His Other Half

He made me shiver just at the sight of him like this. "I found you I finally found you." He whispers before lifting my shirt off me. "Please, no" "Come on babe you usually beg me for this." I gasp at the thought of loving this side of him "I beg harry. Not you." He suddenly stopped being gentle and shoved me into the wall and crashed his body into me. He pinned my wrists to the wall and his nails dug into my skin. "Please don't." I gasped as he threw me onto the bed. He then shook his curls looking at me with those beautiful green eyes I fell in love with. "Spencer! I Told you to run! god dammit GO!" he yelled. His eyes watered up as he sat on the bed in front of me. I Pushed myself onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him. "Harry Please I can't leave YOU! I love you... We can fix you! You can control him." he looked down and hugged me back tightly. Then realsed saying "But the sad thing is he is me. I am a monster."


12. After

**the next morning**


I open my sealed eyes as I waken to a flawless boy with his arms wrapped around my bare stomach, and his legs intertwined with mine. His head is rested on my neck and he couldn't look anymore perfect. I loved this feeling of his body wrapped around me. I love the feeling of him. I turn to face him as I wrap his adorable curls around me finger and take a moment or two to admire him. I blush as intament moments of last night flash into my mind. Man how even just his touch could make me melt right infront of him. He made me so venerable.. but yet so strong and confident.


chuckle as I attempt to slide out of the messy sheets but am weighed down by harry. After I eventually successfully move off the bed without awaking harry I tiptoe to my dresser sliding on grey seats and white tank top. I pull my messy hair into a lose but cute bun and proceed to the kitchen. I poor a bowl of cereal as i praise the heavens that Ava and her family had left for the weekend for a trip and left me a set of house keys; you see they invited me to go but i couldnt let them pay for me or even just have to have me accompany them on "their" family trip. Ava insisted I go but i held my ground.. as always. I sit quietly for a few more moments playing with my spoon and biting my lips. But before i could start day dreaming of harry, strong arms are wrapped around me and a sloppy but perfect kiss is planted on my neck. I am lifted of my stool as harry sits on the couch and sits me on his lap. He rubs his thumb over my cheeks as he tucks a lose strand of hair behind my ear and stares at me, making me receive butterflies. 


"damn you are flawless..." he hmms onto our intertwined lips. i laugh as i wish for every braking moment to be as this one. harry then pulls away making me pout but suddenly he says, "We should go to my place.. You can bring all your stuff back over and-" I cut harry off but saying, "Woah waoh! harry we just got back togther isn't that a little fast? i dont want to rush anything?" harry chuckles as he throws his head back. "Spence! Babe when have we ever had good timing? I mean we slept together right after actually even having a conversation for days! I mean don't get me wrong I love it! I love you! come on I don't want to wait!" harry seemd so desperate as if he almost.. needed me? I blushed as I said, "Harry, one step at a time okay?" I say calming as he frowns. i play wilth his hair. "Oww!" I gasp breathing heavily as i hold my stomach and roll off harry. "Spence, whats worng?" I tighten my closed eyes as I bite my lip and sharp pains return to me. "Shit babe are you okay?" harry frightenly asks. I shake my head not being abel to say or do any thing more. Harry runs to my side and scups me up and slidees his boots on and throws his jacket over me. His lays me gently in the car before speeding off... to i'm asuming his flat. once we arrive to his flat harry breaks are silence by lacing me on his bed and kissing me softly. it almost took the horrrble pain away. harry leaves the room for a moment only to return with some ibveprofin and water I weakily smile before throwing me head back and taking it. suddenly after harry rolls down th esheet and slides us in to only hold me tightly close to em as he whispers, "Shhh its going to be okay.." be I drift off to sleep in his arms... Even with the pain and uncomfort I wouldn't replace this moment for anything.... Anything. After everything just having him so close was a miracle it's self.  


I open my eyes once again but this time i had no one wrapped around me. Only empty sheets. I stand up and receive light pains but nothing compared to the ones before. I shuffle into the living room to find harry on his phone i go and sit next to hum and nibble on his ear. I then run my hand under neath his tight white shirt and run my fingers along his toned chest. I smirk as harry moans and i couldnt be more turned on. I suddenly release my hands and proceed to stand up. But before i vcould harrry toses his phone to the side and scoops me onto his lap.


"harry come on we have school tomorrow and i have to figure out what im going to do and where Im going to stay." harry rolls his eyes and proceeds to say, "Well then first off don't come over here and tease me like that, and second you are staying here. I'll grab my keys and we can go get your stuff." harry demands but i shake my head. "harry! stop it we can't do this again!" i yell as he ignores me sliding a jacket on. I roll my eyes knowing deep down i shouldn't stay at Ava's any longer.. it's not fair. But deeper down i knew i couldn't stay here. I knew i had to talk to my father again. "harry.." i weakly manage to stay-knowing his response to what i was about to say wouldn't be pretty. "Yes?" harry sharply turns his head towards me. "promise not to freak out if i tell you something?" harry squints his as as i hurry to cut him off, "Never-mind it was stupid..." i knew i had to tell him about me going to see my father but first I needed to talk to someone else. But all harry did was shrug it off and then change the note by saying, "Well ill take you to Ava's in the morning to get ready But later you need to get your stuff." harry says knowing i still had thinking to do and thank god because i needed to figure this all out.




Harry went out to get pizza well i bit my nails as i dialed Jason's number...


