In Deep Water

Haruka is awaiting the return of his lover who hasn't contacted him in two years. Being eighteen now and in his last year of highschool, Haruka is brought to a rude awakening when Makoto puts the moves on him. Will he win Haruka over? Will his red-haired lover ever return? Haruka feels as if he is in very deep water as the story progresses.
This is a Gay fanfiction. Just a warning. Don't read if you dont like.
(I do not own any of the characters. This was simply a gift fanfiction for someone else~)


7. Chapter 7

          Rin grit his teeth at Makoto, Haru now sensing the growing tension backed away from Rin and realized that he had melted far into something that was no longer there. He looked up at rin, guilt slapped across his red face.

          "Rin... Its been almost two years..." He said shaking his head as if that would pull some crude guilt out of him for his actions. Haru looked back to Makoto who gave him a reassuring nod. Rin caught that and gawked at the pitiful gesture. 

          "So you and Makoto???" He snarled. He could not express his sadness it just immediately turned to anger and came stumbling out like a mad bull through his mouth, pounding down on both of them with ferocity. "How could you just.. love someone else just like that?"

          "Makoto has been here for me, he understands what I have been going through! You don't!" Haru's brows furrowed in a desperation trying to prove his point to Rin even though Rin was already hell bent on this being Makotos fault. Even if he knew this was truly his fault and he should have figured out how to call even if he had to ride for a couple hours. Even if it put him through hell, he should have tried to call more than just a couple times. 

          "Makoto is just making me look like a bad person so you will be with him instead of stay with me.." Rin realized his anger was not going to get him anywhere and he huffed and turned away, his heart pounded in his chest and he could barely keep himself from stomping into Haru's house and digging his fist into Makoto's smug face. Makoto had a certain glee about him that was just pissing Rin off and he couldn't stand it. 

          "Your making yourself look bad." Makoto remarked. He pushed himself off of the wall and started walking towards Rin in a hostile manner, ready to fight for Haruka if it came to that. "Stop trying to make Haruka feel guilty, he has suffered more than you can imagine. There is no way in hell I am going to just let him go back to that kind of suffering." 

          "It's not your choice..." Rin snarled and looked at Haru, awaiting a decision. Haru looked down, the ground more comforting that the situation he was in at the moment. He wanted to sink into the ground and never see anyone again. His heart ached and there was a lump in his throat. He wanted to talk to Rin, he had so many questions that needed answered that he just couldn't understand. He loved them both now. He had never thought of the possibility of both of them being on his doorstep saying 'It's me or him.' would ever occur which left him completely speechless and unable to give them a straight answer. 

          "I don't know..." Haruka sighed painfully. He didn't want to cry in front of them and he forced himself not to. He was in so much pain, he turned to Makoto and decided to be honest with him. "I would like to talk to Rin, I just need to know somethings.. I can't live a normal life if I can not talk to him now that he is standing right here in front of me."

           Makoto's eyes looked down, dissapointed, thinking that he had lost. That just by the sight of Rin, Haruka had given in and run back unable to resist. He shook his head as he looked down and started to gather his things. He slipped his shirt on and his shoes and Haru watched silently and worrily. 

          "I'm sorry..." Haruka said as Makoto started to walk past him. Makoto stopped at the words and stood close to Haru in the door way. He was too close, Haruka not noticing but Rin slanting his eyes defensively. Makoto looked down, envious of Rin and knowing that with a little time alone Rin could possibly take Haruka away from him forever. He leaned down tilting his head gently and pressed his lips against Haruka's, his heart trying to jump out of his chest to the other. Haruka's eyes widened in terror as he saw the hand snatch Makoto away by the collar and in turn Makoto grabbed the others throat. They both latched onto eachother and glared ready to throw clenched fists. "STOP!!!" Haruka scoffed at them and panted at the violent display between them. "Please stop it... This is rediculous..." He shook his head. Makoto, shoved Rin away by the shoulder after releasing his  neck and turned to walk away. 

          "Pft.." Rin scoffed and shook, holding back the rage inside him. "Only because you say so..." He said still watching the other, waiting for any chance to be given to pounce on him like a tiger and rip him apart.

          The anger dimming down in him, he turned back to Haruka, who had an angry expression on his face as well. He lifted his hand and swung swiftly at Rin, slapping him across the cheek as hard as he could. Rin staggered a bit and his head hung like a dog who had just been punished for getting into the trash. He lifted his head just enough to see Haruka turn and walk into his house leaving the door open. He straightened up, taking his punishment and walked in behind him, eyes still on the floor. He closed the door behind him, breathing in the familiar smell of the house. It sank into him flooding his veins and bringing him back to that familiar feeling of completeness. And at this moment he felt like he could take a beating every day as long as he could walk through these doors and look into those eyes... which were now focused on him, he looked up at those angry eyes...

          Those blue eyes... What am I going to do..?

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