His Other Half

He made me shiver just at the sight of him like this. "I found you I finally found you." He whispers before lifting my shirt off me. "Please, no" "Come on babe you usually beg me for this." I gasp at the thought of loving this side of him "I beg harry. Not you." He suddenly stopped being gentle and shoved me into the wall and crashed his body into me. He pinned my wrists to the wall and his nails dug into my skin. "Please don't." I gasped as he threw me onto the bed. He then shook his curls looking at me with those beautiful green eyes I fell in love with. "Spencer! I Told you to run! god dammit GO!" he yelled. His eyes watered up as he sat on the bed in front of me. I Pushed myself onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him. "Harry Please I can't leave YOU! I love you... We can fix you! You can control him." he looked down and hugged me back tightly. Then realsed saying "But the sad thing is he is me. I am a monster."


21. airplanes

"how could I not?"

The Irish blonde haired boy laughs in front of me as he chuckles and stands up taking my suitcase out of my hands and rolling it for me. He was a gentleman, so gentle but yet strong and frightening but yet soothing.

We walked through the security lines and I was a little tense wondering if Niall might be carrying a weapon of some sort. I mean what can I expect he's a friend of Harry's right?

Luckily we got through security just fine and we headed off to the waiting area for our flight we are about 30 minutes early but I was okay with that; because I think I needed to have a conversation with this almost stranger to me before I got on the flight with him to God knows where putting all my trust into someone I had just met because it was all I had to cling to for hope to Harry again.

"did you follow me?" I ask blankly

"where? You mean to California?" he asks and his strong accent chuckling throughout it.

"Yes obviously."

"No! I mean don't you remember that you're the one who chased after me and nearly killed yourself by standing behind R my car." He laughs.

"then how did your flight get booked so fast and know exactly where to take me and you saw me and tell me exactly what we were going to do seconds after getting in the car?" I ask with confusion.

"Well I did come to California with a reason. I was actually here to help Harry. I stopped here for pleasure reasons knowing I could then to board today to go to him. But I'd seen you the first day I arrived in your friends car because I'm staying at Beachhouse nearby to yours. The second I saw you I recognized you from that night I gave you the address. So I called Harry up and asked him what I should do if I should even do anything and just leave you alone. He said to leave you alone and then he called me back about an hour or two later and told me that if I was to run into you again it would be fate and then to bring you to him. When I saw you at the diner I was there meeting with someone about some things that need to be kept from your knowledge… And when I saw you I pointed at you and mentioned you, so he left and I decided to leave to wanting to see if you would follow me and recognize me."

All of the knowledge he gave me was exactly what I assumed. But a question the back of my mind was what did he need to keep for my knowledge? I shake the thought away not even caring at this point.

I did reply to him but only simply within oh and okay. The rest of the time we mainly talked to me about his background and about his accent and why he had. Then he talked about how him and Harry became friends. Then he asked me a few questions not many though, I replied with the simplest answer is I could think of, he asked me about What I knew and what I want to know, what I think was going to happen. He asked me what I think Harry had done and what I hoped he hadn't done. But all my answers were all but a few words of little meaning in them. He began to pick up on the shallowness of my replies and began to stop asking questions realizing I didn't have answers.

We boarded the plane in the flight was about 2 hours and a half long. I expected it to be much longer but to my surprise we only flew to Nevada. Where harry had been spotted. I didn't think harry would stay the same place as where he had been spotted, I would assume that he would flee the state and go somewhere new I was expecting a five hour flight at least because of that assumption, but when I woke up from my short nap he told me where we had landed.

As soon as we got off the plane it hit me and hit me hard. I was going to see Harry. I was going to fill his hands around my neck. I was going to feel his hot breath on my lips. My stomach filled with butterflies just at the thought. And my mood was suddenly lifted from depressed too hopeful.

Niall Rented a Car and we drove for about 40 minutes before we stopped at a gas station for gas and grabbed a few things like drinks and chips, and hit the road again. We drove for then about an hour in the middle of nowhere on deserted roads that look like they hadn't been touched by anything living for ages. They weren't even roads actually they were more like dirt paths marked by previous vehicles. I couldn't see any building for miles, and all admit it I can almost accused Niall Of kidnapping me or something at one point. Since I couldn't see anything for miles and it was a very dark scary road.

Then finally after the hour and 40 minute drive that felt like decades we arrived at an abandoned House with a long pathway connections it from the road to the house. As we pulled up I could see a glimmer of a candle or something on the top floor but besides that the house was pitch black. My body almost went numb as I now got out of the car and pulled my bags out. This was it I was going to see him he's gonna be able to tell me everything and everything will be clear for me I will know everything and no more confusions and ill to be with he! Be able to feel him. It was all to much, almost like a dream too good to be true.

Niall open the door for me and I slid out of the car standing up and barely being able to feel my legs I was so excited but yet nervous for some strange reason. I walked up the house and before I could even realize what was going on and I'll open the door and I followed closely behind him.

"wait here."

What? Wait I've been waiting for the past damn week! You expect me to sit here while he goes up and talk to Harry when he had been in contact with him the whole entire time? When I whom Harry has been suffocating my thoughts for the past days and has been poisoning my mind with dreadful an awful conclusions.

I've been drowning in my own thoughts because of him and I can't even see him?

I thought to yell but then realized it's all because the Niall that I even I'm here. As I am waking from my thoughts I hear… His voice.

And that did it for me i couldn't wait any longer. I ran up the stairs so fast not even giving myself time to blink as I reached the top the stairs I realize the voice of the boy I loved was behind a locked door and the soon as I heard it adrenaline rush through my veins like alcohol intoxicating me making me want Harry even more.

I pound on the door and attempted to open it as I yell his name begging for him to let me in. I was that desperate for him that I literally needed him so bad that he was like a drug that I tried so hard to be sober from but I just couldn't do it I was hooked on him I was addicted.

The two voices stopped and I heard Niall's thick accent mumble something that I cannot make out I heard the door close the must've been in the room leading to another. And then as a grasped the doorknob still attempting to get it open I felt it turn coming from the other side.

My body froze as the door opened revealing a singles candles glow.

But as I walked further in the room I felt hot breath in my ear so familiar tickling my ear just as it had before.

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