and apparently resumed dating two months ago. Wow I really did miss out on a lot. "Hey how about you!" autumn exactly ask as my mind remembers what I was finally forgetting…. him.




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