"hello?" I hear jasons soft but beautiful voice question into my ear. "jason... I'm so sorry.. that i haven't called you but-" i am suddenly cut off. "Because your with that guy.. ermmm Harry? its alright love. I will be right here waiting for you when you need me. No need to apologize." i was completely stunned by his response. He was so sweet and kind. "oh well can i meet up with you tonight i need to talk to you about something.." I almost hear jason smile, "yes love! of course! how about at the football field 10:00 o'clock?" i nod almost forgetting i was on the phone then replying, "actually can you pick me up? but about a block away from the address i will text you alright?" i knew he paused for a moment out of worry but then he quickly responded, "yes anything darling see you then."


Harry startled me as he came threw the door luckily just after i set the phone down, i couldn't bare questioning right now... especially from him. "hey i got hawiinen is that alright?" harry sweetly asks with a hopeful look on his face. "yes of-course." after we ate harry invited me to bed but i shook me head as i lied saying i had work to do. He simply nodded and fell asleep obviously being careful not to shatter the relationship we gained by not asking me and playing around with me. I almost though he would have wanted to have sex or something again. After about an hour i decided it was good to go.


I ran down the block being careful not to be seen as Jason's car was waiting. I rushed in. "jason thank you!" I heavily breathed as i turned to find no jason But an- Andrew.


Everything went blurry as i saw the actual Jason's car pull up and his flawless face look right at me as the car rushed away.


Jason's POV


"I almost passed out as i saw a hand over Spencer's mouth and a mna in all black drive away with her. I would have followed the man but he was out of sight and i was in such shock i didnt know which way he went. I hurry and pull out my phone to look at the text spencer had sent me. I look at the Address and speed to it figuring it was the guys she had been with.  I run up he steps and pound on the door.

I hear loud footsteps through the door as a similar face answers. The same face that forced Spence to go with him after school. And the same guy who she was now with. And not me.

"What the hell are you doing here." His loud voice booms but not intimidating me. "Spencer" that's all I had to say for his face to go pale. I didn't quite understand how he could love her so much after only knowing her for about 2-3 mouths but then again it's spencer we are talking about. "What did you do to her" he yells probably so loud the neighbors could hear.. I take a step back not wanting troubles as his eyes go black and instantly he is on top of me. I attempt to fight back but he was no match me. I'll admit I am not one to mess with but neither was he. I got a few punches and kicks at him it felt good but he couldn't help him self when he nearly killed me. I was thrown against his brick wall and kick endlessly and then punched to the ground as he placed his foot on my face. He pushed down hard as I groaned in pain at my weak body. "WHERE IS SHE!" He shouts as I weakly respond, "I don't know-" before I could finish he broke my nose as I yelped in pain, " please she's intr-ouble-" I mange to say as he stops hurting me. " a man... He had her in his ca-" I could barley finish my sentence as Harry went white as a ghost "spit it out bastard!" He yelled at me obviously regretting hurting me "she called me- to tal-k I he-r-r I was supposed to pick her up but some one beat me to it. They had a gloved hand ove-r her mouth and then he van-ished." Harry then lifted me up and threw my arm over his shoulder without one word. He helped me over to his car which was a lot nicer then mine and then told me to get in.

I will admit my entire body was in pain. "We have to find her." We're the last words I heard from Harry before he stormed into the night.

Spencer's POV

I was so frightened I could barley breath. Andrew threw me into the back seat of his car and pulled up to an alley as I screamed. He then jumped into the back seat and I was lifless. I knew I had no power over him so I went completely limp and let him do what ever he wanted with me. He ripped my shirt off me and unclasped my bra as he grin evilly. He was so numb to everything he was doing as he placed his hands on my breast and squeezed harshly them as he kissed me. I sat their lifeless as he pull down my jeans and panties. He moved my legs up so he could fit his head between them. He then licked over me and I gasp as put his tongue entered me. I was so hopeless and gone. I wanted to have this experience with Harry not him. I hated him. He then pumped his fingers inside me and then removed his own pants. I then went completely black.

When I opened my eyes I was in nothing but underware. I covered my breasts as I found myself in an cold alleyway floor. I trembled as I looked for something to cover my self with as I found my smashed phone next to me. I hurry and called Harry.

"SPENCER!" A live boomed into my phone. "H-Harry I'm scared! Please come get me I'm only in underware! Alone! In an alley downtown! Plz harry! He he used me!" I sobbed into the phone as I almost could hear Harry snarl and client h his fist and jaw. " spence babe tell me what you are by" Harry almost trembled into the phone making me wonder if he was crying. No way. "I'm by a-a hooters and a mcdonalds and a closed down thrift shop." I stud erred into the phone as I heard a voice in the back that sounded like- Jason's. "Stay on the phone baby I'm almost there shhhh it's okay.." Harry soothed me before almost minutes later he pulled up. " SPENCER!" He yelled as him and- Jason? Rush out of he car. I was slumped back on a dumpster as Harry ran to me and knelt deign and scooped my bare body and held my body against his. He wrapped his arms around me tightly as he kissed my shoulder and a tear fell into it. "spence I-m so sorr-y" he whimpered as I could barley keep my eyes open. "Harry.." I barley said as he ripped his shirt off and slid it over me and carried me bridal style as he started to speak to Jason which still startled me. "You drive" he said shocking me. He lived for that car. He then climbed into the back and he tree his leather jacket over me and countries to hold me in his arms.he stroked my hair and kissed my forehead before whispering "I love you so much baby your so beautiful." When suddenly Jason's voice appeared "how is she?" They were both stardeld and you could tell by their voices. "Not good.. We are going to kill him" Harry a little to snakeishly spoke. And he said "we"? Harry rested his head on mine as everything went black.


AHHHHH!! I'm that escalators quickly! But OMG Jason and Harry as a team?! FREAKY hahah hey I'm going to start updating short chapters but more often! And hey I need way more favs and reads!!! Hahaha but SERIOUSLY I hope you like the story so far and heads up for a third man!!! AHHH an comment what you think spence wanted to talk to jason about!

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